Stores Open On Thanksgiving Day – Starting Black Friday Shopping

Here's a List of Stores Open on Thanksgiving Day and which ones that are closed. This can help a lot with your Black Friday Shopping schedule.


How does the commercialization of the holidays make you feel?

You know we love getting deals and saving money, but where do you draw the line? When Black Friday was on the Friday after Thanksgiving we reveled in getting up early to catch the sales. As retailers strategically moved their opening Read the rest

Is Swagbucks Legit? Or is it a Scam? Our Review.

How we earn free gifts with Swagbucks. Swagbucks is Legit and is not a scam!

When we first heard about it, we had to ask ourselves, “Is legit? Or is Swagbucks a Scam?”

We say Swagbucks is Legit. Swagbucks is often portrayed as a make money in your spare time website. Many of us have heard the “how to make money on the internet” pitches — how many of those are legit? And we’ve … Read the rest

What to Make for a Thanksgiving Potluck with Children

What to Make for a Thanksgiving Potluck with Children & Hosting it!

Are you hosting a Potluck Thanksgiving or attending a large gathering for Thanksgiving? Here are lots of ways to save money and reduce stress when feeding a large group for Thanksgiving Dinner or being a guest at someone else’s event. We will also talk about what to make for a Thanksgiving potluck.

Hosting a successful Potluck Thanksgiving dinner

There are … Read the rest

Thanksgiving Stock Ups!

Thanksgiving Stock Ups - A Great Time to Capture Sales on Grocery Food Items!

Thanksgiving Stock Ups – It’s time to stock your pantry and freezer!

Thanksgiving Stock ups means that grocery retailers will be featuring loss-leaders on many of the trimmings for your Thanksgiving meal. Which means they put a lot of food items on sale, to lure you into their grocery chain store for shopping. There is a lot of competition for

Read the rest

Thanksgiving Activities for Families with Kids

Thanksgiving Activities for Families with Kids can be Fun & Frugal.

Thanksgiving Activities for Families with Kids can be some of the best ways to keep kids and parents engaged and looking forward to this holiday. If everyone or most everyone participates, the fun memories created will last a lifetime. Whether you are a kid, teen or adult, coming up with activities to share on Thanksgiving is a very doable undertaking. … Read the rest

What is the Best Month to Sell a House?

Open House sign on a home for sale

Selling a house is one of the most important decisions that one may make in their lifetime. There are many reasons as to why you may opt to sell your house, some of which include the need for less or bigger space, change in financial status which may necessitate a subsequent change in the lifestyle, relocation due to job placement … Read the rest

7 Ways to Destroy Debt When You’re Living Paycheck to Paycheck

7 Ways to Destroy Debt - Even when Living Paycheck to Paycheck!

If you are looking for ways to destroy debt forever, then this article will encourage and empower you!

It’s amazing how easy it is to accumulate thousands of dollars in consumer and other debt without having to think much about it. Each month you’re a little bit short thanks to a $50 expense here and a $30 expense there, … Read the rest

Paying for College With No Money or a Trust Fund

Paying for College with No Money and No Trust Fund.

Here is a reader question about How to Pay for College With No Money and without a Trust Fund.

Question: My daughter is a senior in high school and is preparing to head off to college. We have no money saved for her college expenses and feel like loans are the only option we have. What should we do?

UsRead the rest

10 DIY Non-Scary Halloween Costumes that are Easy, Cheap & Fast

10 Non-Scary Halloween Costumes - Cheap, Fast & Easy!

We’ve got tons of ideas for non-scary Halloween costumes that are easy and cheap to make.

Have you thought about Halloween costumes for you or your kids yet? Does the cost of costumes scare the fun out of Halloween for your family?

Planning for Halloween Costumes Cuts the Cost

Halloween will be here before you know it. And costume-loving families … Read the rest Review: How to Use BillSnip to Save Money

A yellow handled scissors cutting credit cards.

If you are trying to save money one of the things you should do first is to gather your bills. Next, you should try to determine how much you owe and to whom. Finally, you will most likely create a somewhat trimmed down budget so you can have extra money each month to start paying back what you owe.

During … Read the rest

10 Out of the Box Ways for BigTime College Savings

10 Out of the Box Ways for BigTime College Savings!

If you’re looking for College Savings when trying to get a university education? This blog will give you plenty of out of the box and unconventional options for college savings. The college landscape is changing so rapidly that savings can be found in the most unusual places. Especially if you’re willing to research and question conventional thinking and dig a … Read the rest

Homemade Halloween Party Games for Kids

Homemade Halloween Fun & Games for Families!

Are you looking for some Fun Homemade Halloween party games? We’ve assembled a great list to make your party a frugal and fun success. We started with 13 games, but the list keeps growing.

Halloween and the Fall can make for some really fun homemade Halloween party games. We know some people are squeamish about taking their kids out “Trick-or-Treating”

Read the rest

How to Get The Most FAFSA Money and Pell Grant Awards

How to Maximize FAFSA money and Increase Your Pell Grant.

If you want to legitimately get the most FAFSA money for your college education, follow these tips and tricks. You’ll get maximum federal student aid in Pell Grants from following our research when you fill out your FAFSA application.

Debt Free College Series # 4 – FAFSA and Financial Aid

We have  5 kids who have attended college, and we … Read the rest

Is there Gold at the end of the Scholarship Rainbow? Hack!

How to find college scholarships/ Scholarship Hacks/ University Scholarships

Are you looking for college scholarships tips and tricks to land tons of college money? This blog presents lots of proven ways to find more scholarship hacks. It shares how to prepare for them and how win more awards. It’s time to start gathering in scholarship winnings!

What if there really was a pot of gold waiting for you at … Read the rest

How to get your student loans forgiven with loan forgiveness!

Student Loan Forgiveness - Get Rid of College Debt Forever!

College is expensive! And loan forgiveness is a great way to pay off student loans that have already been accrued! Over the past 40 years, gas prices have increased about 300% and Gold has risen more than 1200%. However, the cost of college has outpaced them both, skyrocketing more than 1600% higher than it was in 1975.

The rising cost Read the rest

Getting Out of Denial About Your Debt Problem

A black man holding his hand up in denial about debt.

It’s a classic human trait to be in deep personal trouble without being willing to admit it – it’s called being in denial.

Admitting the Problem

Whether we’re talking about addiction or unhealthy living, admitting the problem is the first step to recovery. Unfortunately, most of us don’t like to admit that we’re wrong. It can be even harder to … Read the rest

6 Ways a High Schooler Can Slash College Costs

6 Things High School students can do that will crush the cost of college., and hopefully minimize the need for student loans.

There are six things a teen can do in high school that will help to slash the cost of a college education. We’ve done many of these with our 5 kids and they graduated college without any student loans!

How to be a high schooler and crush college costs.

College is a monumental expense for parents and students alike. Who … Read the rest

The $2000 Freezer – Kitchen Tool #5

The $2000 Chest Freezer-Kitchen Tool #5-Save Money & Time!

The $2000  Chest Freezer is the final article of a 5 Kitchen Tools series designed to empower you to save thousands of dollars on your food budget.

Over the past 4 weeks, we’ve shared how we save with the humble SpoonUla, a set of glass bowls for lunches, a slow cooker, and a Meat Slicer. We’ve calculated the annual savings Read the rest

How Long Should I Keep My Car?

How long Should I Keep My Car? - Should I Keep My Car or Sell It?

“How long should I keep My car?” is a question we are often asked. And we have some answers below that will address this very thing.

Is there a point in time when keeping your current vehicle becomes more expensive than selling it. Making the decision to keep a car and repair it or sell it and buy another one … Read the rest

15 Ways to Wreck Your Food Budget

15 Ways to Wreck your Food Budget - Tips for Saving Money!

Learning to manage your food budget is one of the fastest ways to start turning around your family household budget. We see so many families practice grocery shopping habits that drive their food costs through the roof. If you’ve never been shown how to master the art of food shopping and meal prep, don’t feel bad.

It’s a much easier … Read the rest

Veterans: How to get free event tickets with VetTix!

Free Family Fun for Veterans & Active Military! VetTix

VetTix is a company that shows appreciation to our Veterans & their families, as well as active military with free event tickets. And this blog will tell you all about how it works, and how to sign up for it.

A few months ago a friend of ours sat with his wife in the audience at Symphony Hall in Phoenix. … Read the rest