How to Get The Most FAFSA Money and Pell Grant Awards

How to Maximize FAFSA money and Increase Your Pell Grant.

If you want to legitimately get the most FAFSA money for your college education, follow these tips and tricks. You’ll get maximum federal student aid in Pell Grants from following our research when you fill out your FAFSA application.

Debt Free College Series # 4 – FAFSA and Financial Aid

We have  5 kids who have attended college, and we … Read the rest

Is there Gold at the end of the Scholarship Rainbow? Hack!

How to find college scholarships/ Scholarship Hacks/ University Scholarships

Are you looking for college scholarships tips and tricks to land tons of college money? This blog presents lots of proven ways to find more scholarship hacks. It shares how to prepare for them and how win more awards. It’s time to start gathering in scholarship winnings!

What if there really was a pot of gold waiting for you at … Read the rest

How to get your student loans forgiven with loan forgiveness!

Student Loan Forgiveness - Get Rid of College Debt Forever!

College is expensive! And loan forgiveness is a great way to pay off student loans that have already been accrued! Over the past 40 years, gas prices have increased about 300% and Gold has risen more than 1200%. However, the cost of college has outpaced them both, skyrocketing more than 1600% higher than it was in 1975.

The rising cost Read the rest

6 Ways a High Schooler Can Slash College Costs

6 Things High School students can do that will crush the cost of college., and hopefully minimize the need for student loans.

There are six things a teen can do in high school that will help to slash the cost of a college education. We’ve done many of these with our 5 kids and they graduated college without any student loans!

How to be a high schooler and crush college costs.

College is a monumental expense for parents and students alike. Who … Read the rest

The $2000 Freezer – Kitchen Tool #5

The $2000 Chest Freezer-Kitchen Tool #5-Save Money & Time!

The $2000  Chest Freezer is the final article of a 5 Kitchen Tools series designed to empower you to save thousands of dollars on your food budget.

Over the past 4 weeks, we’ve shared how we save with the humble SpoonUla, a set of glass bowls for lunches, a slow cooker, and a Meat Slicer. We’ve calculated the annual savings Read the rest

How Long Should I Keep My Car?

How long Should I Keep My Car? - Should I Keep My Car or Sell It?

“How long should I keep My car?” is a question we are often asked. And we have some answers below that will address this very thing.

Is there a point in time when keeping your current vehicle becomes more expensive than selling it. Making the decision to keep a car and repair it or sell it and buy another one … Read the rest

15 Ways to Wreck Your Food Budget

15 Ways to Wreck your Food Budget - Tips for Saving Money!

Learning to manage your food budget is one of the fastest ways to start turning around your family household budget. We see so many families practice grocery shopping habits that drive their food costs through the roof. If you’ve never been shown how to master the art of food shopping and meal prep, don’t feel bad.

It’s a much easier … Read the rest

Is Swagbucks Legit? Or is it a Scam? Our Review.

How we earn free gifts with Swagbucks. Swagbucks is Legit and is not a scam!

When we first heard about it, we had to ask ourselves, “Is legit? Or is Swagbucks a Scam?”

We say Swagbucks is Legit. Swagbucks is often portrayed as a make money in your spare time website. Many of us have heard the “how to make money on the internet” pitches — how many of those are legit? And we’ve … Read the rest

Understanding Your Insurance Rate Factors (QUIZ)

A family of 3 with one on the way.

You’re getting married, buying a house, and having a baby!


Did you know that, according to a recent study, one out of every five households in America with children is uninsured?

What does this mean for you and your family?

Life insurance is an important financial decision that will protect the ones you love in the event of a … Read the rest

Veterans: How to get free event tickets with VetTix!

Free Family Fun for Veterans & Active Military! VetTix

VetTix is a company that shows appreciation to our Veterans & their families, as well as active military with free event tickets. And this blog will tell you all about how it works, and how to sign up for it.

A few months ago a friend of ours sat with his wife in the audience at Symphony Hall in Phoenix. … Read the rest

Glass Bowls to Pack Up Your Lunch – Kitchen Tool #2

Glass Bowls to pack up your lunch can save $1000 a year!

Glass Bowls Provide Lunch Values

Having Glass Bowls so you can bring leftovers for lunch, is the second of our Kitchen Tools series. It will empower you to save thousands of dollars on your food budget.

Why glass bowls? When it comes to feeding a family, there is a lot of money at stake. The average family is spending $200 Read the rest

Money Smart Grandparents

Money Smart Grandparents can help with expenses, time and more.

Grandma's hand being held by a baby's hand.Money Smart Grandparents provide practical ways to Help.

We asked our Facebook friends a couple of questions about how their parents had a positive impact on their children. We want to build a brainstorming list of ideas to encourage money smart grandparents to be active participants in their grandchild’s life. Please add your comments to the bottom of this page—we’d … Read the rest

Spoonulas: Scoop Up the Savings – Kitchen Tool #1

Could 5 inexpensive kitchen tools save you $6000 in 12 months? We think so. Read the series!

5 Kitchen Tools That Will Save $6000 #1 Spoonula

Saving money on groceries could revolutionize your family budget! Really, it’s no hype. And kitchen tools such as a spoonula, can certainly help save time and money!

As a matter of fact, there are dozens of simple strategies that can cut your grocery bill in half without clipping a single coupon. … Read the rest

Soup from Leftovers. Tapioca/ Garbage Soup – Frugality that Failed.

Soup From Leftovers? Tapioca/ Garbage Soup Recipe - a frugal fail story.

Soup from Leftovers and Garbage Soup are usually really delicious. Out of the thousands of meals Annette has prepared over the years, fewer than five have gone uneaten. This is the story of an infamous one that has become a family legend.

The Concept of Soup from Leftovers / Garbage Soup

That’s right, Garbage Soup. Doesn’t sound appetizing, but in

Read the rest

105 successful dropouts from high school and college #13, #70 & #91 are surprising

105 College Dropouts that proved to be very successful men & women!

Can dropouts from high school and college become successful contributors to society? People like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Michael Dell and MGM co-founder Marcus Lowe are prime examples of successful people who didn’t go to college or finish college.

Is education important? Yes of course. But is a formal education; public, private or parochial school and college—are they critical to … Read the rest

Tips to Freeze Milk and How to Thaw it Safely

Tips for freezing milk and thawing milk.

How can you save money on milk purchases? For years we’ve frozen milk that we bought on sale in our deep freezer, and then defrosted it when we were ready to use it. Freezing milk is not that hard to do if you follow our tips. Learn how we freeze and thaw milk safely and quickly.

The Smart Way to

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18 Free Online Movie Websites Like Crackle, YouTube and Hulu

17 Free Online Movie Websites Like Crackle, YouTube and Hulu!

This list of 18 free movie websites like Crackle, YouTube & Hulu can help you save money by dumping cable. Check out these sites and other Blu-ray/smart tv apps.

One of the biggest budget busters is overspending on recreation. We recently did “dinner and a movie” for a date night. If we hadn’t had movie gift cards (from Christmas) and … Read the rest

Smart College Idea: Save 80 Percent – Dual Credit at Home

A College Degree for $3100, yes it's possible!

If you have kids who want a fast track to a college degree or, if you’re an adult looking for an inexpensive and fast way to finally finish that degree, you’ve GOT TO READ what Becky and her kids have done. It’s absolute GENIUS.

We met Becky Muldrow in San Antonio, Texas at a conference where we were speaking. Becky

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Great Vacations With Limited Funds

Great Vacations with Limited Funds are Entirely Possible!

If your only option is a Vacation with Limited Funds, can you still create a fun and enjoyable memory? Here’s how we and several other frugal friends have enjoyed great vacations without spending a fortune.

Yes, You Can Have Great Vacations with Limited Funds

Yes, money is tight, unemployment is still high and the economic climate is uncertain. But if Read the rest

Making Smarter Credit Decisions

A man with a pen and a calculator

We don’t pay much attention to our credit score. When you live debt-free and don’t borrow money, it becomes a non-issue. But we do realize that there are times in life when your credit score plays an important role in your future.

We helped our kids establish credit using a credit card secured by their bank accounts. They only used … Read the rest