Best Family Friendly TV Shows

This Family Friendly TV Shows We Love contains a growing list of some of our favorite TV Series!

We have never watched a lot of TV, but over the years have bought up DVD sets (or borrowed them from the library first) of some classic TV Shows that encourage family values.

The Waltons

By far, The Waltons is one of our most dear TV series. We’ve purchased every season and regularly revisit the family that lived and worked and died on Walton’s Mountain. We even went … Read more »

Favorite PG and PG-13 Chick Flicks

Favorite PG 13 Chick Flicks #PGChickFlicks #PG13ChickFlicks

This Page contains a growing list of our favorite PG and PG-13 Chick Flicks!

There’s nothing like watching some well-crafted PG or PG-13 Chick Flicks that evokes a warm laugh or a tender tear. So whether you’re gathering a few of your girlfriends together or trying to soften up that man of yours, these favorite chick flicks will do the trick.

Reviews include: Young Victoria, The Vow, 27 Dresses, Life as we Know it, Sidney WhiteEverAfter,  Kate and Leopold,  Raising Helen, The Amazing Adventure (a classic with Cary Grant), Miss Potter and a … Read more »

Favorite Family Drama Movies

This Super Page contains a growing list of our favorite Family Drama Movies!

We love watching movies and especially dramatic ones that provide strong life messages. On this page, we will review our favorite, family-safe dramas. If we think a movie is less appropriate for younger viewers we will mention it.

The Ten Commandments

Starring Charlton Heston and Yul Brynner. Released in 1956

The Ten Commandments is a classic movie that depicts the life of Moses from infancy to his departure from earth.

The Story Line

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Powerful Movie Biographies – Review Page

This Movie Biographies Page contains a growing list of our favorite movies for the entire family!

We love watching biographies because they inspire us to achieve things we never dreamed possible. We especially like watching about men and women who defied the odds, overcame great obstacles and dreamed great dreams. Standing on their shoulders, we believe that we can attain great things too.

We realize that many movies are just short glimpses into a hero’s life and that they are often interpreted by writers and directors to have more “crowd appeal” than “real life.” If there is a biography that really piques your … Read more »

Family Musical Movies Rated G & PG

This Family Musical Movies Rated G & PG Page is a growing list of Fun for the Whole Family!

If you have a favorite Musical that isn’t listed, please mention it in the comment section below and we’ll consider it for this page.

We love musicals, watching and singing along – this page contains some of our all-time favorite musicals!

Seven Brides for Seven Brothers

Seven Brides for Seven Brothers is one of our favorite musicals and stars Jane Powell and Howard Keel.

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Family Comedy Movies – not animated

This Comedy Movies G & PG Page has a list of Hilarious Family Friendly Movies that Everyone will Enjoy!

Laughter is great medicine – we love watching comedies – they can lighten the load of a heavy day and brighten our disposition. Many of these movies have an underlying message of hope of overcoming adversity. 

Yours Mine and Ours

Yours, Mine and Ours staring Henry Fonda and Lucille Ball is an uproariously funny story. It has deep roots that reach to the core of what it means to be a family.

When a … Read more »

Best Non-Animated Family Movies on Netflix, Amazon, Hulu & DVD

This Best Non-Animated Family Movies reviews page contains a growing list of our favorite Family, Kid & Teen Movies!

This page contains reviews of Facing the Giants, Night at the Museum (series), The Ultimate Gift (series),  Sky HighFly Away Home, Remember the Titans, Darby O’Gill and the Little People

Finding non-Animated Family Movies to match everyone’s tastes is not always an easy thing. Our kids all had different favorites and interests. But spending family time together was important to us.

So we would have one of our kids (they would take turns) select a variety of movies. They would … Read more »

Great Holiday Movies

A Christmas Carol staring George C Scott - dvd cover.

This Holiday Movies Super Page contains a growing list of our favorite movies for Christmas, Easter, Halloween, & the 4th of July

We love celebrating holidays, and watching these movies just makes each holiday more special. 

Holiday Movies – Easter
King of Kings

If you only watch one Easter movie this spring, make itKing of Kings. It was produced in 1961 but is so good that we had to mention it. The story traces the life of Christ and … Read more »