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Grandparent Gift Giving Etiquette? How to Stop Excessive Indulgence

When grandparents give too much. A pile of white presents wrapped with red bow.

A reader wonders how to deal with a grandparent who is overly generous. Are there rules for gift-giving etiquette?

How to Deal with An Overly Generous Grandmother

One of our Free Email Newsletter Subscribers poses this question:

How have you had to struggle over members of your extended family giving too many or inappropriate gifts to your children?

A good friend of mine has a struggle with her mother-in-law giving expensive presents to her son.

My friend and her husband are on a budget and they want to teach their son that Christmas isn’t about presents but about traditions, family, and charity. But this … Read more »

The True Meaning of Gift Giving – Reducing Holiday Gift Pressures (with grace)

Reduce Holiday Gift Pressure Christmas Tree Ornaments

If you’re looking for the true meaning of Gift Giving, how to enjoy Christmas and the whole holiday season without feeling obligated to spend gobs of money. We’ve got 7 ways to overcome Holiday Gift Pressure.

We believe that gift-giving is a tangible way of saying “I love you.” But we also believe that spending lots of money means that I love you more than spending time and carefully selecting an appropriate gift.

A Reader Question about Holiday Gift Giving Pressures

I really enjoy reading about how your family enjoys holidays like Christmas without spending a lot of money (we all know what … Read more »

Giving Money As A Gift: Is it Better to Give Cash or a Present to Kids?

Gift Giving presents under a christmas tree.

Gift Giving for Kids, it’s an age-old question. Should we give our kids money for Christmas or should we just give them presents? You might be surprised by our advice to this family!

Question About the Holidays and Gift Giving for Kids

I have your three books and have read about the MoneySmart Kids System that teaches kids to manage their own money; I have a question regarding giving money for holidays (to your children). Do you give money to your children for holidays or do you have a rule to not give money?

Our Strategy with Gift Giving for … Read more »

Christmas on a Small Budget—30 Ideas For A Magical Holiday

A great christmas on a small budget

How can you have a Magical Christmas and an extra special Christmas on a small budget if your bank account is less than enchanted?

We all want to make Christmas a special time of year for our kids and other family members. But we don’t want to wake up in January with huge credit card bills and a large dose of Christmas regret.

It really comes down to time versus money. If you don’t have the money to buy every present you want to give, then you’ll have to invest some time to make the magic happen.

If you can involve your spouse … Read more »

Money Gifts for Kids: Should You Give Cash Presents to Your Adult Children?

Do Money Gifts to Adult Kids really help them?

Will money gifts to Adult Kids really help them? Do financial bailouts enable our children and make them dependent on us as parents? Here are 8 ways to help without enabling them.

Money Gifts for Adult Kids — What Should We Do?

A website visitor asked:

We have three grown kids. Two are doing fine, but the youngest one is married with two kids and is struggling financially. They are behind on their mortgage and credit card bills and they are constantly coming to us asking for help . . . and we’ve been giving it.

What should we do to help them? … Read more »

50+ Best Inexpensive Retirement Gift Ideas for Men & Women to Kick-Off The Golden Years

Best Retirement Gift Ideas #RetirementGifts

Do you need some retirement gift ideas? Are you looking for gift ideas that are cheap, fun or decadent?

We’ve collected some of the best-rated, inexpensive 5-star retirement gifts out there from Amazon,  Etsy, and other sources. We’ve found cheap, funny, touching and a few expensive highly-rated gift ideas for you to choose from.

The average cost of the gifts we have listed is around $30. Some are a little pricier, but if you get a group of people to pitch in, you can still stay around $30.

To give you lots of options to save money and to find personalized gifts, we’ve … Read more »