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Praise for the Email Newsletter

I love your articles and stories, your newsletter shares so much personal information that I feel like you’re my next door neighbor. Keep up the good work!  Jeanne – Columbia, SC

Many thanks for all your money saving tips, they are much appreciated. I am a recent retiree but even an “old dog” can learn new tricks! I love reading your newsletter, it’s just too good to miss. Margaret – Lehigh Acres, FL

I’ve written you before, but just wanted to thank you for this content-packed email newsletter!  You have done much work in putting together a tremendous resource and I enjoy reading and learning from the information you share. Of particular encouragement were your helpful tips about college scholarship applications in your February issue.  This will greatly help our family as we near that stage of life. Thank you sincerely!  Stephanie Wojnicki – La Grange, Kentucky

I loved your free email newsletter, especially the articles about grocery savings and budgeting. Your newsletter and what you write is a wonderful psychological reinforcement. You’re doing a great job – Keep up the good work. Sally – Boerne, TX

Never Too Old To Learn Frugal Living

I really enjoy reading your newsletter. Too bad it wasn’t around 28 years ago when we first got married. I might have avoided a lot of rough years and much debt. Well, I am 47 years old now and in the last seven years have realized how important it is to save and plan in advance. This should be a required course of study in school—much like reading, writing and math—from kindergarten through high school—not some mini-course either.

It has taken time, but I’ve changed my ways. I go to the library more for books and tapes instead of buying them from a book or CD club—something I did for many years. Whew, I spent a lot of money that I really didn’t have at the time! But now I watch, stop, think, compare prices and think some more before I buy something. My savings account is increasing and my stress is decreasing!  Donna Livingston—Hooversville, PA

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