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BadCredit – Review of Cut Your Grocery Bill in Half Book #2

Bankrate – 6 Easy Ways to Become a Frugal Car Owner
Bankrate – 10 Grocery Saving Secrets from Supermarket Insiders
Bankrate – 11 ideas for Frugal Entertainment
Bankrate – Downsize Your Costs in 4 Weeks – Grocery Shopping for the Frugal Family

Dollar Stretcher – An Introduction to Cooking with Spices
Dollar Stretcher –Be a Grinder: Excerpt from Cut Your Grocery Bill in Half
Dollar Stretcher – Frugal DNA
Dollar Stretcher – How to Save Money on Eggs
Dollar Stretcher – Medical Billing
Dollar Stretcher – Meet America’s Cheapest Family
Dollar Stretcher – Slay the ‘Little Extravagances’ & Improve Your Finances
Dollar Stretcher – The 5/50/500 Rule: Excerpt from The MoneySmart Family System Book #3
Dollar Stretcher – What Can You Do Now about Cooking

Experian Credit Chat – Financial Literacy for Teens & Students
Experian Credit Chat – Say Yes to a Wedding Budget: Saving Tips for Your Big Day
Experian Credit Chat – Reduce Food Wastes & Save Money on Groceries
Experian Credit Chat – Smart Ways to Pay for College

GetRichSlowly – Limited Income, Big Family, Major Savings: Meet The Economides Clan

Gimundo – Living Well on a Shoestring

Gomestic – What America’s Cheapest Family have in Common with Millionaires

Living on a Dime – 10 Things Parents Should Never, Ever Pay For
Living on a Dime – Sticking to a Budget

Mandatory – The World’s 10 Biggest Cheapskates

MattMoneyMan – 5 Money Saving Lessons From America’s Cheapest Family

MSN – Cheapest ‘Mom’ Shares Tips for Frugal Family Feeding

Netscape News – 5 Ways to Save a Lot of Money

MyNorthwest – America’s Cheapest Family: Tips to Save

Padozzles – Learn How to Save money

ParentsConnect – Nickelodeon: Saving Money with Steve & Annette

Pop Sugar – 6 Money Saving Tips From America’s Cheapest Family

Six Dollar Family – 10 Money Saving Books Everyone Should Read

The Motley Fool – Could You Be This Cheap?
The Simple Dollar – Review of ‘Americas Cheapest family Gets you Right on the Money’
The Simple Dollar – Review of ‘Cut Your Grocery Bill in Half’ – Americas ‘Cheapest Family’ Answers Your Questions
Today Show Web Chat – Frugal Clothing & Food

WomenOfFaith – An Interview with Steve & Annette Economides

Yahoo Finance – 5 Secrets of Super Savers
Yahoo Finance – 10 Insider Grocery Savings Secrets
Yahoo Home Page – AmericasCheapestFamily

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