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website help

This is the page for website help. It’s likely that something on our website isn’t making sense to you. Or you’re looking for an answer that just can’t be found. We’re sorry for your frustration and really want you to get the information you want.

We’re steadily building a list of frequently asked questions. If your question about the website isn’t answered here, please feel free to use our Contact form.

1) Why can’t I read a full newsletter article?

As a website visitor you have access to almost the entire website: News stories; book reviews; Money Saving Reader Tips; and Steve and Annette’s Blog. But only paying subscribers have access to our archive of newsletter articles, exclusive book excerpts, and subscriber downloads. If you want to purchase access you can do so here. If you don’t want to purchase a website subscription, you can truly enjoy and glean lots of information from the free sections of the site.

2) I want a membership to your website, but don’t want to pay online. What other options do I have?

You can pay by check. Just go through the subscription process and select pay by check. We will then be notified of your subscription. When your check arrives, we’ll activate your account. You will be notified by email that your account has been activated.

3) Is Economides really your last name?

This is one of the most common questions we are asked. The truth is that we did not change our last name. It’s Greek and is pronounced “Econo meet us.” It comes from the Greek root word oy-kon-om’-os, which is translated as The manager of a household or of household affairs (esp. a steward, manager, superintendent).

Greek: status name for a steward, someone who managed a property, particularly church-owned land, from ancient Greek Oikos ‘household’ + nomos ‘law’, ‘rule’. Other experts say it means “Son of the Steward.”

Whatever the real translation is, we’re all about teaching and helping people manage their possessions, time and money. Hopefully to their best advantage.

4) How did you become “America’s Cheapest Family?”

In 2004 when we first appeared on Good Morning America, host Charlie Gibson called us America’s Cheapest Family . . . and it stuck. This name has opened untold doors in the media for us to share our message of financial hope with millions of people. Now, we truly prefer the title of MoneySmart Family. And that’s why we built this website – so that we could encourage you and millions of others to become MoneySmart!

5) What is the HomeEconomiser Newsletter?

We started publishing the HomeEconomiser Newsletter in 2003. It was 8 pages long and distributed 10 times each year in print and via email .pdf. Our books are made up of some of the articles that we wrote for the newsletter and embellished of course. There is also much more content that was written exclusively for the books.

In 2009 as we were writing our second book, it became clear to us that our schedule was too full with media requests. We were also needing to continue promoting our first book, start writing and editing a new book, maintaining a website and raising a very busy family. Something had to go.

We revamped our website to include all of the previous six years of newsletter articles, dozens of downloadable forms, guides and resources, all of the reader tips, and book reviews. Of course, this is a work in progress and changes with time. Hopefully, those changes will continue to inspire others.

The articles now reside in the Member Archive. You can purchase access here.

6) What is the MoneySmart Family Email Newsletter?

This is a free resource full of blog articles, book or movie reviews, youtube videos, recipes and money-saving tips that we have compiled, edited or written. It is sent out 4 times each month. You can sign up here.

7) I Bought a Product and Have Questions about it or Want a Refund

Read our full Refund and Return policy here. Our standard terms are a 30 day full return policy.