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33 Places that Buy Used Cell Phones for Cash – Broken or Working

Trade in Used Cell Phones for cash.

Have you ever wondered, “who buys used cell phones?” Many stores are willing to buy used cell phones for cash.

Do you have some old cell phones sitting in a drawer? Would you like to turn that outdated technology into cash?

This article will help you turn your unneeded phones into needed money.

We’ll share stores that are nearby where you can get cash today for your phone.

And we’ll also share several online options where you can get a quote and then mail your phone in for a cash payout.

Best Places to Sell Old Phones Online

If you don’t want to drive to a … Read more »

21 Winning Tips for Job Searching After a Pandemic

How to Find a Job During a Pandemic

Are you trying to find a new job? Does your job search seem different than other times?

Hunting for a job in the midst of a worldwide pandemic and in life after it has changed significantly. In this article, we’ll help you understand what’s changed, what’s new, and what has stayed the same for job seekers.

Job Seeking During the Pandemic and Afterward

No one expected the arrival of this pandemic. For some, it meant the absolute collapse of their start-up or established business. For others, it meant job cuts and reduction in pay as businesses struggled to keep operating.

Due to social distancing … Read more »

Buying Used Stuff: 7 Reasons We Love Buying To Save & Make Money

The bonuses of buying used stuff

If you buy used stuff, it’s a great way to keep money in your pocket. It also increases your buying power further than you imagined. And it can also be a great way to make money.

Buying used things is a great benefit to you, your budget and the environment.

We’ll share why we love buying used things, and where we find the best deals.

We’ll also share how we sell used things we no longer need … and the sites we use to do that.

You’re going to save a ton of money reading this article.

If we’ve missed a resource that you love, … Read more »

11 Airbnb Hosting Tips & Secrets From a $30k Super Host

Airbnb hosting tips from a super host.

Are you thinking of becoming an Airbnb host? Are you looking for expert Airbnb Hosting tips? Do you want to earn an extra $10,000 this year?

We’ve been Airbnb Hosts for 7 years. We are on track to earn $30,000 this year by renting out three extra bedrooms in our house.

Even though the travel industry struggled through Covid in 2020, we’ve had some of our best years ever as a host family. So if you’ve ever considered home-sharing, this is a great time to get started.

In this article, we’re sharing our top Airbnb hosting tips. Our hope is that you can … Read more »

Cash Balance Plan Pros & Cons for Early Retirement

Cash Balance Plans Pros and cons - Early Retirement

If you haven’t heard about how a cash balance plan can help you sock away 10x more pre-tax dollars than a 401(k) or IRA – get ready to be empowered and informed.

A tax-saving strategy for high-income earners

Saving money on taxes is a game we all should be playing. One of the strategies of the millionaires among us is to pay their fair share of taxes but to leverage every possible legal loophole to pay less.

While we aren’t earning millions of dollars, our earnings from this blog and other ventures are growing. We also have several blogging friends who are earning … Read more »

Paycheck Mistake? Don’t Wait Get it Fixed Right Now!

Paycheck Problems? A red brick will with large white letters spelling out "Tax."

Did your employer make a mistake on your paycheck? Have you been shorted some money or do you have one of these other problems:

Not enough tax withheld?

Vacation time not correct?

Overtime not correct?

Hours missing?

It’s not fun finding a mistake on your paycheck. But with a little work, most of these types of problems can be overcome quickly.

We received this question from a Free Email Newsletter subscriber and thought you’d find it helpful.

Question about IRS Paycheck Withholding Shortfall

My former employers did not take enough taxes out of my paycheck each time I was paid. Now, I owe the … Read more »

Top 25 Sites Like Craigslist: Alternatives for Buying or Selling FAST!

Sites Like Craigslist. #SellUsedItems #SellSafelyCraigslist #FlipUsedItems #SellStuffMakeMoney

If you like buying and selling things online, you need to know about other sites like CraigsList. There are a growing number of websites that are Craigslist alternatives for listing items for sale, classified ads, freebies, and advertising services.

Craigslist offers great opportunities to buy and sell your stuff. Back in 1995 the platform started as a classified advertisements website and has remained one of the best ways to buy and sell things.

Although Craigslist may have been the first site to connect buyers and sellers in a community-centered way, it is no longer the only way that you can buy and … Read more »

Is Swagbucks Legit, or is it a Scam? Our Review [Earnings Reveal]

Is Swagbucks Legit? It is a survey company, search engine, shopping portal, movie previews, playing online games, and trivia contests online!, and something for everyone!

When we first heard about the Swagbucks website, we had to ask ourselves, “Is Swagbucks legit? Or is it a scam?”

We had tried some of the other survey sites and were really disappointed. So we started researching this site to find out.

A blogger friend mentioned how she earned hundreds of dollars in gift cards through Swagbucks. We really doubted the validity of her claim.

We Googled “Is Swagbucks Legit or a scam?” and found some very interesting blogs. Some people didn’t like this website, but others praised it. The positive reviews also claimed to have earned gift cards and cashback through … Read more »