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37 Garage Sale Tips and Tricks: A Guide To Hosting Great Yard or Garage Sale

Wooden yard sale sign posted on a wire fence. Guide to Hosting Great Garage Sales.

If you’re looking for Garage Sale Tips and Tricks, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve hosted and participated in dozens of very successful garage sales.

We’ve written this Garage Sale Guide to help you turn your unwanted treasures into cash. There are 37 ideas presented on this page to help you run an efficient and profitable yard sale at your home. Or to host a rummage sale for a charitable organization where you volunteer.

Table of Contents

Hosting A Garage Sale – Where to StartRead more »

10 Stores That Will Price Match Amazon Today!

Stores that Price Match Amazon - Amazon Box with store logos on it.

Do you know which stores will price match Amazon near you?

What better way is there to save money than to find retailers who will match or even beat one of the low price leaders? If you want your order today or want it cheaper keep this list handy.

We’ve researched 14 of the largest retailers who advertise price matching policies and have found those who will match Amazon’s prices and a few that won’t.


Amazon’s Market Dominance

Amazon was founded in 1993 as an online bookstore. In 1998 it started to really take off and now Amazon has disrupted and transformed the retail … Read more »

20 Online Dollar Stores with Awesome Deals – Best Bargains for 2019

Best Online Dollar Stores

Online Dollar stores are amazing places to can find things that you need for less. For most of us, physical stores like Family Dollar and Dollar Tree come to mind. But you no longer have to drive to a store to find awesome deals.

According to NBC News, Dollar Stores, discount retailers, and discount racks are gaining huge popularity. This is true amongst all shoppers and especially with Millenials.

Today you have the option to shop discount and dollar stores without leaving the comfort of your house. We have scoured the internet and found the best stores to shop … Read more »

Do Warehouse Clubs really Save You Money?

Aisles of a warehouse club with logos of Bjs, Sam's and Costco over them.

The concept of shopping in a warehouse and buying directly from a distributor is an appealing idea for money-saving minded people. But do today’s warehouse clubs really save you money or are they merely a carefully marketed retail store that has lots of stuff in it, designed to separate you from your money?

We’ll discuss the pros and cons of shopping at the warehouse clubs AND we’ll tell you how you can do it without buying a pricey membership.

What is a Warehouse Club?

Warehouse clubs are in truth a retail store, that has been strategically designed to look like a warehouse. They … Read more »

Roadmap To Savings for Garage Sale Treasures

Garage Sale Treasures - 7 Shopping Strategies!

7 ways to make Garage Sale Shopping more Fun

If you’re going to spend a day driving around and looking for garage sale treasures, try these 7 tips to make your time Garage Sale treasure hunting more profitable (and less expensive).

1. Plan your Garage Sale route

Check out the garage sale ads on:

Facebook’s SwipSwap Groups (we have joined 4 or 5 of them)
CraigsList (this site is phenomenal!) (and the mobile app)

Try to limit the sales you plan on visiting into one or two specific geographic areas. More expensive neighborhoods tend to sell nicer stuff, but … Read more »

Sell & Buy Used Things: 7 Reasons We Love Buying Used to Finding Deals

Buy Used Things - 7 Ways to Find the Best Deals!

If you buy used things, it’s a great way to keep money in your pocket. It also increases your buying power further than you imagined.

Buying used things is a great benefit to you, your budget and the environment.

We’ll share why we love buying used things, and where we find the best deals.

We’ll also share how we sell used things we no longer need … and the sites we use to do that.

You’re going to save a ton of money reading this article.

If we’ve missed a resource that you love, please leave it in the comments below!

Buying and Selling Things is Big … Read more »

Use Up Those Gift Cards . . . FAST!

We all know about the economy spiraling downward. We all know about companies laying off workers. And, we all know we should be preparing for Christmas.

According to industry estimates over 27 percent of gift cards that sold issued are never redeemed. And that number is going to sky rocket this year as a number of stores close their doors. If you are holding gift cards in any of the following companies — get out and use them. Do your Christmas shopping by using the remaining balance on gift cards you currently have. But think twice before you buy any gift … Read more »