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Is Buying a Timeshare Really Worth It? Are They a Scam or a Good Investment?

Are timeshares worth it. How can you get out of a timeshare?

Are Timeshares Worth It? Are they a scam? Or are they a good investment?

Are you considering buying a vacation property? Or are you trying to get out of a fractional ownership property that you either no longer use or can no longer afford?

We’ve experienced the buying, using, and trading of timeshares for more than 25 years. Although we’ve never been an owner, we’ve observed a master vacationer—Annette’s dad Syl.

Over the past 25 years, he has accumulated 6 different timeshares. He owns actual weeks at properties and timeshare points. We’ve worked with him, trading, banking, and negotiating for alternative weeks at … Read more »

Best Car Rental Hacks: 8 Unusual Ways to Save on Renting a Vehicle

These Rental Car Hacks will save you hundreds of dollars on your vacation!

Want to save money on your next rental car? You’re going to love these 12 cheap and clever car rental hacks. We’ve tried most of these and they really work to cut the cost of your trip.

First, we’ll tell you a story about our BIGGEST savings. Then we’ll give you 11 other tips!

How these Rental Car Hacks saved us $200+! 

We were traveling to Richmond, Virginia to speak at a conference and to spend a few days vacationing with family and friends.

There were six of us traveling, plus luggage for one week … and 24 cases of our books.

Keep reading … Read more »

Vacation Meals on a Budget: 11 Ways to Save on Food While Traveling

Save Money with Vacation Meals on a Budget!

Vacation meals can be expensive! But with vacation meals on a budget and a little planning and creativity, you can enjoy awesome food. Even while you travel, you can spend much less than the average person doing it. We’ve got lots of ideas for having a great vacation on a budget and it all starts with saving on vacation meals.

11 Ways to Eat Yummy Vacation Meals on a Budget

1) Eat out Selectively

When we fly to a destination and stay in a hotel we save money on food by minimizing the number of meals we eat at a restaurant. Feeding 7 … Read more »

23 Fun & Frugal Family Vacation Ideas!

Frugal Fun Vacation Ideas

Frugal Family Vacations don’t have to be boring. And fun vacations don’t have to be expensive to be memorable.

We’ve compiled a list of ways for you to have fun and frugal family vacations. This list comes from friends and our own experiences. We’ll share more than two dozen money-saving vacation tips for meals, lodging, and activities. You’ll make great memories on a budget.

23 Fun Ideas for Frugal Vacations

Our Facebook Friends asked, “Can you share one of your tips for saving money while on vacation?” Our first book, America’s Cheapest Family Gets You Right on the Money, … Read more »

Creative Vacation Souvenir Ideas That Are Clever, Cheap, and Fun

Vacation Souvenirs that are clever and frugal! Cheap Travel Souvenir Ideas!

Discover unique and inexpensive vacation souvenir ideas to help you remember your travels in style. From classic keepsakes to quirky finds, we’ve got you covered. Let’s dive in and explore the world of vacation travel souvenirs and mementos!

We’ve broken this list into the following 7 categories:


These cheaper souvenir ideas can be found at almost any vacation destination you visit.


A keychain with a special design or representing the place you visited can be a nice souvenir. It can be a useful reminder of your trip every time you use your keys.

Chris Hammond from Phoenix Arizona collects keychains from his … Read more »

6 Cheap Vacation Ideas: How to Travel on a Shoe String Budget

Camping in the Forest - Vaction on a shoe string budget

Are you looking for some inexpensive vacation ideas? Have you heard of bloggers who travel on a shoestring budget and have lots of fun?

Have you ever thought about great vacations with limited funds?

And what about this summer with Covid issues all around, could you still get away?

If you’re thinking you can’t take a vacation, think again. We’ve got lots of frugal and cheap tips to make your vacation memorable on a shoestring budget.

If your only option is to travel on a shoestring budget, you still create a fun and enjoyable memory!

Here’s how we and several other frugal … Read more »