Heart Stirring Patriotic Music

Four patriotic music cds laying on an oak floor.

Nothing stirs our hearts more than hearing a foot tapping march or a chorus singing The Battle Hymn of the Republic. This super-page contains a growing list of our favorite Patriotic Music – we hope you are inspired by it! Each of these albums links to Amazon where you can preview the before you buy!

A Cappella Americana with The Liberty Voices

We first became acquainted with The Liberty Voices when we were vacationing at Epcot Center in Walt Disney World. We heard them sing in the host pavilion at the American Adventure. Were captivated by their tight 8-part harmonies … Read more »

Favorite Family Musical Soundtracks

Family Musical Soundtracks Reviews- Fun for Kids & Parents!

We absolutely love movie and stage musicals. This Family Musical Soundtracks page contains an ever-growing list of our favorite musical recordings.

Fiddler On The Roof

Fiddler on the Roof  Soundtrackis a terrific movie and an even more awesome soundtrack. If you value family, you’ll love this story. A little trivia: you may not know that John William (Star Wars, Superman, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Home Alone and Jurassic Park) also wrote the film score for Fiddler on the Roof in 1971. 

List of Songs:

Prologue And Tradition & Main Title
If I Were A … Read more »

Family Christmas Music

Family Christmas Music for Everyone to Enjoy!

This page has lots of great Family Christmas Music. Especially because Christmas is our absolute favorite time of year. We listen to Christmas music all year long (we do take some breaks, but always come back to it!). This is a growing list of our favorite Christmas albums! 

A Brooklyn Tabernacle Christmas

The, “A Brooklyn Tabernacle Christmas” album features 12 new Christmas songs written by Carol Cymbala and the Brooklyn Tabernacle song writing team with special guests TaRando Greene, Anthony Evans, Nicole Binion, Charlotte Ritchie and Brad Hudson. It will recharge your Christmas spirit … Read more »