Molecular Hydrogen: Health Miracle or Brown’s Gas Hoax?

Aquacure - Molecular Hydrogen HHO Brown's Gas - bubbling in a beaker

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Have you ever heard of the potential health benefits of drinking hydrogen water, or breathing molecular hydrogen gas (aka HHO or HydrOxy or Brown’s gas)?

Are the claims of health improvement and performance enhancement hype or a hoax?

Molecular Hydrogen has been studied and used more and more since 2016. Researchers are looking at how it can help with various diseases, brain disorders, and skin problems. Although the FDA hasn’t approved these uses yet, some alternative medicine clinics are testing and using it. Also, several companies are now selling molecular hydrogen generators.

We will share the research studies we’ve found, list the companies making the generators, and provide testimonials from people who have tried Brown’s Gas/Molecular Hydrogen therapy.

What Sources Naturally Provide Hydrogen to Our Bodies?

Our bodies naturally receive hydrogen primarily through the foods we eat and the water we drink. Hydrogen is a fundamental component of water (H2O), and it’s also present in organic compounds, especially carbohydrates and fats, which are major constituents of our diet. We’ve paraphrased the following information from reputable scientific sources.

Water Molocule - 2 atoms of hydrogen and one atom of oxygen
A water molecule – consists of 2 atoms of hydrogen and one atom of oxygen

It’s important to understand that our bodies naturally contain and process hydrogen. This happens through everyday activities like eating and drinking. However, the use of molecular hydrogen for therapeutic purposes is different. 

Can Greater Amounts of Hydrogen Hurt or Help Us?

The use of molecular hydrogen is a topic of study in fields like sports medicine and health treatments.

In these areas, molecular hydrogen is used in higher concentrations. It is also administered in specific forms. Examples include inhalation or drinking hydrogen-rich water. 

This approach is different from the typical way we get hydrogen. Normally, we receive hydrogen through our diet and by drinking water.

As we continue in this article, we’ll explore how administering molecular hydrogen at higher concentrations has different effects. These effects are often greater than what we typically experience through digestion.

The therapeutic use of molecular hydrogen is designed to maximize its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. These properties are more pronounced with higher concentrations. 

This targeted approach can be beneficial in medical treatments or sports performance enhancement. 

Watch this video summary with testimonials and the actual browns gas generator working.

Claims for the Benefits of Molecular Hydrogen or Brown’s Gas

In our research, we discovered dozens of studies involving animals and humans. We tried to cite the most reputable sources such as the Lancet and the National Institute for Health, but have included others too.

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This short list compiles some of the most significant (in our minds) claims found:

Medical Studies Citing Brown’s Gas Benefits

Improved Blood Sugar Control, Reduced Cholesterol, Enhanced Insulin Function
Molecular hydrogen therapy has shown significant benefits in blood sugar control, cholesterol reduction, and insulin function enhancement. These effects were evident in a six-month study with 1,000 diabetic patients by Ji H, Zhao Z, and others, published in March 2023. Titled ‘Real-World Effectiveness and Safety of Hydrogen Inhalation in Chinese Patients with Type 2 Diabetes,’ the study’s findings are detailed in Dovepress and PubMed.  Study summary on

Diabetes Control Article with Browns Gas - molecular Hydrogen
Summary of the study: Real-World Effectiveness and Safety of Hydrogen Inhalation in Chinese
Patients with Type 2 Diabetes, Center of Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine

Pulmonary Hypertension: Molecular Hydrogen may help treat Pulmonary Hypertension by targeting specific radicals that cause oxidative stress. The study ‘Hydrogen Inhalation Reduces Lung Inflammation and Blood Pressure in Pulmonary Hypertension,’ by Tatyana Kuropatkina and others, details this. Read it on NCBI.

Neurological Improvements Following Cardiac Arrest: Inhaled molecular hydrogen gas (H2) may improve brain function after cardiac arrest, as shown in a study titled ‘Efficacy of inhaled hydrogen on neurological outcome following brain ischemia…’ led by Tomoyoshi Tamura and others. For more details, check out the study on The Lancet.

Healing Neurological Diseases:  Molecular hydrogen shows promise in treating neurological diseases by reducing oxidative stress (mitochondrial diseases, inflammation, and cancer, diabetes mellitus (DM), metabolic syndrome (MS), fatty liver (FL), atherosclerosis (AS), and obesity) 

This is highlighted in the study ‘Therapeutic Potential of Molecular Hydrogen in Metabolic Diseases,’ led by Fei Xie, Yifei Song, Yang Hi, and others – Beijing Molecular Hydrogen Research Center. Discover more in their March 2023 publication on MDPI.

Lung Cancer: Hydrogen Gas Inhibits Lung Cancer Progression

Hydrogen gas may play a role in slowing lung cancer progression. This finding is detailed in the 2018 study ‘Hydrogen gas inhibits lung cancer progression through targeting SMC3’ by Dongchang Wang, Lifei Wang, Yu Zhang, and others. For more information, visit PubMed.”

  • Molecular Hydrogen as a Medical Gas for the Treatment of Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Molecular hydrogen might offer benefits for treating Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. This concept is explored in a study by Shin-Ichi Hirano, Yusuke Ichikawa, Bunpei Sato, and others, titled ‘Molecular Hydrogen as a Medical Gas for the Treatment of Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.’ For an in-depth look at their findings from April 2022, visit PubMed.

To find more studies do a Google Search for molecular hydrogen benefits

We also searched for Molecular Hydrogen scams and molecular hydrogen gas scams. What we found were several posts about companies that sold hydrogen water claiming that it could reverse aging. We also found several articles about hydrogen-powered vehicles. We didn’t find any articles that described Hydrogen Gas therapy in a negative way. 

User Testimonials About the The Benefits They Have Experienced

We also found dozens of anecdotal testimonials from users of various molecular hydrogen generators. 

These testimonials are from website. We’ve only selected a few of the shorter ones.

Blood Pressure Control

“My blood pressure went on a little rampage yesterday, the first time in well over 6 months. It was running 186/102 and holding there. I sat down and began inhaling (Brown’s Gas), and within 20 minutes it was down to 118/68. I had not done any inhalation on Friday or Saturday, which is why it probably went high. When inhaling on a daily basis I do not need my BP meds, but it is now apparent that without it, I do.” 
~ Submitted by DMason

Varicose Veins

I work on my legs which are blue from varicose veins and stagnation. After the first treatment, I almost could not sleep so strongly circulation was increased. Now it is less, but also the very blue of the legs is diminishing. I am very hopeful to be able to regenerate the leg. Now I am so happy to continue.” ~Submitted by ZeierRahel

Oral Surgery

Oral surgery (and possibly other open wounds) Several years ago, I had to have 14 molar teeth removed at one sitting. Before surgery, I asked my orthodontic surgeon if he had any objection to my applying the BG to the open sockets. When I explained it was only hydrogen and oxygen, he shrugged and said, ” I don’t see what it could hurt.” When I went back a week later he was amazed and said, “I’ve never seen healing like this. Whatever you are doing, keep doing it.” and canceled my next follow-up check, declaring it “obviously unnecessary.” ~ Submitted by Derac

Arthritis Pain Relief

“I have arthritis, which runs in the family. I play bluegrass guitar leads and banjo as well. I was slowing down, I figured I was getting older, I was about 52 at the time, I got a (purified) water machine, bubbled the HHO (Brown’s Gas) gas in my drinking jug, and My arthritis went away!! I can pick a 100 miles an hour like when I was 18. No joke! I believe the drinking water did it!”  PTL! ~ Submitted by Abbaty 2

Paralysis from Stroke

“A neighbor purchased one of your ER50’s and I assembled and wired it for her. She is 91yrs. old and had Partial Paralysis of her left arm and hand from a miner stroke she had a while back. After drinking Brown’s water and a few treatments, she has regained control of her left arm and hand. She gives me some of the treated water to drink each day and I have been able to get back to work. I have 5 ruptured or herniated disks in my lower back. I have now ordered an ER50 for myself. Thanks for the help from your machine.” ~ Submitted by Ronny Clark & Thelma Haselton

Parkinson’s Tremors 

There are two testimonial Videos on the site showing a great reduction in tremors from Parkinson’s disease. We’ve embedded one that is hosted on YouTube below.

Lupus Reversal

“I recommended a 52-year-old female with Lupus that has been getting worse for 13 years, to take two 30-minute treatments a day (from my machine) for 5 days, then one 30-minute a day for 5 days. Brown’s gas through nose cannula.”

“She had about six 30-minute treatments over a 3 or 4-week period.”

“First, she noticed that her rashes had cleared up and was feeling better. Now she reports that all Lupus symptoms are gone even tho I recommend she continue occasional treatments. She says she doesn’t need any more. Reports she’s not tired, no fatigue, full of energy, previous migraines are also gone. She sleeps normally at night with no daytime naps. Her breathing is back to full normal (a bigy she says), no more diarrhea, and Aches in her hands and joints are completely gone (another bigy). Wow.”

Two Months Later update “Lupus guinea pig still symptom-free after two months.” 
~ Submitted by Ed Shippen

Does this sound like hype and overblown claims? Is breathing molecular hydrogen dangerous? 

We conclude that breathing molecular hydrogen or Brown’s Gas is not harmful, based on studies and testimonials.

As to the benefits it produces, it appears that there are some, but they aren’t “guaranteed.”

After learning about the history and research, we were hopeful that this could improve our health.

Next, we’ll present some of the history of molecular hydrogen for health purposes. We’ll also share several of our personal experiences using Brown’s Gas for therapeutic purposes. 

What is Molecular Hydrogen or Browns Gas?

Oxyhydrogen, also known as Brown’s Gas, is a gas made up of two hydrogen atoms bonded together with one Oxygen atom.

Although it has no color or smell, scientists are interested in its unique properties and how it could benefit our health. 

Hydrogen Gas Moves Quickly

Hydrogen’s ability to swiftly diffuse throughout the body is a notable feature under investigation. Although our environment contains an abundance of hydrogen, we do not encounter its gaseous form in our daily experiences. 

Multiple Research Studies

Scientists around the world are studying the benefits of breathing in hydrogen gas for protecting organs and improving health. Molecular hydrogen is a powerful gas that is being investigated for its potential to have positive effects on human health.

Who Developed Brown’s Gas

The gas mixture called “Brown’s Gas” was named after Ilia Valkov, also known as Professor Yull Brown. He was an Australian inventor who studied and promoted the gas’s properties.

Yull Brown became famous for his research on oxyhydrogen, a gas made of hydrogen and oxygen in different amounts. 

“Brown’s Gas” is a term used to link the gas with Yull Brown’s research and findings in the field. 

Scientists frequently use terms such as “oxyhydrogen” or “HHO gas” to refer to the same mixture. However, these terms are not commonly used in everyday language.

How Was Brown’s Gas or Molecular Hydrogen First Used?

Dr Yull Brown with his Brown's Gas Generator - photo courtesy of
Dr. Yull Brown with his Brown’s Gas Generator – photo courtesy of

Brown’s Gas was discovered and developed in Yull Brown’s workshop in 1973 in Auburn, Sydney, Australia.

Brown’s Gas, also known as oxyhydrogen, was used for its special properties in different applications. Professor Brown explored and promoted its use in the following ways:

  • Welding and Cutting: One of the earliest and most practical applications of Brown’s Gas was in welding and cutting metals. The high temperature of the flame produced by the combustion of oxyhydrogen gas makes it suitable for metalworking processes.
  • Browns Gas for Energy Production: Yull Brown suggested using Brown’s Gas as a clean and efficient fuel for making energy. He said that burning Brown’s Gas could be used to create electricity or power different engines.
  • Health and Medical Applications: Some people have studied the possible health advantages of breathing or consuming hydrogen, such as Brown’s Gas. While this area of application is still under scientific investigation, there have been claims about its antioxidant properties and potential therapeutic effects.
  • Water Fuel Cell: ull Brown made a device called the “Brown Gas Generator” or “Water Fuel Cell.” It supposedly extracted Brown’s Gas from water using electrolysis. The idea was to use water as a renewable source to produce the gas for various applications.

Brown’s Gas has been useful in some industries and experiments, but its usefulness and efficiency in everyday use is debated. The scientific community continues to research and assess the potential uses of this gas mixture.

Athletic performance and hydrogen

Molecular hydrogen is gaining momentum in sports medicine as an innovative tool for enhancing athletic performance. Research, including insights from “Molecular hydrogen in sports medicine: new therapeutic perspectives” by S M Ostojic, indicates its potential in combating exercise-induced oxidative stress and sports injuries. 

This new therapy, known for its ability to fight harmful substances in the body, could be very helpful for athletes. It offers a different way to handle the physical demands and recovery difficulties of competitive sports.

In an article in several molecular hydrogen studies are referenced to affirm the use of hydrogen tablets in performance athletics. Many NFL, NHL, and UFC athletes are using hydrogen to improve their performance, according to reports. 

This article includes quotes from professional athletes.

Roger Snipes British BodyBuilder uses molecular hydrogen to improve his athletic performance

Roger Snipes – a British bodybuilder, fitness model, fitness competitor and fitness trainer

Walt Harris is an MMA fighter and uses molecular hydrogen to improve his athletic performance

Walt Harris – an MMA fighter, currently competing in the Heavyweight division of the Ultimate Fighting Championship

Chito Rivera is a winning MMA fighter who uses molecular hydrogen drinks and tablets to improve his performance.

Chito Vera – Professional MMA Fighter

The application of molecular hydrogen in sports extends beyond traditional recovery methods. Research shows that it can impact cell signaling and act as an alkalizing substance, which may improve athletic endurance and performance. 

New research suggests that molecular hydrogen may have a significant impact on enhancing sports performance. This discovery has the potential to revolutionize athlete health and training.

Hydrogenized water and gas are becoming popular in both medical and sports performance fields.

In this podcast interview, George Wiseman discusses the performance benefits of Brown’s Gas/Molecular Hydrogen with NIck Urbvan. Nick is a Nick Urban is a Biohacker, Data Scientist, Athlete, Founder of Outliyr, and the Host of the Mind Body Peak Performance Podcast

Let’s dig a little deeper into how this trend started and whether it’s safe or not.

How is Brown’s Gas Generated?

In the process of generating Brown’s Gas (oxyhydrogen) through electrolysis, an electrolyte, such as lye (sodium hydroxide), is added to distilled water. 

This addition serves a crucial role by enhancing the water’s conductivity. Distilled water alone is a poor conductor of electricity due to its low ion content. 

The electrolyte increases the dissociation of water molecules into ions, facilitating the flow of electric current during electrolysis. 

The electrolysis process involves breaking down water (H2O) into hydrogen (H2) and oxygen (O2) gases at the electrodes. 

The resulting Brown’s Gas is a mixture of hydrogen and oxygen in the ratio naturally found in water. 

Careful control of the electrolyte concentration is essential to prevent safety risks associated with caustic substances. 

Also, the gas is often cleaned with water to remove impurities, making it safer to breathe. This cleaning process removes potentially harmful substances and ensures that the gas can be used for specific purposes, like breathing.

George Wiseman’s Research on Brown’s Gas

George Wiseman developer of the Water Torch Hydrogen generator and the Aquacure AC50 Browns Gas Generator

In 1996, George Wiseman, known for inventing the WaterTorch for welding, received feedback from his customers about the potential healing properties of HydrOxy-bubbled water. 

Drinking Hydrogen Water

Initially skeptical, Wiseman eventually tried using the gas for water bubbling in 2005 based on customer recommendations. He started selling the ER50 product in 2007 because drinking hydrogen-charged water had positive health effects on him.

Breathing Hydrogen Gas

While the ER50 was primarily designed for applications such as improving fuel mileage in internal combustion engines and serving as a torch fuel gas, customers began inquiring about the possibility of breathing the gas. 

Wiseman, aware of the explosive nature of the gas, initially declined the idea. However, in December 2015, a customer shared a video of an Asian ‘HydrOxy Bar’ where people safely breathed the gas. This revelation prompted Wiseman to realize that by sufficiently mixing the gas with air, it becomes non-explosive.

Wiseman was inspired by this finding and his own personal experience of great health improvements from inhaling HydrOxy. As a result, he created the AquaCure. The AquaCure Brown’s Gas Generator was designed to make this healing method accessible to a larger number of people. The AquaCure Brown’s Gas Generator is made to make this healing method available to more people.

George Wiseman Breathing Brown’s Gas (HHO)

Watch this video of George Wiseman’s first time breathing molecular hydrogen/Brown’s gas

In reflecting on his journey, Wiseman advises individuals considering this technology to document their health issues before starting. He says that it is important to document current health issues. These issues may include skin problems, nerve problems, heart conditions, and arthritis. The purpose of documenting these health issues is to demonstrate the effectiveness of the technology. 

Wiseman wants people to share their stories and show proof of how HydrOxy has helped them. He didn’t have evidence of his own health problems, but he believes in the product.

Why Is a MoneySaving Site Writing About An Expensive Machine?

At we’re all about finding quality products at the best prices, and health is no exception. 

We try various types of medicine, use herbal supplements, exercise regularly, and track our steps with Fitbit. As we get older, we are committed to maintaining good health. However, we also indulge in chocolate and occasionally enjoy a scoop of ice cream.

We try various types of medicine, use herbal supplements, exercise regularly, and track our steps with Fitbit. As we get older, we are committed to maintaining good health. However, we also indulge in chocolate and occasionally enjoy a scoop of ice cream.

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We’ve been researching molecular hydrogen therapy because we’ve seen some unusual results with friends who have used it. 

We’re a little skeptical but hopeful, so we’re presenting our research information to you so you can make your own well-informed decision. While the initial cost for these hydrogen generators is around $2000, we believe it’s a strategic move that we’re hoping will save us a lot of money on future medical expenses. 

Can You Build Your Own HHO Generator to Save Money?

We did investigate the possibility of building our own hydrogen generator. There are several people on YouTube and the internet who have shared plans for building a DIY Brown’s Gas generator. Unfortunately, all of the ones we saw were for use in welding and other industrial uses. 

Here’s a video on how to build a Brown’s Gas generator for welding:

In the end, we decided that the chance of making a mistake and hurting ourselves or others wasn’t worth taking.

The Development of Hydrogen Generators for Breathing and Drinking

The development of hydrogen generators for breathing and drinking includes several inventors and companies dedicated to harnessing the potential health benefits of molecular hydrogen. Here are a few notable contributors:

George Wiseman (Eagle-Research):

Product: AquaCure AC50 Brown’s Gas Generator
Year Released: 2016

George Wiseman, the inventor of the WaterTorch for welding, developed the AquaCure AC50 as a therapeutic hydrogen generator. The AquaCure is designed for both breathing and bubbling HydrOxy (molecular hydrogen) in water.

Get a discount on the AquaCure AC50 with the coupon code: MoneySmartHealth

This is the Brown’s Gas Generator that was recommended to us by a friend. We purchased it in December of 2023.

Ed Wunder (HydroGenie®):

Product: HydroGenie® On-Demand Molecular Hydrogen Generator
Website: HydroGenie
Year Released: unknown

Ed Wunder’s HydroGenie® stands out as an innovative on-demand molecular hydrogen generator. Unlike many alternatives, it avoids magnesium reliance, offering three ingestion modes—via inhalation, drinking, and direct application. Ideal for busy schedules, it produces hydrogen gas (Brown’s Gas/HHO) instantly. With a focus on health optimization, the HydroGenie is a versatile and transformative solution.

Steve Dell (HydrogenForHealth):

Product: HX900 Pure Hydrogen Inhaler with Pulse Mode and BG
Year Released: unknown

Steve Dell sells the HX900 Pure Hydrogen Inhaler, a cutting-edge device with Pulse Mode and BG features, rated highly by users. This inhaler is designed to deliver pure hydrogen for health benefits. 

Tyler LeBaron (Molecular Hydrogen Institute):

Organization: Molecular Hydrogen Institute

While not a specific product inventor, Tyler LeBaron, the founder of the Molecular Hydrogen Institute, has played a crucial role in advancing research and awareness of molecular hydrogen’s health benefits. The institute provides valuable resources and information on hydrogen-rich water and its potential therapeutic applications.


AlkaViva Hydrogen water alkalai water generator

Product: H2 Series Hydrogen Water Generators (for drinking)

AlkaViva is a company that offers hydrogen water generators as part of its H2 Series. These generators are designed to infuse water with molecular hydrogen, providing a convenient and efficient way to consume hydrogen-rich water for potential health benefits.

The field of hydrogen generators for health is always changing, and there may be new advancements in the future. The field of hydrogen generators for health is constantly evolving. There may be new advancements in the future. 

If you are interested in learning more about these technologies, you can visit the inventor’s website. On their website, you will find information about their products, research, and instructions on how to use them.

How Does Breathing Molecular Hydrogen Benefit a Human Body?

The practice of inhaling molecular hydrogen is a relatively new wellness approach that has gained prominence due to its wide array of potential health benefits. This therapy involves breathing in hydrogen gas, leveraging the unique properties of hydrogen – the simplest and lightest element in the periodic table – to positively impact human health.

hydrogen listed as the first element in the periodic table.

Mechanisms of Molecular Hydrogen Therapy:

The effectiveness of breathing molecular hydrogen lies in its fundamental properties. As the lightest element, hydrogen’s simplicity allows it to exhibit various therapeutic actions. When inhaled, it interacts with the body’s cells and systems in a number of ways. This interaction is primarily due to hydrogen’s ability to reduce oxidative stress and inflammation. These are key factors in creating many harmful health conditions.

Benefits of Breathing Hydrogen Gas:

  • Antioxidant Effects: Hydrogen acts as a selective antioxidant, neutralizing harmful radicals while preserving beneficial molecules, thus reducing oxidative stress associated with aging and various diseases.
  • Anti-Inflammatory Properties: Its anti-inflammatory effects play a crucial role in managing chronic inflammation, a common factor in numerous health conditions.
  • Cellular Signaling Impact: Inhalation of hydrogen gas influences cellular signaling pathways, affecting gene expression and cellular functions.
  • Enhancement of Mitochondrial Function: Improving the efficiency of cellular energy production, a key role played by mitochondria in cells, is another significant benefit of inhaling hydrogen gas. This enhancement in the cells’ powerhouses directly impacts their ability to generate energy efficiently.
  • Improved Athletic Performance: Athletes may find improved endurance and reduced fatigue with hydrogen gas inhalation.
  • Neuroprotective Properties: Preliminary studies suggest a role in protecting brain health.
  • Anti-Aging Effects: Users often report improved skin health, reduced wrinkles, and increased vitality.
  • Support for Digestive Health: Hydrogen inhalation could be beneficial for gastrointestinal health and managing digestive disorders.

Inhaling molecular hydrogen offers a range of health benefits, primarily by moderating oxidative stress and inflammation. Additionally, it has been observed to enhance cellular and mitochondrial functions. 

While the research is ongoing, the existing evidence suggests significant potential for health improvement. Consulting a healthcare professional is recommended before incorporating molecular hydrogen inhalation into any wellness regimen. We’re convinced that this therapy holds great promise for the future of health and well-being enhancement.

Benefits of Drinking Hydrogen-Charged Water

Drinking molecular hydrogen-charged water has been associated with several potential health benefits, supported by various clinical studies. Here are some of the key benefits:

  1. Antioxidant and Anti-inflammatory Properties: Molecular hydrogen acts as a selective antioxidant, targeting only the most toxic free radicals. This property helps in reducing oxidative stress and inflammation, which are associated with various diseases. A study published in the journal Medical Gas Research’ (2015) demonstrated that drinking hydrogen water reduced oxidative stress in patients undergoing radiation therapy for liver tumors.
  2. Improved Metabolic Syndrome: Hydrogen-rich water consumption has been shown to improve markers of metabolic syndrome, a cluster of conditions that increase the risk of heart disease, stroke, and type 2 diabetes. A study in the ‘Journal of Clinical Biochemistry and Nutrition’ (2008) reported that intake of hydrogen-rich water improved cholesterol and glucose metabolism in a group of participants with potential metabolic syndrome.
  3. Neuroprotective Effects: Some research suggests that hydrogen water may have neuroprotective effects. A study in ‘Neuroscience Letters’ (2009) found that hydrogen-rich water could help prevent brain damage in a model of Parkinson’s disease.
  4. Improved Athletic Performance: Athletes may benefit from reduced muscle fatigue and inflammation after exercise, as suggested by some studies. A ‘Medical Gas Research’ study’ (2012) published findings that hydrogen-rich water helped decrease muscle fatigue in elite athletes during heavy exercise.
  5. Effects on Rheumatoid Arthritis: A study in ‘Medical Gas Research’ (2012) found that drinking hydrogen-rich water led to improvements in patients with rheumatoid arthritis, a chronic inflammatory disease.

It’s important to note that while these studies suggest potential benefits, more comprehensive research is needed to fully understand and confirm the health impacts of drinking molecular hydrogen-charged water. 

Additionally, always consult with healthcare professionals before making significant changes to health regimens, including the introduction of hydrogen water.

Personal Observations of the Benefits of HHO/Brown’s Gas/Molecular Hydrogen

In 2023 we met George and Marlene through a Facebook Gardening group. George is a retired engineer and a very generous guy. He fought in Vietnam and survived Agent Orange poisoning (just barely). He has had some serious health issues but remains cheerful and active.

Diabetic Ulcerated Leg Healing

When we first met him he was recovering from a diabetic ulcer on his right leg just below his kneecap. Doctors thought it was so bad that they were recommending amputation.

George had just discovered and purchased a Brown’s Gas generator – an AquaCure AC50. For the previous 4 weeks, he had been breathing the gas, drinking the water and wrapping his injured leg in a plastic bag to “gas it.” He did this for 30 minutes at a time. And said that he was seeing great results in the ulcer shrinking. 

Fast forward 8 months and the ulcer has gone from about 4 inches wide by ¾ of an inch tall to about 1 inch wide. The doctors are optimistic that George will be able to heal from this and that amputation is no longer being considered.

Psoriatic Arthritis Healing

In December 2023 we took a young friend of ours to meet George and Marlene at their house. Joshua had suffered from psoriatic arthritis on his right hand for several months. He avoided doctors and tried DIY cures with creams and lotions for about 2 months.

psoriatic arthritis after browns gas treatment
Joshua’s psoriatic arthritis on his right hand before Brown’s Gas therapy.

George put a plastic grocery bag on Joshua’s hand and “gassed” it for 30 minutes. After that, he applied a light coating of Frankincense Oil.

psoriatic arthritis after browns gas treatment
Joshua’s right hand two weeks after treatment with Brown’s Gas and Frankincense Oil.

Two weeks later Joshua’s hand was completely normal.

These two stories were not controlled tests, but the results are compelling. As a result of these observations, along with watching several podcasts with George Wiseman, and reading a number of scientific studies, we decided to purchase an AquaCure generator.

Steve at MoneySmartFamily – Health Concerns

Last year Steve became eligible for Medicare. After 20 years of being self-employed, this change has given us the best health insurance coverage we’ve ever had. 

He was an internationally competitive gymnast in the 1970s and sustained his share of injuries. After his gymnastics career, he played several other sports namely, softball, volleyball, and racquetball. For the past 15 years, he has gone to the gym to lift weights several days each week. 

He also coached soccer and baseball for our sons’ teams. Trying to stay in shape brings with it all kinds of issues, particularly joint pain, muscle strains, and tears.

Scar Tissue

His shoulders and legs have been diagnosed by 2 different physicians as having large amounts of scar tissue from several sports-related injuries. In the summer of 2023, Steve hired a physical therapist and finally got relief from years of shoulder pain caused by scar tissue and impinged nerves. 

Knee Replacement 

He’s now working with a trainer to strengthen his right leg. He had knee surgery in 1980 to remove torn cartilage in his knee. He was diagnosed last year as having bone-on-bone arthritis and no ACL in his right knee. He’s trying to avoid a knee replacement, but that may be a reality in his future. We’ll be monitoring joint inflammation with various blood tests and a daily tracking sheet.

Skin Cancer

He also has had several Mohs surgeries on his scalp to remove Squamish cell cancer. These are a result of his balding head and spending too much time in the Arizona sun. We’re hoping that gassing the top of his head and applying hydrogen water to the cancer areas will either shrink or eliminate them.

Prostate Issues

His PSA numbers have been increasing. Regular visits to a urologist with 4K blood tests, MRIs and other exams have revealed a very low likelihood of prostate cancer. Still he goes in for checkups every 6 months and we’re hoping that breathing hydrogen gas may reduce the oversized nature of his prostate.

His goal with the purchase of the AquaCure Machine is to reduce joint pain and heal his scalp of actinic keratosis – a precursor to squamous cell cancer.

We’ll add to this blog as time goes on and he records the outcomes of various benchmarks.


Our journey into the realm of Brown’s Gas and molecular hydrogen therapy has been filled with intriguing discoveries, promising studies, and remarkable testimonials. While these therapies await FDA approval, the increasing body of research and real-world experiences is undeniably captivating.

We’ve explored scientific studies, sought user testimonials, and examined the history and development of hydrogen generators. Potential health benefits range from improved blood sugar control to neuroprotective effects and relief from arthritis pain.

While the evidence is compelling, it’s important to maintain a balanced perspective. Molecular hydrogen therapy isn’t a guaranteed solution, but it holds promise for enhancing well-being and addressing health concerns.

Our personal experiences and interactions with individuals who have seen positive changes in their health through molecular hydrogen reinforce our cautious optimism. From diabetic ulcer healing to psoriatic arthritis relief, the anecdotes are inspiring.

As we embark on our journey with the AquaCure machine, we’ll continue to document outcomes, track joint pain, monitor skin health, and address prostate concerns. Investing in well-being today is an investment in a healthier tomorrow.

Thank you for joining us on this journey of exploration and discovery. Stay tuned for updates and insights into the world of molecular hydrogen therapy. Here’s to a future filled with health, vitality, and smart choices!

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