Family Strategy Games – Fun for Everyone

This Family Strategy Games Page contains a growing list of our favorite Strategy Games!

Battleship – Milton Bradley

Our kids played Battleship for hours and hours (so did Steve when he was a kid). The game was created in 1967 by Milton Bradley and has gained popularity with each generation since then. It’s the ultimate hide and seek with ships. This is an opponent game that can be played for hours on end. Sink all your opponent’s ships and you win.

Each player set his ships of different lengths secretly on a … Read more »

Family Word Games – Fun for Everyone

This Family Word Games Page contains a growing list of our favorite Word Games!


Oh my gosh, Balderdash is one of our most favorite group games – the more people the merrier. We usually end up laughing until we cry. Players try to bluff each other by creating phony definitions for unbelievable words.

Points are awarded for bluffing as well as choosing the correct meaning. This game can be played with a group up to 12 players. Ages 10 and above suggested. We love this game and you will too!


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Family Card Games – Fun for Everyone

This Family Card Games Page contains a growing list of our favorite Card Games!!

Card Games listed include Apple to Apples,    WhooNu,   Mille Bornes, Pit,  Uno,   Waterworks

Family Card games are great for small and large groups of people to play. When we have parties, these are some of our favorites – especially Apples to Apples and Whoonu. Take a look at this list and see if any of these would fit your family.

Apples to Apples

Apples to Apples is one … Read more »

Family Number Games – Fun for Everyone

Rummy cubes number game on an oak table.

This Family Number Games Page contains a growing list of our favorite Number Games!



1 Farkel2 Perudo3 Racko4 Rummikub

Farkel is a fun, fast-paced dice game. Rack up points, but be careful – some combinations on the dice cause you to lose all your points for that round. It’s a little risky, a little challenging and a lot of fun!

Ones and Fives are how you score, then three of a kind, full houses … Read more »

Best Family Board Games – Fun for Everyone

Best Family Board Games - Reviews of Cranium, Eureka, Life, Scotland Yard & Sorry!

This Best Family Board Games Page contains a growing list of our favorite Board Games!


 Cranium is a game based on teamwork, great for 12-16 players. There are four Categories for playing: guessing fun facts; acting and humming; sketching and sculpting; and word puzzles. There are 600 outrageous cards covering 14 fun activities – truly something for everyone.

We love that there are brainy questions, singing options, acting opportunities, drawing tasks, and artistic challenges. There really is something for everybody – which makes it a very inclusive game for large groups. We’ve had … Read more »