Is Swagbucks Legit? Or is it a Scam? Our Review.

How we earn free gifts with Swagbucks - a great way to save money!

When we first heard about it, we had to ask ourselves, “Is legit? Or is Swagbucks a Scam?”

Swagbucks is often portrayed as a make money in your spare time website. Many of us have heard the “how to make money on the internet” pitches — how many of those are legit? And we’ve read stories about people getting … Read the rest

Veterans: How to get free event tickets with VetTix!

Free Family Fun for Veterans!

VetTix is a company that shows appreciation to our Veterans and their families with free event tickets. And this blog will tell you all about how it works, and how to sign up for it.

A few months ago a friend of ours sat with his wife in the audience at Symphony Hall in Phoenix to enjoy hearing the orchestra … Read the rest

Glass Bowls to Pack Up Your Lunch – Kitchen Tool #2

Glass Bowls to pack up your lunch can save $1000 a year!

Glass Bowls Provide Lunch Values

Having Glass Bowls so you can bring leftovers for lunch, is the second of our Kitchen Tools series. It will empower you to save thousands of dollars on your food budget.

Why glass bowls? When it comes to feeding a family, there is a lot of money at stake. The average family is spending $200 Read the rest

Money Smart Grandparents

Money Smart Grandparents can help with expenses, time and more.

Grandma's hand being held by a baby's hand.Money Smart Grandparents provide practical ways to Help.

We asked our Facebook friends a couple of questions about how their parents had a positive impact on their children. We want to build a brainstorming list of ideas to encourage money smart grandparents to be active participants in their grandchild’s life. Please add your comments to the bottom of this page—we’d … Read the rest

Spoonulas: Scoop Up the Savings – Kitchen Tool #1

Could 5 inexpensive kitchen tools save you $6000 in 12 months? We think so. Read the series!

5 Kitchen Tools That Will Save $6000 #1 Spoonula

Saving money on groceries could revolutionize your family budget! Really, it’s no hype. And kitchen tools such as a spoonula, can certainly help save time and money!

As a matter of fact, there are dozens of simple strategies that can cut your grocery bill in half without clipping a single coupon. … Read the rest

Soup from Leftovers. Tapioca/ Garbage Soup – Frugality that Failed.

Soup From Leftovers? Tapioca/ Garbage Soup Recipe - a frugal fail story.

Soup from Leftovers and Garbage Soup are usually really delicious. Out of the thousands of meals Annette has prepared over the years, fewer than five have gone uneaten. This is the story of an infamous one that has become a family legend.

The Concept of Soup from Leftovers / Garbage Soup

That’s right, Garbage Soup. Doesn’t sound appetizing, but in

Read the rest

105 successful dropouts from high school and college #13, #70 & #91 are surprising

105 College Dropouts that proved to be very successful men & women!

Can dropouts from high school and college become successful contributors to society? People like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Michael Dell and MGM co-founder Marcus Lowe are prime examples of successful people who didn’t go to college or finish college.

Is education important? Yes of course. But is a formal education; public, private or parochial school and college—are they critical to … Read the rest

Tips to Freeze Milk and How to Thaw it Safely

Tips for freezing milk and thawing milk.

How can you save money on milk purchases? For years we’ve frozen milk that we bought on sale in our deep freezer, and then defrosted it when we were ready to use it. Freezing milk is not that hard to do if you follow our tips. Learn how we freeze and thaw milk safely and quickly.

The Smart Way to

Read the rest

18 Free Online Movie Websites Like Crackle, YouTube and Hulu

17 Free Online Movie Websites Like Crackle, YouTube and Hulu!

This list of 18 free movie websites like Crackle, YouTube & Hulu can help you save money by dumping cable. Check out these sites and other Blu-ray/smart tv apps.

One of the biggest budget busters is overspending on recreation. We recently did “dinner and a movie” for a date night. If we hadn’t had movie gift cards (from Christmas) and … Read the rest

Smart College Idea: Save 80 Percent – Dual Credit at Home

A College Degree for $3100, yes it's possible!

If you have kids who want a fast track to a college degree or, if you’re an adult looking for an inexpensive and fast way to finally finish that degree, you’ve GOT TO READ what Becky and her kids have done. It’s absolute GENIUS.

We met Becky Muldrow in San Antonio, Texas at a conference where we were speaking. Becky

Read the rest

Great Vacations With Limited Funds

Great Vacations with Limited Funds are Entirely Possible!

If your only option is a Vacation with Limited Funds, can you still create a fun and enjoyable memory? Here’s how we and several other frugal friends have enjoyed great vacations without spending a fortune.

Yes, You Can Have Great Vacations with Limited Funds

Yes, money is tight, unemployment is still high and the economic climate is uncertain. But if Read the rest

Making Smarter Credit Decisions

A man with a pen and a calculator

We don’t pay much attention to our credit score. When you live debt-free and don’t borrow money, it becomes a non-issue. But we do realize that there are times in life when your credit score plays an important role in your future.

We helped our kids establish credit using a credit card secured by their bank accounts. They only used … Read the rest

Saving on Back-to-School Supplies — 5 Black Belt Tactics

Back to School Supplies - 5 Ways to Save Big Money.

The late summer months bring Back to School Supplies & shopping. This can be one of the most expensive times of the year for families with young children. Why?

The reason is that back-to-school costs can really take a toll on your family’s household budget. Retailers expect that consumers will shell out more than $68 billion during this back-to-school shopping … Read the rest

Saving on Back-to-School Clothing — 5 Frugal Fashion Tips For Kids

Back-to-School Clothes: 5Frugal Fashion Tips for Kids!

We’ve got Frugal Fashion Tips for Kids when you’re shopping for back-to-school clothes. These will help your kids to look nice, be a little trendy, and not cost a fortune. We outfitted 5 kids with wardrobes each year. We also found lots of ways for them to look fashionable while staying within our frugal spending limits.

5 Ways to Save

Read the rest

Money Gifts to Adult Kids? Good, Bad or Crazy?

Do Money Gifts to Adult Kids really help them?

Will money gifts to Adult Kids really help them? Do financial bailouts enable our children and make them dependent on us as parents? Here are 8 ways to help without enabling them.

Money Gifts for Adult Kids — What Should We Do?

We have three grown kids. Two are doing fine, but the youngest one is married with two kids Read the rest

7 Reasons We Love Buying Used Stuff – Great Sites for Finding Deals

Buying Used Stuff - 7 Ways to Find the Best Deals!

Buying used stuff is a great way to keep money in your pocket and stretch your money way further than you ever thought possible. In this blog we’ll describe why buying used stuff is beneficial to you, your budget and the environment. At the end of the article, we’ll list our favorite websites to buy used stuff along with other … Read the rest

12 Inexpensive and Affordable Snacks for Kids — After School or Anytime!

12 Affordable Snacks for Kids - Health, Delicious & Inexpensive.

Are you looking for inexpensive, healthy and affordable snacks for kids? This list of 12 different types of affordable snack foods should do the trick. It’s been time tested with our five kids and should do well for your family.

How do you feed a bottomless pit? We’re talking about those kids or teens with “hollow legs.” Remember when they … Read the rest

Down in the Dumps: Reclaiming Stability During Unemployment

 The unemployment rate in the United States (as of December 2016) is 4.7% which is a far cry from when it peaked at 10% back in October 2009. Yet, here you are having fallen on hard times. You’re one of the unlucky ones to fit in this percentage but you’re not just a number.

It’s difficult to say how long … Read the rest

8 Easy Pets for Kids – Choosing the Right Pet for your Family.

Pets for Kids: 8 Different choices for Your Family!

How do you choose the right pets for kids or your family? In this article we’ll share our experiences and 8 easy pets for kids and families.

Pet ownership in America is huge: approximately 70 million dogs and 80 millions cats. Of this number about 7.6 million of these pets find their way to one of 13,600 community-based animal shelters … Read the rest

Intolerant of Overpriced Lactose Intolerance

Do you have Lactose Intolerance? Here's a great solution!

If you have lactose intolerance, finding a solution to enjoying dairy is not an easy or inexpensive research project. In this article, we’ll share the different lactose intolerance solutions we’ve tried and the ones that worked. 

We hope you’ll read all of the options we tried, but if you want to get the absolute bottom line, scroll to the bottom Read the rest

10 things you may not know about The Declaration of Independence

10 Declaration of Independence Facts that you may not know!

10 Declaration of Independence Facts.

The Declaration of Independence in the United States is one of the most revered documents in our history. It was a bold statement by oppressed men and women to gain freedom from an tyrannical English government. But do you know these 10 Declaration of Independence facts about this most famous document?

1) The Resolution

It … Read the rest