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This Comedy Movies G & PG Page has a list of Hilarious Family Friendly Movies that Everyone will Enjoy!

Laughter is great medicine – we love watching comedies – they can lighten the load of a heavy day and brighten our disposition. Many of these movies have an underlying message of hope of overcoming adversity. 

Yours Mine and Ours

Yours, Mine and Ours staring Henry Fonda and Lucille Ball is an uproariously funny story. It has deep roots that reach to the core of what it means to be a family.

When a widow and widower meet, they fall in love. The tension rises as Helen North, who has 8 children, learns that Frank Beardsley has 10 children. Can a marriage survive a family this large? Watch and find out how all the kids overcome the trials of this huge blended family. It’s a hilarious movie and is loosely based on a true story. If you want to read the real story of the Norths and the Beardsleys, get Helen Beardsley’s book, “Who Gets the Drumstick?” 

The Inspector General

Danny Kaye is at his brilliant best  in The Inspector General. He is a bumble, who is used by an abusive gypsy master. When they are fleeing from outraged customers because of selling bogus elixir, they end up in a small town. It is here that Danny Kaye is mistaken for an Inspector General. How he pulls off this charade is worth the price of the film.

The music is fantastic, and Kaye’s tongue twisters, dancing and singing are classic. There are some good life lessons that come out in this movie including:  friendship, loyalty, and especially honesty. The ending is touching and could bring tears to your eyes. We love this movie.

Staring Danny Kaye (Actor), Walter Slezak (Actor) 

On The Double

On the Doublewith Danny Kaye is a hilarious and suspenseful movie all at the same time. Kaye stars in this funny WWII intrigue-filled farce as a timid soldier. He is selected by his superiors to act as a decoy for a famous British Colonel (who has been  targeted by the Nazis for death). Kaye has a knack for mimicking and languages. As a result, his German and British accents are truly remarkable. T

here are many twist and turns as he Danny Kaye gets involved in the Colonel’s military dealings. He also gets involved with his domestic life as his wife interacts with him and finds his behavior a little odd.

Danny Kaye (Actor), Dana Wynter (Actor), Melville Shavelson (Director)  

The Court Jester

A hilarious story about Danny Kaye, who becomes The Court Jester.  He does this in order to stop evil within the castle and put the rightful king on the throne. Kaye sings and dances among dueling knights and damsels in distress. If this doesn’t make you laugh, nothing will.

The Court Jester boasts a star studded roster including not only Danny Kaye, but a very young Glynnis Johns (the mom in Mary Poppins) and Basil Rathbone (of Sherlock Holmes fame).

This movie contains an award winning scene about the Vessel with the Pestle and the Flagon with the Dragon – watch it below:

The Gods Must Be Crazy 1 & 2

The Gods Must be Crazy: The Bushman have lived peacefully for thousands of years, that is until a Coke bottle drops from the sky. There are 4 plots woven throughout the film; a school teacher, an animal researcher, a terrorist group and a bushman tribe. The comedy goes on and on. Great message and story.

The Gods Must be Crazy II: When the Bushman’s (Kiko’s) two children accidentally get carried away in a poachers truck, their dad must find them. As he experiences the civilized world again, he also ends up rescuing people from the wilderness.

The Waking of Ned Divine

The Waking of Ned Devine takes place in the tiny village of Tulleymore in Ireland. In this cute comedy, long time friends Jackie O’Shea and Michael Finnegan attempt to figure which of the village’s 53 residents holds the winning Lotto ticket that is worth millions. In their search they discover that one of their friends has died, and that the winning ticket was his.

Eventually the entire village becomes involved in trying to work a plan to share the winnings. There are twist and turns, cute dialogue and several unexpected conclusions. The scenery is gorgeous, the characters are fun, the music is wonderful and the story engaging.

This movie was actually filmed on the Isle of Man.  This place is situated in the Irish Sea, between England and Ireland. And is in the tiny, picturesque village of Cregneash. If you use Google maps you can actually “walk” the streets of this quaint village. 

Rating: PG (one scene of two old men – naked from the back). Run Time: 100 minutes  Staring: Ian Bannen, David Kelly, Fionnula Flanagan 

Big Fat Greek Wedding

My Big Fat Greek Wedding is a hilarious comedy/ romance about a young Greek woman (Toula Portokalos)  who meets and falls in love with a non-Greek guy. She struggles with embarrassment about some of her family’s traditions. She also struggles with the number of relatives who are involved in her life, even though she has a really loving family.

The family wrestles with the idea that she is wants to marry Ian Miller (an only child) who comes from a quiet, middle class family. And that his family has very few ethnic traditions. It is hilarious to watch the family “pick” on Ian and get him to say Greek words. Words of which he has no clue of their meaning. This is one of our favorite movies. It always leaves us laughing out loud with tears running down our cheeks.

Nia Vardalos (Actor), John Corbett (Actor), Joel Zwick (Director) Rated: PG  

My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2

The Sequel – My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 is set 15 years after the first movie and amazingly stars the entire cast from the original production. The story line is that Toula’s parents are having some marriage issues. And at the same time Toula’s daughter wants to get away from her crazy Greek family when she goes to college. Most sequels don’t measure up to the first film, but this one is LOL hilarious.

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