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MoneySmart Kids Financial Training Kids for Smart Money

The Money Smart Kids Financial Training Kit
Trains Kids To Be Financially Independent.

This is a kid-tested money management system that works! Since 1995 our kids and thousands of others have been the “test market” for this system. It has been improved, streamlined, and made super-effective.

(You can watch a video (below) from one of our first TV interviews
when our kids were very young.

Listen to them talk about their money and their goals – it’s really interesting).

NOTE: Parental Involvement Required

Many parents are looking for a Money Smart Financial Training Kit or system that they can give to their kids to help them learn how to manage money. We’ve never seen anything like that work.

This system requires Daily Parental Involvement—honestly, it’s the only way any effective child training is successful. Invest a few minutes a day in your kids and you’ll see HUGE returns! We have.

This system teaches basic money management skills while encouraging good attitudes about chores and school.

For Younger Kids

Younger kids divide their earnings into three different envelopes for: Giving, Saving and Spending.

Smiling girl - Abbey Economides with large envelopes with money sticking out of them.For Older Kids

We teach the older kids to use a portion of their “earnings” to purchase their own clothes and eventually other things like summer camps, sports, gifts, and auto insurance.

Giving them their own money to manage, completely eliminates the “gimmes” for $100 sneakers and other things that kids typically “hit-up” their parents for. The system is flexible enough to be tailored to the specific habits that you want to reinforce with your kids.

Abbey (above), at age 9, loved to save, give, and, of course, spend the money she earned. She used her money management skills to pay for college without borrowing a dime, then she got married and she and her husband just bought a house and are accelerating the payments.

The MoneySmart Kids Kit Includes:

MoneySmart Kids Financial Training Kit for Smart Kids who manage money
  • 3 indestructible envelopes with printed ledgers
  • MoneySmart Kids Overview and Instructions
  • Point Chart / Time Card
  • “Copyable” Ledger cover
  • Sample Chore list (one we used for our kids)
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Praise for MoneySmart Kids System

I just finished reading “The MoneySmart Family System” book and had also purchased your Money Smart Kids Financial Training Kit.  I love the “payday” system you used/developed.  My husband, Ben, and I just started using the same system for our daughters, Chloe (age 6) and Cherie (age 4).

Two paper time cards from MoneySmart Kids system hanging in plastic clips on the wall.

The examples and tools that you provide are so helpful, and we didn’t have to re-invent the wheel.  Last week was the first week we tried out your Money Smart Financial Training Kit, and it worked very well.

Sunday evening was our first payday. We were on a camping trip for the 4th of July weekend, so my husband and I brought along our cash box, and our daughters were very excited to get paid.  They were also very excited to have earned double pay, for taking the initiative to do extra chores.

Thank you for spreading the message about parents’ responsibility of teaching financial independence to their children.  With the materials and information you provide, you’ve made things really easy for us to drive the point home about the importance of hard work and being financially responsible.

Sandy & Ben — Phoenix, AZ

I have instituted the Money Smart Kids Payday system I ordered from you and am having great success with it! I have two teenagers and although they hemmed and hawed about it at first, they are really enjoying it now. They both have bank accounts where they tuck away their savings each week (and enjoy watching the balance grow). They are also holding onto their “give” earnings until they each find a charity that calls to them. Thanks so much for putting your ideas out there for the rest of us to benefit from.

Suzanne Carino —Milpitas, CA

Watch this video to see how our system works
and how our kids managed their own money.

The videos below were shot several years later and show our teen and young adult kids still managing their money and reaching goals in college and beyond.

The Money Smart Kids Financial Training Kit is a great way for kids to learn to work, earn, save and spend their own money and to become financially independent.