Family Musical Movies Rated G & PG

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This Family Musical Movies Rated G & PG Page is a growing list of Fun for the Whole Family!

If you have a favorite Musical that isn’t listed, please mention it in the comment section below and we’ll consider it for this page.

We love musicals, watching and singing along – this page contains some of our all-time favorite musicals!

Seven Brides for Seven Brothers

Seven Brides for Seven Brothers is one of our favorite musicals and stars Jane Powell and Howard Keel.

When frontiersman Adam sweeps Milly off her feet and brings her home after a quick marriage ceremony, the fun begins. Milly realizes that now she must cook and clean for 6 brothers as well. Watch as Milly civilizes these men – washes their clothes, makes them shave, teaches them how to dance, how to eat with manners and many other things – in an effort to help them catch their brides.

This is one of our favorite dance scenes in the movie! Watch it below:

The King and I

The King and I is a classic starring Deborah Kerr and Yul Brynner

A beautiful love story that can never be, about an English widow who comes to Bangkok in the 1860’s to serve as governess to the many children of the King of Siam. She not only influences the children, she influences the whole country.

Three of the most famous songs are:

  • – Getting to Know You
  • – I Whistle a Happy Tune
  • – Shall We Dance?

The Unsinkable Molly Brown

The Unsinkable Molly Brownstaring Debbie Reynolds and Harve Presnell

A poor, uneducated adopted orphan, Molly, leaves the back woods in search of a rich husband. When Molly meets Johnny, she doesn’t know he’s rich, so she goes to work in town as a saloon girl. Johnny wins Molly’s heart as he teaches her to read and builds her a house. When they discover a rich claim of silver in his mine, they move to Denver and try to enter Denver’s Special Elite. But they realize that being rich doesn’t automatically make you happy and that true friends will stick by you through thick and thin.

The songs are memorable, fun and toe-tapping.

This is one of our favorite scenes in the movie—the song, “He’s my Friend.” Watch it below:

The Sound of Music

The Sound of Music is probably one of the most loved and watched musical in movie history. It stars Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer.

It’s a story about a high-spirited young woman (Maria) who enters a convent to become a nun. She has a hard time following the rules of the convent and is sent to become a governess for a wealthy widower who has 7 children. Her love for the children wins the heart of Captain Von Trapp and the children. This movie is based on the true story from the book: “ The Story of the Trapp Family Singers ” written by Maria Von Trapp.

The story is compelling and the scenery is phenomenal. There are so many powerful and popular songs in this musical that you’ll want to listen to them over and over.

If you purchase the 50th Anniversary CD set, you’ll get several documentaries on the filming of the movie, interviews with the actors and some of the real Von Trapp children.

Here’s a clip of one of our favorite song Do-Re-Mi – it’s beautiful

List of songs

Here’s a list of the Rodgers & Hammerstein songs in the movie:

  1. How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria
  2. I Have Confidence
  3. Sixteen Going on Seventeen
  4. My Favorite Things
  5. Do-Re-Mi
  6. The Sound of Music
  7. The Lonely Goatherd –
  8. Edelweiss
  9. So Long, Farewell
  10. Climb Ev’ry Mountain
  11. Something Good

Sister Act

Sister Act

is a hilarious musical comedy about a Reno, Nevada showgirl who witnesses a murder. She is put into a witness protection program while she awaits testifying at the trial.

The FBI sticks Whoopi Goldberg, aka Sister Mary Clarence in a convent of Nuns. This Convent and church is struggling financially to survive.

Sister Mary Clarence turns the whole thing upside down in a good way and saves the church and convent from closing. It’s laugh out loud hilarious, and the music is great.

We could say so much more, but you must watch this. It is rated PG, so if you have children under 12, make sure you preview it first so you can navigate or narrate your child through the movie.

This is a clip with on of our favorite songs from the movie.

Sister Act 2 – Back in the Habit

Sister Act 2: Back In The Habit

is an amazing sequel. In some ways, it’s actually better. The message of reaching school kids who have lost hope and helping them discover something to be proud of is encouraging.

Whoppi Goldberg stars again along with many others from the original movie. The music is fantastic and the story is compelling.

This is one of the best versions of Joyful Joyful We Adore Thee that we’ve ever heard.

Going My Way — Bing Crosby

High Society — Bing Crosby, Grace Kelly Louis Armstrong and Frank Sinatra

Meet Me in St. Louis — Judy Garland

Singin’ In The Rain — Gene Kelly and Debbie Reynolds

White Christmas — Bing Crosby, Danny Kaye

There’s No Business like Show Business — Ethel Merman, Dan Daily

The Music Man — Robert Preston, Shirley Jones, Buddy Hackett

Harvey Girls — Judy Garland, Ray Bolger

On the Town — Frank Sinatra, Gene Kelly, Vera-Ellen

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