Family Word Games – Fun for Everyone

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This Family Word Games Page contains a growing list of our favorite Word Games!


Oh my gosh, Balderdash is one of our most favorite group games – the more people the merrier. We usually end up laughing until we cry. Players try to bluff each other by creating phony definitions for unbelievable words.

Points are awarded for bluffing as well as choosing the correct meaning. This game can be played with a group up to 12 players. Ages 10 and above suggested. We love this game and you will too!


A hand with pen writing words on paper, playing boggle.

Boggle is a great game if you love words. We played Boggle as a family when our kids were little and let all those under 8 years old find 2 and 3 letters words. You shake the board and letters fall in random places.

All words are spelled by connecting sides of letters- each round has a time limit. Players read the words they found. Points are scored for each word you find that no one else has written on their list! We’re always amazed at what the other players find . . . that we totally missed!

This game is best with 4-6 players. If you have more players than this, so many words get eliminated, it’s hard to get points.

Here are some Other Versions of Boggle Games

If you’d like a copy of Boggle Rules, BoggleRules 

Catch Phrase

Catch Phrase Game is a Phrase guessing game much like the old “hot potato.”

Get your team to guess a phrase and pass the game to the next person before the buzzer sounds. Be ready, this game can really get your adrenalin pumping . . . and your team mates yelling. We love playing this on New Year’s Eve!

Since you need 2 teams for this game, it is best to play with many people. Our suggestion would be a minimum of 10 players, all the way up to 20 people. 

Hit or Miss

Hit or Miss is a definite family favorite. Basically, a player picks one of 252 category cards, then reads the selected category. All players have about 1 minute to jot down every word they can think of that relates to the category selected.

Players then take turns rolling an odd shaped die that tells them to pick either a Hit or Miss word. This means the player selects a word that they think other players have on their list: “Hit.” Or a word that other players don’t have on their list: “Miss.”

Points are awarded based on whether you “Hit” or “Miss” the selected word. Lots of fun, laughter, competitiveness . . . and a few arguments about the validity of an answer are normal.

This is a perfect game for 4-6 players. If you have more than that, so many words get cancelled out, it takes a long time to get points.

Examples of the category cards:

  • Candy Brands
  • Ocean Animals
  • Things in Outer Space
  • Items used by a Magician
  • Musical Instruments
  • Famous Super Heroes

Best if played with 4 or more players. Great for 5 years old to adult (the box says ages 10 and up)

If you’d like Hit or Miss rules, click on the link at the top of this page!

This game is out of print, but well worth searching for . . . also check Ebay to find a great price for Hit or Miss.

This video is kind of long, but if you skip ahead, you can get an idea of how the game is played.

Mad Gab

Mad Gabis such an easy game to learn and great if you have 6 players or more. A team wins when 25 points are reached and a series of Mad Gab puzzles are solved. Sets of unrelated words are read aloud to make familiar phrases such as “Law, Sand, Jealous = Los Angeles.” You will laugh your heads off playing this game!

Since you need 2 teams for this game, we suggest 10 or more players.


Taboo is a group guessing game where each person from each team has a chance to get their team to guess certain words. The catch is not to use any of the taboo words on the card and to proceed at as many words as you can before the timer runs out.

Speak a taboo word and you get the buzzer sounding off and the other team gets the point for that card. The most cards we’ve ever correctly gotten through in one turn was 11 – Josh was a phenomenal clue giver! How many have you gotten through in one round?

This is a game that requires 2 groups of people so it is best to play with around 10 players or more!


Guesstures is a split second charades that will leave you laughing until you cry. Game box says best for 8 or more players, age range 12 and up.

We think 10 players should be a minimum for this game. You really can go all the way up to 20 players total. 10 players on each team is a great way to have good guessing and win the game.

If you have a favorite Word Game that your family enjoys playing, please mention it in the comment section and we’ll consider it for this page.

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