Family Number Games – Fun for Everyone

Rummy cubes number game on an oak table.

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This Family Number Games Page contains a growing list of our favorite Number Games!


Farkel is a fun, fast-paced dice game. Rack up points, but be careful – some combinations on the dice cause you to lose all your points for that round. It’s a little risky, a little challenging and a lot of fun!

Ones and Fives are how you score, then three of a kind, full houses and more. All of these combinations add up to points, but you have to know when to stop.


Perudo is an exciting game of guesswork, bluff and luck. No board, no setting up and no complicated rules. For 2-6 players, ages 8-80. We first saw this game in Pirates of the Caribbean movie “Dead Man’s Chest” when Will Turner is challenged by Davie Jones to a game of Liar’s Dice. You can watch the scene below:


Racko is a super easy game for 2-4 players and kids 8 and up. Cards are loaded into the rack at random. The goal is to get your cards in order from lowest to highest by discarding and picking up new cards. The 1st one to get their cards in numeric order wins. Great for playing and conversation. Easy for young and old to learn.


Rummikub combines parts of many games including: Rummy, Dominoes and Chess. It originated in the 1930 and is a popular table game in our home to this day. It’s super easy to learn and great to play with young children and older. A number of times we’ve had 3 generations of our family playing the game — when we have more than four people playing we make up teams.

106 white plastic tiles are mixed around and turned face down on the table top (some versions of the game have more tiles). Each player draws 14 tiles and places them on their rack, organizing them by color or number or both. 

Tiles are played from the rack in groups of three or more in sets, or runs. You can build on your opponents sets or runs. The winner is the first person to discard all of their tiles. 

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Favorite Number Games for family game nights.

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