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Audio-IconThis Managing Household Finances audio seminar will take you through every area of household spending. There are dozens of easy to implement, money-saving strategies shared that will save you thousands of dollars by just applying a little bit of what you learn. Steve and Annette Economides will share the single most powerful tool they’ve used since day one of their marriage, to save money and live debt-free.

NOTE: This Managing Household Finances Audio Seminar product is sold in 2 formats.

  1. A Physical Audio CD kit consisting of 2 CDs with paper worksheets enclosed in a plastic CD case.
  2. Instant Download MP3 audio file with downloadable .pdf and xls forms.

See bottom of this page for more details.

Topics Covered in The Managing Household Finances Audio Seminar Include:

  1. What a working budget is and how to set one up for your family
  2. Buying and maintaining a house Managing Household Finances Audio CD Kit
  3. Saving money on utilities
  4. Simple money-saving Grocery tips 
  5. Strategies for buying and maintaining a car
  6. Insurance strategies
  7. How to manage and eliminate debt
  8. Inexpensive recreation ideas
  9. Great vacation strategies
  10. Saving on clothes
  11. Getting smart about medical care and expenses
  12. How to build savings
  13. Managing Miscellaneous expenses
  14. Dealing with Pets
  15. Controlling Gift Expenses
  16. Paying for Kids’ Activities
  17. Audience Question & Answer Session

Sample Audio Clips

Listen to a few sample audio clips from the seminar:

Steve & Annette Economides Keynote Speakers

Downloadable Worksheets

You’ll also receive several helpful worksheets including:

Guideline budget worksheet with recommended percentages for various budget categories based on your income level. This form is provided as a .pdf and an interactive Excel worksheet.

Income / OutGo Worksheet. The first step in creating a realistic and personalized budget is to fill out this sheet based on your past spending history. This is foundational to becoming a MoneySmart Family. This form is provided as a .pdf and an interactive Excel worksheet.

Debt Repayment Worksheet. Getting out of debt starts with listing all of the people and companies you owe money to. This worksheet will give you a workable “hit list” of what you owe and how to pay them off quicklyThis form is provided as a .pdf file only.

Stewardship Sheet. The individual account page we use for each account in our budget (i.e. Mortgage, Food, Clothes, Utilities, Recreation, etc.) Save the file and print out as many as you need. This form is provided as a.pdf file only.

Sample Checkbook Register and Stewardship Sheet. Visual examples of how we utilize our checkbook register and Stewardship Sheet to manage our budget.

Gift Budget Worksheet.  This form will help you accurately calculate how much money from each paycheck you should be setting aside for your gift purchases (Birthday, wedding, birth and holiday). 

Downloading Instructions:

Once you’ve paid for your order, you’ll receive an email containing confirmation of your order and links to all of the worksheets that you can download—.pdf and excel. You’ll also be able to re-download them through your user account.

Shipping & Handling Time:

Due to our travel, speaking, media and family schedules, we fulfill orders once every two weeks.

Shipping information: This Audio CD Kit will ship via USPS Mail to U.S Postal service destinations only – No International Shipping.
Shipping Time: 5 – 10 days

Sorry, we don’t ship internationally. If you live outside of the continental United States, please order one of our digital products.

Digital Delivery: Select instant download and you’ll receive your audio product as soon as your payment clears.

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