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How can the average family save money on their medical costs? IAudio-Iconn this fast-paced 50-minute presentation you’ll learn dozens of strategies to manage your medical expenses without compromising your health.

Unpaid medical bills are the leading cause of bankruptcy in America. Whether you have a curable or incurable medical condition, Steve and Annette share practical tips for stretching your medical dollars, getting the care you need and negotiating your medical bills.

NOTE: This Audio Seminar product is sold in as an instant MP3 download with a .pdf form.

Topics Covered Include:
Annette & Steve Economides speaking at a convention

  • Getting the most from your medical insurance
  • Leveraging tax-deductible accounts
  • Smart ways to resolve medical claim disputes
  • Protecting your loved ones during hospital stays
  • Maximizing office visits with your doctors
  • Saving money on prescription drugs
  • Finding deals on durable medical equipment
  • Getting better dental care for less
  • Researching and finding solutions to what ails you
  • 10 ways to keep your body healthier

As self-employed authors with five kids, Steve & Annette have had no shortage of medical issues and claims. In spite of difficult times, they’ve discovered many ways to get the coverage they needed while immunizing themselves from the high cost of medical care.

Audio Samples:
MoneySmart Health and Medical Benefits

In addition to the audio file, you’ll receive a 2-page .pdf outline of the presentation with links to the websites mentioned.

This seminar was recorded in front of a live audience in Anaheim California.

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