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How can you teach your children to be financially independent? In this Teaching Kids About Money Audio Seminar which is a 90-minute live recording, Steve & Annette share the system they developed and the impact it had on their five children. You’ll also get to hear the audience pepper the Economides kids with questions about their money handling skills

Teaching kids about money means teaching your kids to work, earn, manage, save and spend money they have and managing their resources so the can own and have possessions. It also means they can pay for almost all of their own expenses on an ever increasing scale of independence.

NOTE: This product is sold in 2 formats.

  1. A Physical Audio CD kit consisting of 2 CDs with paper booklet  enclosed in a plastic CD case, plus downloadable .pdf and .xls forms (rugged MSK Extra cash envelopes not included)
  2. Instant Download MP3 Audio file with all of the forms needed to start the system (except the rugged MSK Extra cash envelopes) – downloadable .pdf and .xls forms.

See bottom of this page for more details.

Topics covered in the Teaching Kids About Money Audio Seminar include:Teaching Kids About Money Isn't Kids Stuff Steve Economides, Annette Economides

  • How the MoneySmart Kids System works
  • The components for a good allowance system
  • Teaching kids to work
  • Teaching kids to earn
  • Teaching kids to budget
  • Teaching kids to spend wisely
  • Dealing with Teen’s large expenses and expensive habits
  • Teaching kids to be independent
  • Preparing kids to leave the nest/college
  • Economides kids Q&A / Audience questions

Downloadable Files:

Kids&MoneyCDKitCoverForWebIn addition to the MP3 audio file and .pdf seminar outline booklet and notes, you’ll receive the following digital files:

  • .pdf sample Chore Chart
  • .pdf Envelope Ledger
  • .pdf Wish List
  • .doc Wish List (can be personalized)
  • .pdf Time Card
  • .doc Time Card (can be personalized for your family)

Audio excerpts:

For more details about this audio seminar, the MoneySmart Kids training system and a video interview on teaching kids about money click here.

Downloading Instructions:

Once you’ve paid for your order, you’ll receive an email containing confirmation of your order and links to the audio file and all of the worksheets that you can download—.pdf and excel.

Shipping & Handling Time:   

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Due to our travel, speaking, media and family schedules, we fulfill orders once every two weeks.

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