33 Places that Buy Used Cell Phones for Cash – Broken or Working

Trade in Used Cell Phones for cash.

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Have you ever wondered, “Who buys used cell phones?” Many stores are willing to buy used cell phones for cash.

Do you have some old cell phones sitting in a drawer? Would you like to turn that outdated technology into cash?

This article will help you turn your unneeded phones into needed money.

We’ll share stores that are nearby where you can get cash today for your phone.

And we’ll also share several online options where you can get a quote and then mail your phone in for a cash payout.

Best Places to Sell Old Phones Online

If you don’t want to drive to a store to trade in your old phone for cash today, selling it online is the next best thing. With a little research, you should be able to find a website that will offer you the best value for your old phone.


BuybackBoss Logo - they buy used cell phones

BuyBackBoss has a 4.9 out of 5-star TrustPilot score with more than 1000 reviews. Customers rave about their honesty and ease of the process.

The limit the types of phones they currently buy to:

  • iPhones
  • Samsung Phones
  • Google Pixels
  • Apple Watches
  • and a few other types of electronics

See the entire list of devices that they buy here.

If you go to their website right now, you can instantly get a price based on the model of your phone and it’s condition.

Contact Information:
– email: support@buybackboss.com

– phone: (480) 664-17564


OCBuyBack Logo - cell phone buying program

OCBuyBack will buy your used or broken iPhones, iPads, iPods, Samsung Phones even MacBooks. Help us keep e-waste out of landfills. They keep a low overhead to give you a higher payout. Enjoy free shipping and fast payment via check or PayPal.

OCBuyBack is a fairly new player in the market, but they’ve earned a 5 Star rating from TrustPilot.

Contact Information:
– email: support@ocbuyback

– phone: 657.286.8274


Gazelle technology exchange - cell phones and tablets

Gazelle is a company that buys a limited number of old phone models. The process to sell your phone through the site is easy, but you will need to ensure that the company buys the particular old phone that you have. The list is constantly changing, but you will have access to that information at the time of your sale.

Once you ship the phone in via a prepaid shipping label, you will be paid swiftly. The payment options are PayPal, cash or Amazon gift card.

Contact Information:

email: customercare@gazelle.com
– phone:1-800-Gazelle (1-800-429-3553)


Swappa Logo - used cell phones and technology.

Swappa is a user-to-user marketplace for gently used technology.
Safety, simplicity, and the human factor make Swappa better. On Swappa you buy and sell your used cell phones and other technology directly with other users.

Swappa was founded in 2010
by Ben Edwards, a long-time software and mobile developer.

The inspiration for Swappa sparked when Ben had trouble finding a good source for test devices for Android development projects. Turning to eBay and Craigslist proved perilous and time-wasting for buying mobile phones.

He created Swappa to make it easier to buy and sell used electronics.
Swappa has a 5-star rating on TrustPilot with more than 580 reviews.

Contact Information:

Contact Page: Swappa.com
– email: help@swappa.com
– phone: none listed


Nextworth Logo for trading in cell phones.

Founded in 2005 by David Chen, Andrew Walsh, and Scott Richardson NextWorth was involved in the technology recycling business for more than 10 years. The Massachusetts Secretary of the Commonwealth signed the company’s certificate of dissolution in June 2019. Although the company seemed to operate in some capacity for the next two years. In August 2021 their website went dark.

Gadget Salvation

Gadget Salvation logo - cel phone and tablet buyer

Gadget Salvation works just like most other companies. You give them the information and they give you a quote. It may be a good idea to check with multiple companies to see where you can get the best offer. However, if you find a better deal then Gadget Salvation will match that price plus pay you 5% extra!

Once you accept the quote, you will send them the phone and they will send you cash.

The payment options are PayPal, Chase QuickPay, or Venmo. The flexible payment options are the best benefit to working with this company.

Contact Information:
– email: info@gadgetsalvation.com
– phone: (312) 548-9231


WireFly Logo - trade in technology for cash.

Wirefly is another company that will pay you to send in your old cell phone. The company is known for being slower than others, but if they offer you a good deal then I would take it.

Once you send in your phone, it may take several weeks for the company to evaluate the condition of the old phone. After the electronic item has been evaluated, your payment should be swift.

The company will pay via PayPal.

Contact Information:
contact form
– email: Admin@WireFly.com
phone:  none listed


MaxBack Logo - technology trade in services - get cash for old tech.

MaxBack was originally founded in 2010. It had a history of putting its customers first and earned an average score of 9.7 on TrustPilot.com. They were acquired by Sean Michaels from Clover Technologies in November 2016.

Note: As of March 2022, Their website is saying, “MaxBack is no longer accepting new transactions.


USell logo - resource for selling used cell phones and other technology.

uSell acts like another marketplace but acts like a middleman to avoid any weird problems you might encounter by using a site like Craigslist. After you sign up for the site, you can set a price for your device. It is a good idea to follow the pricing guidelines that they provide because other sellers will be in the same range.

Once a buyer chooses to buy the device, you send the device via a prepaid envelope provided by uSell. You should expect to be paid via PayPal within 5 days of the buyer receiving your phone.


YouRenew Cell Phone buying service Logo

YouRenew was founded in 2008. It was acquired by Sean Michaels from Clover Technologies in 2012 and eventually, their website was forwarded to MaxBack.com.

Note: As of March 2022, the MaxBack.com website says, “MaxBack is no longer accepting new transactions.

Buy Back World

BuyBack World logo for cell phone returns.

The best part about BuyBack World is that the company offers a variety of payment options. You can get paid via PayPal, direct deposit, a prepaid debit card or a gift card to BuyBack World. They will give you an extra 5% if you choose to take the BuyBack World gift card.

You will have the opportunity to claim your cash after you have accepted their offer and sent in your phone.

iPhone Antidote

Cell Phone Antidote logo

iPhone Antidote is another company that only buys iPhones. The process is similar to other websites. Once you have accepted their offer you can choose to be paid via check, PayPal or Bitcoin.


It's worth more cell phone buying logo

ItsWorthMore claims to have the fastest buyback process on the market. After they receive your phone they will pay you within 72 hours via check or PayPal.


Gizmogul logo cell phone buy back company.

GizMogul works similar to other buyback websites. The company claims to have the highest payout, but I would still recommend checking out quotes from other companies before you accept their deal.


Pace Butler logo.

The Pacebutler corporation will accept your old cell phones in order to recycle them properly. The mission of the business is stewardship of responsible environmental practices.

Steve & Annette from MoneySmartFamily.com did Boy Scout fundraisers for several years. They collected hundreds of cell phones using free collection boxes provided by Pace Butler. Shipping of the phones to Pace Butler was free also.


Ebay Logo

Not surprisingly, the well-known internet marketplace will allow you to sell your old phone for a good price. eBay will allow you to set your own price, but you will have to deal with potential buyers. If you choose this route then make sure to include the cost of shipping and selling fees in your sale price calculation.


Craigslist logo

Craigslist is another option to sell your device directly to a buyer online without paying a fee. The one problem with the site is that you will have to meet the buyer in person. Be aware that there are scammers and frauds that will try to take advantage of you. Most buyers on the site will give you a counteroffer, but make sure to get the price you want out of the deal.

Anytime you use Craigslist, make sure to meet the buyer in a crowded public place. If something doesn’t feel right, then just don’t do the deal.

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Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace logo

You can easily add your old cell phone to the list of items of sale on Facebook Marketplace. It does not cost anything to put your device on this marketplace. It is worth a try because you never know if you’ll find a buyer or not until you post it.

One thing to remember with Facebook marketplace is that it tends to work better in areas with a higher population. The post will only be shown to people in your area so this makes sense. Keep that in mind if you are not having luck in a less populated area.


Amazon Logo

You can sell your phone through the AmazonTrade-In program offered on the site. If you use this option then your only pay-out option is an Amazon gift card. The Trade-In program is the easier option. So if getting an Amazon gift card instead of cash is acceptable to you then I would go this route.

Your other option on Amazon is to sell the phone directly through the site. You will receive cash for this transaction. However, this option can be more difficult to navigate than other buyers.

Places That Buy Phones Even If They Are Broken

Just because your old used cell phones no longer work does not mean that they are worthless. These companies will buy your old phone even if it is broken. Usually, the offers for broken devices are lower, but it is better than getting nothing for your old phone.

Sell Broke

SellBroke Cell Phone Buy Back Program.

Sell Broke will buy any of your old electronic devices, even if they are completely broken. The company will ask for a description of the device and what is wrong with it. After they analyze the information they will make you an offer. If you accept then you can send in the old cell phone with a prepaid shipping label.

Payment options are either PayPal or check.

Green Buyback

Greenbuyback logo

Green Buyback will buy any of your old and broken electronic devices. While the offers are not as high as a working phone, it is still worth the effort to send it in. Once you accept their offer and send in your phone, you can expect to be paid within three days via PayPal.

Places to Donate Your Old Used Cell Phones

If you decide that selling your old cell phone is just not worth it to you then you have the option to donate it. It is a simple way to get rid of clutter and do a good deed.

Cell Phones for Soldiers

Cell Phones for Soldiers

The Cell Phones for Soldiers corporation accepts used cell phones that they will distribute to soldiers and veterans. It can really help a soldier to have a way to communicate with their loved ones.


1MillionProject logo

1MillionProject.org was an initiative started by Sprint to provide low-income high school students with free cell phones. When Sprint merged with T-Mobile the initiative was canceled.

Listing of Local Stores That Buy Used Phones Near Me

We buy cell phones neon sign.

You might be surprised at the places that buy used cell phones for cash. Stores buy these phones for different reasons, but they all put cash back into your pocket. Depending on the type of old phones you have, this could be a tidy windfall just for cleaning out your junk drawer.

It is good to note that many of these stores will offer to buy many of your old electronic devices.

So if you have other old electronics gathering dust, then you might want to try those for cash as well.

Best Buy Trade-In Program

Best Buy Logo

All Best Buy stores offer a trade-in program that is known to offer fair prices. The website asks that you obtain a quote online first and then take your old phone to a store or mail it in. It is also possible to just walk into the store and obtain a quote.

If you accept the offer then you will be paid in cash or with a Best Buy gift card.

One thing to keep in mind is that the program will usually give you more money if you opt to take the Best Buy gift card.

It can be tempting to go for the higher number, but only take the gift card if you have plans to use it. Otherwise, you will just have a gift card collecting dust instead of an old phone.

Your Wireless Carrier Will Buy Your Phone

Many wireless carriers offer to buy used cell phones through a buyback program. It is a good deal for them because they typically buy your phone at the end of your contract and hope that you’ll buy a brand-new phone through them.

One option is to sell it in person as you are signing up for a new contract. However, make sure to do your research on the fair value beforehand. I once sold my old phone to AT&T for a very low price because I had no idea what a fair price was.

Some carriers will only buy phones on their network, but Verizon will buy a phone from any network.

Steve from MoneySmartFamily has purchased refurbed phones from their local TMobile store and has been very happy with them. It’s much faster than buying one online and waiting for it to arrive. Especially if your phone breaks or becomes unusable.

Buying used cell phones directly from your cell company may cost a little more, but they usually provide a warranty. And you can pick up the phone the day you need it.

Other companies that sell refurbished phones include:

Local Electronic Stores

Sometimes local stores will offer you a better price than a big chain. It may be worth checking out if you have a small electronics store in your area. Use the “nearby” option on Google Maps to find an electronics store near you.

Typically, these stores will offer you cash or store credit.


ecoATM cell phone kiosk.

ecoATM is a small kiosk that you may be able to find in your area. If you are familiar with Coinstar, then the setup is similar.

You will need to find a kiosk in your area through ecoatm.com. If there is a kiosk in the area then just put your phone into the designated spot and wait while it evaluates the condition. The machine will give you an offer. You can choose to accept the offer or take your device back. If you accept the offer then you will be paid cash immediately.

One thing to note, you will need a valid state ID if you want to sell your phone through this kiosk.

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Walmart Logo

Walmart offers a trade-in program at its stores. Although some stores do the evaluation in person, you will likely have to complete the process online. The process is similar to most other programs but you will be paid with a Walmart gift card instead of cash.

Walmart partners with
CEExchange to run their buy-back program.


Target cell phone tradein program logo.

Target also offers a trade-in program. You can check to see if a store offers the program in your area, but otherwise, you can complete the process entirely online. You will be paid via a Target gift card as soon as the store has your cell phone.

Target also partners with
CEExchange to run their buy-back program.


Game stop logo for trading in used cell phones.

GameStop stores have an easy trade-in program. You simply have to bring your old used cell phones or other electronic devices to your local store. They will give you an offer and if you take it then they will pay you cash. You can also choose a store credit if you need a GameStop gift card.


Costco Logo for cell phone tradeins.

Costco offers a trade-in service that is available both in-store or online. You can bring your phone to the store and have it evaluated. If you choose to accept the offer then you will be paid in cash.

Costco also partners with
CEExchange to run their buy-back program.

Garage Sale

You may be able to find a buyer at a garage sale. One great thing is that you will be able to set your own price, just remember to expect some haggling.

The only drawback is that garage sales can be a lot of work to host. If you have a lot of other things to sell along with your phone then this is a great option. You may even be able to split the work of hosting a garage sale by partnering with a neighbor or friend.

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Pawn Shop

You can sell almost anything at a pawn shop, including your old phone.

Before you decide to go this route, make sure to do some research on a fair price beforehand. Be willing to walk away if they give you an unfair price.

The great thing about selling through a pawn shop is that you will receive cash on the spot.

Find a pawn shop near you by using PawnShopMap.com on their regional search page.

Sell to Someone You Know

Do you know someone who is looking for a usable phone? You may be able to solve two problems at once. They get a phone and you get some cash.

The advantage of selling to a friend is that you will likely be able to avoid shipping costs and other fees. Plus, your friend will likely be happy that they don’t have to hunt down a good deal on a phone.

If you go this route, then make sure to sell it for a fair price.

General Advice About Selling Your Phone

Some things to keep in mind while you are in the process of selling your old used cell phones. Always shop around for the best offer. Make sure to include shipping and fees in your total costs. Finally, choose a payout option that works for you. In other words, don’t choose a gift card to a place you never shop at.

In addition to selling your old phone, you might be looking for a new phone. Generally, it is a good more cost-effective solution to buy a used phone instead of the hottest phone on the market. The market for used cell phones is huge, so you can likely find a phone that works for you.

As you are looking for ways to save money on your phone bill check out our article about cell phone savings tips!

Store that pay you cash for cell phones.

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