Patriotic/ July 4th Decor – DIY Summer Projects

Patriotic decor for the fourth of July.

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We love celebrating the many holidays in our country. This  Summer Craft Collection page contains a growing list of Fourth of July/ Patriotic decor and DIY Projects that we’ve created and put around our home. We hope it inspires you to celebrate our country and foster a spirit of patriotism! We put up our red, white and blue themed decorations a week or two before Memorial Day and take them down the end of August!

We’re slowly building a collection of summer craft ideas. This page currently has two Summer decor ideas: 1) Patriotic Fireplace Mantel (right below) & 2) Summer DIY Lantern

Patriotic Decor – Fireplace Mantel

A Beautiful Patriotic Mantel for the Summer Months. Great for Memorial Day, 4th of July, and Labor Day!

Now that the kids are grown, we thought it was time to redecorate our fireplace mantel. See the picture below.

It was time for a mantel makeover

From kid-designed beanie babies to a Proud Patriotic USA decor for $13. Read how we did it – thanks to Michaels, Hobby Lobby, Goodwill and Smith & Hawkins.

We are soooo grateful for so many creative ideas on Pinterest. It helped Annette figure out the best way to work with and decorate our red brick fireplace. Since we have a red brick fireplace, we tried to go with white accents because they popped off of the bricks.

The white vase and candlestick were found at a Goodwill half-price day (total $2.50 for both) We already had the silk greenery for the vase and the red pillar candle. The two little patriotic blocks are, in reality, salt and pepper shakers (less than $2).

The patriotic flower pot/can on the right was purchased at Michaels after 4th of July the year before when it was marked down 90% off (total cost was about $2). The bunting was purchased when Smith & Hawkins was going out of business and cost about $2.

Homemade Accents

The USA lettering (cardboard/paper mache) was purchased at Hobby Lobby during a half price sale and cost $4.50 for all 3 letters. Annette had red acrylic paint and the red glitter already in her craft supplies.

We purchased the white wrought iron picture frame at Hobby Lobby during a half price sale for $45— this will be kept up year round, so we’re not including the price of this in the Patriotic Make-Over.

Total Cost for the mantel makeover: $13

An oak mantle decorated with various beanie babies with red, white and blue candles.

DIY Summer Baseball Lantern

A Crafty Summer Lantern Decoration with Baseballs and Twinkle Lights!Here’s an easy summertime decorating idea for a lantern. Fill the lantern with a combination of baseballs and softballs. Then weave white twinkle lights throughout the lantern cavity. It’s super easy and looks festive and fun!


If you’re looking for a free source for baseballs, take a walk around the perimeter of any local park where Little League or adult league baseball games are played. We’ve picked up dozens of stray balls this way.

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