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This Vacation Lodging / Hotel Savings Page contains a growing list of money saving ideas from our readers!

Vacations can be expensive, but if you follow the advice of our frugal readers and friends, you’ll find all kinds of ways to save on your vacation lodging expenses.

Priceline and Entertainment—Super Savings on Hotels

For many years, I have been bidding for hotels on But this year I found out that The Entertainment Book had coupons for an extra $10 off per night at any hotel booked through Priceline! You can save $10 per night for up to ten nights—that’s $100!!! So, when I bid $30 a night for a hotel, it actually bids $40. We just went to Disneyland and paid $181 (tax included—$36.20 per night) for a five-night stay at a Ramada Inn—with continental breakfast included! Another way to save with Entertainment is to register your book as soon as you get it. They have additional coupons and discounts online AND they’ll send you an offer next year for a hugely discounted price on your new Entertainment book.  Beverly & Howard Clarke- Hollywood, FL

Post Holiday Vacations

Here’s a great way to save when you are planning a vacation. Schedule your trip for the weekend AFTER a major holiday. The merchants and hotels are always glad to see you and many times prices are lower.  Beverly & Howard Clarke – Hollywood, FL

Free Vacation Time

We love to go to timeshare presentations. Recently, we attended one that lasted for 90 minutes. Just for attending, we received a free digital camera and free three-night vacation to Victoria, B.C. We got to choose from 4 different locations and were responsible for paying the room taxes ($50 total). We used this trip for our wedding anniversary! In the past, we have gone to timeshare presentations and have received as much as $100! Just say “No!” to buying one from the developer. If you like the idea of time-sharing, you can purchase them resale for a fraction of the cost.  J.R. – Lake Oswego, OR

Trading Free Lodging For Volunteer Help

If you are interested in Travel, and are willing to stay someplace for a weekend or more, consider staying on an organic farm. The organization called World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms is a network of organic farms all around the world. The host farms will provide you with a room and food, in exchange for help with their farm. This could be a really cool learning experience. They do have some farms that will take an entire family. Check the website out here with their most frequently asked questions.

Vacation Lodging through Camping?

There is a website called It tells you where camping or RVing is all over the world. Also whether you need to pay or if it is free. Most places are free!
Michelle Mca Ephrata, Washington 

Vacation Lodging at Choice Hotels

We often stay at Choice hotels, and they often have special offers like double points for every stay. We save these and then once or twice a year they have a special redemption sale on stuff. Rather than getting free stays, we usually opt for Amazon gift cards or restaurant gift cards, usually using 1/2 or 1/3 of the normal amount of points. A couple years ago I got a new $800 computer for like $40 at Amazon.
Another plus for Choice hotels is that very frequently they give us a $5 Starbucks e-card with each stay. Our family loves a treat at Starbucks now and then, so that is a swell perk, too!
Mike Haining – Branson, Mo

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