Fourth of July Books / Independence Day – Review Page

Four Patriotic Books for Kids

This Patriotic Books for Kids Super Page contains a growing list of our favorite 4th of July/ Independence Day Books!

We love celebrating America’s Independence and love telling the stories of the brave men and women who risked everything they had so we could enjoy the freedoms we have today. 

The Liberty Tree

The Liberty Tree is a wonderful Landmark picture book portrays our nation’s fight for independence from the imperial rule of Great Britain. It’s perfect reading in preparation … Read more »

Valentine Books for Children – Review Page

Valentine Books for Children.

This Valentine Books for Children Review Page contains a growing list of our favorite Kid’s Valentine Stories!

Teaching Children to love and appreciate others is a wonderful gift. We believe that reading these Valentine books is a great way to make learning to appreciate others fun.

One Zillion Valentines 

by Frank Modell

One Zillion Valentines

is a darling kids book about two boys who hardly receive any valentines. In spite of their feelings, Milton and Marvin decide to make Valentine’s Day special. They conclude that Valentine’s cards aren’t just for girls, so they set … Read more »

Easter Books for Kids – Reviews Page

This Easter Stories for Kids Reviews Page contains a growing list of our favorite Easter Story Books!

We love finding books that relate the true story of Easter in a way children can understand and enjoy.

Caleb’s Colt

Caleb’s Colt is an awesome Easter Story about Christ’s death and resurrection. This story is seen through the eyes of two young boys. We see their lives changed forever as this story unfolds.

Caleb’s young and stubborn donkey colt is requested … Read more »

Halloween Books for Kids and Families

Halloween Books for Kids, Great Reading for the Fall season, Nice Halloween Picture books for families.

These Halloween Books for Kids and Families reviews a growing list of our favorite Fall or Halloween Themed Books!

We do celebrate Halloween, but not the ghoulish, horrifying aspects of the holiday. And we have read our kids’ many books about autumn and events surrounding Halloween. On this page, you’ll read reviews of some of our favorite books.

Too Many Pumpkins

Too Many Pumpkins is a completely delightful story that young ones will want to hear over and over. We don’t care for some of Linda White’s other books, but this one … Read more »

Inspirational Thanksgiving Stories

Inspirational Thanksgiving Stories for Kids and Families!

Whether you are looking for Inspirational Thanksgiving Stories or Touching Thanksgiving Stories, this page has an excellent selection of picture books for kids of all ages!

Thanksgiving is one of our family’s favorite holidays. We love reading about our Pilgrim forefathers and the first Thanksgiving our country celebrated. We also love reading touching Thanksgiving stories about this holiday time and season of the year! These are some of our favorite and most inspiring Thanksgiving stories that your family will love! 

Cranberry Thanksgiving

Cranberry Thanksgiving

is a wonderful picture book about Maggie, her … Read more »

Favorite Christmas Stories – Review Page

This Page contains a growing list of our favorite Christmas stories!

Christmas is absolutely, hands down our favorite time of the year and our favorite holiday. We celebrate all year by reading Christmas stories, listening to Christmas music and buying Christmas presents.

The books on this page help remind us of the true reason for the season we love so much.

Table of Contents

1. A Christmas Carol2. Christmas In My Heart – SeriesRead more »