Walmart EverStart Maxx Car Battery Warranty – Details

Walmart Everstart Maxx car battery with a great warranty

The Walmart EverStart Maxx car battery warranty can be confusing. We’ve been buying these batteries for our cars since 2003. On this page, we will share the official warranty information for Everstart Maxx batteries, we share info we received from Walmart Auto Department managers, and document our purchases.

We also summarize what we’ve learned about the Walmart warranty policy for all four of their car battery brands.

Our History of Purchasing Walmart Everstart Maxx Batteries

Our daughter Becky drives a Toyota Tacoma. In 2018, the day before taking a trip into the White Mountains in northern Arizona, she noticed her 4-year-old Toyota … Read more »

Save Money At the Fuel Pump—Auto Gas Savings Tips

Gas Savings Tips for Your Car.

This Auto Gas Savings Page contains a growing list of tips from our readers to help you save money at the pump!

Gas Savings Tip #1 Lighten the Load

You can get improved gas mileage by keeping your car lighter. Every 100 pounds of unnecessary stuff, like clothes, books, sports equipment, tools, etc is like carrying an extra person around, all the time—and decreases gas mileage by about 1%. Don’t carry unnecessary weight in your car. Empty the trunk of all but emergency supplies.   Cynthia Ortiz – Dallas, TX

 Gas Savings Tip #2 Gas for Less

I just read your gas savings page online and wanted … Read more »

Auto Maintenance Page – Savings Tips for Cars

Auto maintenance money saving tips.

This Auto Maintenance Page contains a growing list of money-saving ideas for maintaining your cars!

Auto Maintenance Tip #1 New Life for Wiper Blades

Here’s a tip for drivers in the rain. When I worked at Blue Star Auto Stores in high school, I could buy replacement wiper blades for a dime all the way up to 25 cents. No problem then, although my rate of pay was 25 cents an hour, today you can mortgage the ranch for a set of wiper blades. I once had a little gadget in which you’d insert a small piece of sandpaper and swipe it across the … Read more »

Auto Purchases/ Car Buying – Money Saving Tips Page

Auto/Car Buying Money Saving Tips & Ideas!

This Auto Purchases/ Car Buying Tips Page contains a growing list of money saving ideas for acquiring a car.

This Car Buying page contains the following money-saving tips:

Pickups aren’t for Kids;   Less Car — More Funds and More Fun!;   Car Payments No More!; Used Cars: Again and Again

Car Buying Tip #1 – Pickups aren’t for Kids

Between work, errands and family activities I drive about 20,000 per year. Normally, I keep my vehicles for a long time. My first truck was brand new when I purchased at the age of 16 (yes, I paid for it … Read more »

Auto Insurance Money Saving Tips Page

Money Saving Tips for Auto Insurance.

One of the fastest ways to save money without changing your lifestyle is to quote your auto insurance every couple of years.

This Auto Insurance Money Saving Tips Page contains several tips to help you save on Insuring and Driving your Car!

Auto Insurance Discounts

Car Insurance Discounts are not only given to good drivers but people who are social. Some insurance companies give discounts if you are a member of a certain organization, social club or have a certain credit card. Don’t be afraid to ask, if they don’t ask you. It could just save you a bunch of money. Alana Smith – … Read more »