Walmart EverStart Car Battery Warranty – Details & History

See why this car battery and its warranty are one of the best.

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The Walmart EverStart car battery warranty can be confusing. We’ve been buying these batteries for our cars since 2003. On this page, we interview managers, document our purchases and summarize what we’ve learned about the Walmart warranty policy for their car batteries.

A Walmart Everstart Maxx Battery Warranty Story

Daughter Becky drives a Toyota Tacoma – the day before taking a trip into the White Mountains in northern Arizona she noticed her 4-year-old Toyota battery wasn’t cranking the engine as quickly as it did previously. We had it tested at O’Reilly Auto Parts and instead of 700 amps cranking power it registered at 200 amps.

O’Reilly offered to sell her a battery for $112 with a 2-year full replacement warranty.

She decided to take her dad’s advice and go to Walmart. She purchased an EverStart Max for $104 and received a 3-year warranty with an additional 2 years of prorated coverage.

We’ve been buying Everstart Batteries since 1997 and have learned a lot about how the warranty works. Here’s what we’ve learned:

Manager Interview: How the Walmart Battery Warranty Works

We asked a Walmart automotive manager to explain how the warranty on EverStart Batteries worked. Here’s what he said:

If the battery fails in the first 3 years you’ll receive a replacement for free.

Does the Warranty Get Extended on Replacement Batteries?

However, the replacement battery warranty does not get a new warranty date. The term of the warranty on a replacement battery still the original 3-year date.

What About the ProRated Warranty?

However, if after the 3-year full-replacement period, the battery fails, you will be charged a pro-rated amount to replace the battery.

We once paid $15.93 to have a 51-month old (4.25 year) battery replaced under the extended warranty (see details below).

But the best part of the prorated warranty is that if you do have to pay anything out of pocket you are not only given a new battery, but also a new 3-year warranty. This is why we love Walmart Car Batteries.

Manager’s Handwritten notes on the Battery Warranty

Here’s a note (click on the image) that the automotive service manager wrote on my battery warranty envelope.

Walmart Everstart Maxx battery warranty under a yellow envelope with writing on it.

Photo of a Walmart Auto Department manager’s note about the Everstart Battery warranty. Along with receipts. Click on the photo to see a larger version.

Click here to see a larger more readable version of the manager’s notes.

We want to Help you Save Money — Get a Price on a New Battery for your Car

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Find Your Battery Here

Click here to use the Battery Finder and check prices on Batteries – we did this before Becky purchased her battery in-store – the price was accurate.

Do You Have An Auto Maintenance Budget?

Saving money each paycheck for car maintenance is a regular part of our household budgeting process.

But whenever possible we try to buy quality products for the lowest price to keep from spending a lot more money. Over the years we’ve tried car batteries from various auto parts stores, we even bought a more pricey Interstate Battery because Paul Harvey (radio legend) recommended them.

Regardless of the brand, in the Arizona heat, the longest they’d last was about 2 years. Then we tried Walmart.


Check them out at the bottom of this page


A Chronology of a Walmart Battery Warranties — Started  June 8, 2003

We researched and purchased a new car battery for our 1997 Honda Accord. Based on a Consumer Reports review, we decided to change from using Interstate Batteries – always reliable, but rather pricey, to Walmart’s brand. Consumer Reports rated Walmart’s EverStart Maxx Batteries about the middle of the pack. They weren’t the top rated, but their Life Test, Reserve Capacity, and Cold Cranking Power were all above average.

One thing we failed to note was the warranty period — 36 months full replacement / 60 months prorated. We plunked down $47.99 (tax included) and didn’t give the battery a second thought.

October 2007 — Battery Update

A full 51 months (4.25 years) later, the battery started to lose cranking power. We discovered it had a bad cell, but it continued to work fairly well. In early November, Steve got stuck – the battery wouldn’t start the car. Steve went to a nearby Wal-Mart.

Normally batteries in Arizona don’t last more than 3 years, so Steve was prepared to pay full price to replace our old battery.

The service tech at Walmart offered us free installation of a new EverStart Maxx battery AND because of the pro-rated warranty we only paid $15.93 . . . $15.93 for a new battery!

Now we’ve had batteries with replacement warranties before, but they’ve never been this generous!

The full retail price (at that time) was supposed to be $73.48.

We received a savings of $57.55. Steve questioned the Automotive Department manager to make sure she was performing the transaction correctly. It just didn’t seem right. She checked it twice and then re-explained Wal-Mart’s warranty policy. The new battery had a 36 Month Full Replacement Warranty and an additional 24 months prorated warranty.

We know that customer service varies from store to store. Just be aware that enforcement of the proper terms of any warranty depends on your knowledge of the terms and the helpfulness of the customer service person. Know the details and stand up for what is right.

Ours is not an isolated experience – read what other Wal-Mart Battery Owners are saying.

Another Walmart Everstart Warranty Story: Our Ford Van Battery Story 2015

Our 2012 Walmart EverStart Maxx Battery is still going strong. The Walmart battery warranty is constantly changing, so whenever we get a new battery, we ask for the manager, confirm the warranty policy and write it on the envelope for the warranty (that I keep in the glove compartment) along with the receipt from the purchase (a warranty requirement).

Walmart Everstart Maxx battery in our Ford E150 van.

This picture was shot in October 2015 in our Ford Van – you can see that this battery is almost 3 years old – Manufacture date 12/12.

Bottom line: ask questions, take notes and keep a record.

Try Kindness with Walmart’s Auto Department

We’ve read a lot of complaints about Walmart’s Customer Service – people ranting about how poor it is and how rude the service people are. Our experience has been much different. We don’t always get what we want, but most of the time, if we’re kind, patient and relate to the service person or manager as a Real Person with Feelings and a Job to do, they bend over backward to help us.


Be kind, be persistent and be genuine. You’ll find that Walmart employees will respond in kind. You’ll be happy you did!

A rack holding several rows of Walmart Everstart Maxx batteries.

Wall of EverStart Maxx Batteries – the photo was taken 11.15.2015. Price for the 24F battery was $104.97 and includes a 5-year warranty—3 years full replacement / 2 additional years pro-rated.



Another Battery Option

Check out’s Best Selling Car Battery Listing (especially if you’re a Prime Member with Free Shipping). The Optima Brand has some of the highest customer satisfaction ratings of any battery.


and a couple of money-saving sources for car parts

1. Jumper Cables

We can’t tell you the number of times we’ve pulled out ourCartman jumper cables – usually to help someone else who is stranded. But, of course, we’ve had to use them when our car battery has failed too. We have the 16 foot long version – it always reaches as far as we need it to. And, we love having the storage bag to keep the cables neat in the back of our van.

2. No Corrosion Terminals

We put theseInfinite innovations Felt Terminal Protector Padson all of our cars. In the past, we had to deal with corrosion and build up on battery terminals and battery cables. Now, they stay perfectly clean without any hassle. They’re inexpensive and totally effective.

We also always use these little oil impregnated felt rings on our battery terminal to prevent corrosion and build up. They work like a charm and are inexpensive.

3. Dial Tire Gauge

Years ago we read a Consumer Reports article that rated tire gauges. The top rated ones were dial gauges. Since that day, we’ve tossed all of our pencil type gauges and only bought dial types for our cars and for our kids. We have one that looks just like this Accu-Gage 60 PSIversion.

We’ve found that dial type gauges are much more accurate than the pencil type.

Our Favorite Sources for Car Parts and Accessories

We have two go-to resources when we’re buying parts and accessories for our cars.

  1. JC Whitney  one of the largest online auto parts distributors – we’ve purchased floor mats, a van spare tire cover and running boards from them.
  2. Rock Auto – we purchased a hard to find intake manifold from Rock auto and loved their pricing. Our son-in-law Collin and an auto mechanic friend of ours told us about this resource. Huge savings!

Our Favorite Garage Door Opener

For many, many years we had a Sears, Craftsman garage door opener. It was a chain drive and it was noisy. When it finally stopped working we upgraded to this super quiet and easy to maintain belt driven LiftMaster. It costs about the same as all the other garage door openers out there. Wish we’d switched from Sears to Liftmaster sooner!

A Battery Charger Is A Must Have in your garage:

A Portable Car Battery Jumper and Phone Charger is a great thing
to have to keep you from being stranded.


Walmart Everstart Maxx car battery with a great warranty

Author: Steve & Annette
Scottsdale, AZ

20 thoughts on “Walmart EverStart Car Battery Warranty – Details & History

  1. Charles

    I don’t know how old this thread is but i must thank you for it. It was very informative. I ‘m about to redeem my pro-rata car warranty from Pepboys and wasn’t sure about the whole process. I hope I will only pay $15 like you did for yours, what deal!

  2. K. Shim

    I need a new battery for 2004 Honda Civic. I’m curious as to what Walmart’s pro-rated schedule actually is — what the discount percentages are year-by-year (or months) for the remaining 24 months — want to compare it w/ Honda’s, which also has 3-year free replacement, but Honda’s pro-rated schedule after the initial 3 yrs. continues for another 5+ years (64 months) (or a total of 100 months vs. Walmart’s 60 months total for Everstart Maxx 51 or Maxx 51-R.. Honda’s comparable battery costs $10 more than the Everstart, plus another $31 to install vs. Walmart’s free installation.

    1. Steve Economides Post author

      In the article, we share what we paid for a battery just a few months after the initial replacement warranty expired. It was about $15. We’ve never had to replace one past the 4-year mark, so couldn’t tell you. The Honda 100 month warranty sounds like it might be better. But we don’t know how they prorate it. We’ve been really happy with the Walmart warranty.

  3. Heidi

    I just read your article before taking my two-year-old battery back to Walmart. Luckily, the original owners of the vehicle had left the receipt in the van with all of their service records. There was a little bit of a question about how it was ringing up because I had to buy a different Version of the same battery because the battery I was returning was not located in the store I was returning it to. It does appear that they previously got a replacement on this battery but long story short, they traded me for the new battery, and the new battery I was buying was actually cheaper so I got a small refund! Thanks for the good info.

    1. Steve Economides Post author

      Heidi, Thanks for sharing your Walmart Battery Warranty story. Most people who work at Walmart have good hearts and know the policy – there are a few that may be uninformed, but for those, we either need to be super patient, appeal to a manager or just go to a different store to do the exchange.

  4. dave9

    The warranty period for walmart batteries depends on which one you buy, very much like the different warranty length based on the model selected at any other store.

    If you buy their low end, cheaper battery, then you not only get fewer CCA but also a shorter warranty. However unlike most places, walmart charges less of a premium to move up to a higher model with more CCA and longer warranty.

    The 3 year replacement (+2 prorated) warranty is plainly stated on the walmart webpage for the last one I bought there. Maybe it wasn’t at the date you wrote your post? I just know that now it is stated there.

  5. Godz Gal

    I am a female and I purchased my Walmart battery in Sept. 2013. I got up to go to church on Sunday, 6/25/17 and could tell the battery was weak by its cranking sound; got to church and back with no problems but woke up this morning and car wouldn’t crank, only making ticking sound, trying to turn start up a couple of times. Thankfully, I have free roadside assistance with State Farm, so a guy came out to give me a jump; car restarted just fine after driving to a store and back home; however, I noticed a couple of hours after returning home the crank sounded off (weak sound) again, although car started up each time I tested it. Roadside guy suggested I get a new battery, but when I researched battery lifespan I found they all typically last 3-4 yrs. regardless of brand. My Everstart battery from Walmart will be 4 yrs old this coming September and this is the first time I’ve had any indication of a weak/dead battery, although my dealership told me months ago it was testing as “bad.” I never believed them since my car would always start up in a flash with a strong cranking sound; I figured they thought I would buy one of theirs on the spot (overpriced) but should’ve known they were telling the truth because they’ve always been fair and honest and treated me like family. One thing I’d like to honestly warn folks about this Everstart brand: Mine started with heavy corrosion buildup at the start of the new year and when I lifted the hood after it wouldn’t start today, I found massive buildup in blue color. I simply used baking soda mixed with water in a cup w/an old toothbrush to clean it away before the roadside serviceman arrived, which helped a great deal. I also was blessed with free terminal lubricant sprayed on at no charge by an employee at O’Reilly’s when I went there to get some coolant. My plan now is to take advantage of the prorated warranty and head right back to Walmart to get a new battery, considering all brands last an average of 3-4 yrs. I now know that it was the corrosion that caused my battery to go dead overnight. Those of you who’ll purchase or are considering purchasing this brand of battery, just be sure to periodically check for corrosion; there’s just no telling how long mine had been there building up so massively. I figured, why go and pay a bunch of money for a different brand when they all only last about the same number of years before needing replacement. And, by the way, the folks at my local Walmart are simply wonderful…all of them , whether male or female (great customer service). I go there on a regular basis to get free air in my tires when needed and never have to wait; they automatically stop what they’re doing to come take care of me. Walmart, here I come!

    1. Steve Economides Post author

      Thanks for sharing your story – to avoid build up on the terminals we use these little felt pads that are infused with an oily fluid that prevents corrosion. Battery Terminal Protection:

  6. michaelbailey

    Has anyone else had issues with the prorated warranty when trying to return Walmart’s EverStart battery for defects?

    1. Steve Economides Post author

      The interpretation of the warranty oftentimes depends on the Walmart employee who is interpreting it. If we run into a block wall, we’ll ask for a manager, come back at a different time when other employees are working or go to a different Walmart.

    2. auditory

      My Walmart Maxx car battery began corroding, leaking, and burning well before its 5-year warranty ran out. Though we began to detect an odor coming from the car a few months ago, the car battery showed no visible signs until two days ago. My local Walmart tire and battery department inspected the battery, saw that it was unmistakably defective but refused to keep their doors open long enough to replace the battery for me. They provided me with a pair of latex safety gloves and told me I’d have to install it myself. I had no other choice but to do so. I took the old battery to Walmart’s customer service counter. The representative looked up the date of purchase by the battery’s serial number and I was informed the 3-year free replacement portion of the warranty expired three years, one month and one week ago.

      1. Steve Economides Post author

        Ouch – sad story. We don’t work for Walmart. We do know that they employ people who are human, some are wonderful, some are average and some are … well, let’s just say that some are in need of help. According to what we know, you are well within the prorated 5 year period and for a small fee you should be able to get a new battery with a completely new warranty. If you don’t get the answer you deserve, appeal to the store manager. Show him this article – be polite, but firm. You should get the benefits of the warranty that you deserve.

    3. Rodney J Wachter

      Walmart will only replace the battery is brought in within the first 90 days afer your purchase at the store, even though the MAXX battery has a 3 year full replacement and 2 year pro-rated warranty. After 90 days WALMART auto department told me I have to deal with EVERSTART for the warranty issue on a battery I only bought 4.5 months ago (May 16, 2017), just after there 90 days. Tried to reurn the battery on 10/05/2017, they said couldn’t honor the replacement and had to buy another battery if I wanted only battery.

      1. Steve Economides Post author

        Rodney – we don’t work for Walmart, but if that happened to us, we would appeal to the store manager or go to a different Walmart. I think this is a case of employees being uninformed (or lazy).

  7. Douglas R Allen

    Everstart are the worst battery ive ever come acrosa and I have been in the auromotive industry for over 32yrs! My 1999 Cadillac has had 4 everstart batteries in the past 3yrs now!!

    1. Steve Economides Post author

      Doug we’re sorry to hear of your experience with Everstart Batteries. We don’t work for Walmart or receive any compensation for recommending them. We’re just sharing our experiences and for us, Everstarts have been super reliable. We’ve had them last as long as 5 years. And in the blazing Arizona heat that is amazing. Do you think there is something that has changed or is wrong with the manufacturing of Walmart’s Everstart Batteries? On the bright site, since 4 batteries have failed in 3 years you’ve experienced their warranty and haven’t had to pay anything out of pocket . . . right?

    2. dave9

      When one person or vehicle keeps having the same problem, a problem “most” other people aren’t having, then you have to look at the common denominator.

      It is possible a single battery was bad at the start, less possible for two in a row, very unlikely that 3 in a row were bad, and crazy to think that 4 in a row would be bad when others aren’t having this experience.

      Either you are letting the vehicle sit for months at a time to excessively drain the battery, have a bad alternator, or a parasitic drain causing battery depletion.

      I’m not just pointing fingers and laying blame, rather trying to help you see that no battery is going to last long under one of those 3 likely situations until you fix the problem.

  8. Sergio

    I do like Walmart batteries as well, for your info, Walmart offer batteries with 3 different warranties, one year, 2 year and 3 year free replacement, of course with the prorated as two years,, just let me say that if you like to get a real Battrey person to help you with when something goe wrong with the battery, Walmart is not for you, best is autozone, the kids in autozone knows better then the old ladies in customer service in my local waltmart store, yesterday, the 3/22/17 my silverado battery fail to start my truck, an Maxx everstart battery , lasted exact 2 years and 1 months and 7 days from purchase day, i went into my local waltmart store with the battery, after 22 minutes waiting in lane the old lady asked me , what, what you want to do with the battery? i replied, well this is a waltmart battery and fail, is under warranty , he said, do you have the original receipt ? i say not,, she say i can’t help you, so i told her that a receipt is not necessary to check the battery and check the serial number to grant a warranty, (she have not clue).. she asked to another young lady and she say that i was correct, so she go ahead and wrote the serial in a blank piece of paper and went to the computer to check it, came back and told me, that battery is not our battery, computer have no record of it, i replied, you probably got a wrong number please double check, she did and say all is right, (battery have a small numbers as serial) all this after almost 40 minutes of my valuable time, i ask her to call the store manager, she did, the big guy show up, she explained, first word the big guy say was, (oh the sticker has been removed on this battery) probably that is why no showing on the system, i told him, this is a battery i purchase 2 year ago right here, and i ask you to check the serial again maybe you can read the number well or i will do it for you, so he did and i was right old lady missed 2 numbers,… then all was right on the system, now after almost 50 minutes, old lady got the battery to check it, their battery tested gives the test info on a self printer, …paper was out…….. old lady got paper in………paper was wrong size…..58 minutes after, she got the results, battery was dead and need replacement, so she say go up steirs and bring a new battery….. i went got the one came back .., she ask me for Driver license ,she made the paperwork and done…. after 1.15 minutes………..never been in sucha situation…. i for year was using autozone batteries but i switch to waltmart because a lower prices, but if you have not patient, please don’t buy walmart batteries. in autozone you are done is 10 or less minutes in a situation as mine, in autozone just make sure to remember the phone number you gave then when you purhased the battery and you never will need ID or receip to replace your bad battery, waltmart are cheaper as right now, i just came from waltmart to get a 24f battery for $93.76+tx, same battery in autozone price was $ 131.99+ tx. I don’t care much about the battery brand, i care more about the 3 year free replacement warranty and the 2 year prorated warranty after the 3 year, who care what brand its, or if goes bad in 2 years. always go for the warranty and best price, i saved in waltmart battery $38.23, for same battery values , same 3+2 year warranty as the one in autozone. but those $38.23 could save you a really bad experience with a (no clue) customer service, and an hour of your time wasted, something i noticed in my visit to walmart with my bad battery was that waltmart being a big corporation and with today technology, they don’t have a gun scanner to read direct the tiny serial number in the battery, and that the old lady has to do it manually. that is a Shane.


  9. rod

    Be warned Wal-Mart batteries have a 2 year warranty much like a refurbished battery. This is why you won’t find warranty info on Wal-Mart page. P.s 2 years is all your gonna get outta one of these batteries. If your lucky.

    1. Steve Economides Post author

      Rod, thanks for sharing your experience. Our experience above and the paperwork we’ve received give us different warranty information than you are providing. We’d love to see the warranty documents you received. In 2016 we purchased another Walmart battery and confirmed, once again, that the warranty is 3 years and pro-rated after that.


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