50+ Best Inexpensive Retirement Gift Ideas for Men & Women to Kick-Off The Golden Years

Best Retirement Gift Ideas #RetirementGifts

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Do you need some retirement gift ideas? Are you looking for gift ideas that are cheap, fun or decadent?

We’ve collected some of the best-rated, inexpensive 5-star retirement gifts out there from Amazon,  Etsy, and other sources. We’ve found cheap, funny, touching and a few expensive highly-rated gift ideas for you to choose from.

The average cost of the gifts we have listed is around $30. Some are a little pricier, but if you get a group of people to pitch in, you can still stay around $30.

To give you lots of options to save money and to find personalized gifts, we’ve linked each item to several sources including Amazon, Walmart, Target and Etsy. We’ve found that Etsy often provides unique, customized gift options at very reasonable prices.

If your colleague or friend is leaving the office for the very last time, then make sure to send them along with something to remember you by.

Whether the recipient is an acquaintance or a dear friend you’ll find the perfect gift here.

Keep reading to find a great gift to start your friend’s golden years off with a luster.

We’ve broken this list down into the following 10 Categories:

  2. FUNNY GIFTS – $10 to $75
  3. EXPENSIVE GIFTS $100 to $1000
  6. PERSONALIZED – Engraved Gifts


Just because you do not have a large budget for a gift does not mean that you cannot find a nice one. Check out these best-rated, yet affordable options below – remember that an inexpensive retirement gift doesn’t mean cheap.

Travel Journal

As many people retire, they look forward to more travel. With more time, they may end up halfway around the world before too long. Give them a travel journal to record their favorite parts of their journeys along the way.

A nice notebook can run anywhere from $7 to $28. See Amazon’s best-rated travel journals here.

Tote Bag

Tote bags come in handy all the time. Whether someone is heading to the beach or just out to the store. A tote bag is always a useful thing to have on hand.

A simple retirement-themed tote bag can be found for under $20.

See Amazon’s top-rated retirement tote bags here.

Coffee Mug

If a retiring coworker cannot survive without their morning cup of coffee, then they can never have too many coffee mugs. Find a cute retirement coffee mug that suits their style and your budget.

Check out Amazon’s top-rated retirement coffee mugs here. They cost between $5 and $15.

Travel Mug

If they prefer their coffee on the go, then a travel retirement mug is the way to go. Try to find a quality mug that will keep the retiree’s drink warm. You will be able to find something in a range between $10 to $20.

I found this travel mug for $17 (and a few others) with kind words about retirement on it.

Click to see a listing of Amazon’s best-rated retirement travel mugs.

Retirement Wine Glass

For your wine-loving friends, a cute new wine glass is the perfect gift. Every time they break out the wine, they will think of you.

You can find options in the $5 to $20 range. I found this cute stemless one for $15.

Click to see the best-rated retirement wine glasses here.

Retirement Keychain

Leave your friend with a gentle reminder that they can never be replaced. Although they may not be coming into the office every day, you’ll still miss their presence and expertise. A simple key chain can remind a co-worker of their importance every day. It is an especially good gift for people who are struggling to transition into retirement.

You can find a nice key chain in the $5 to $15 range. I found this sweet one for $7. If you want to see more options look at the best-rated keychains with retirement sayings here.

FUNNY GIFTS – $10 to $75

If you want to be the laugh of the retirement party, then this is the list for you. Instead of a traditional gift, these funny retirement gifts will be sure to make the receiver laugh.

Check out this list of the best-rated Retirement Gag Gifts from Amazon.

You Are Only Old Once by Dr. Suess

Although Dr. Suess is best known for his children’s books, his books are not just for kids. He wrote books for people of all ages and this is the perfect gift for a retiree. With amusing insights, it is a nice surprise for any retirement party.

You can find this book for around $15 on Amazon.

Senior Mints

“Senior moments” are bound to happen as your friend retires. Memory mints can be helpful to jog your friends’ memory but the best part is that you will have everyone laughing.

At $7 it is the perfect gag gift.

Business Cards – “Out of Business”

Give the retiree a new job description with these clever “Out of Business” business cards.

They come in a brushed aluminum case with 15 business cards.

“Over the Hill” Wheel of Decisions

Now that your friend does not need to worry about going to work, they will need to find new ways to fill their time. With the help of this Over the Hill decision-maker, they can choose to fish, golf, shop, and more. This gag gift can help them plan out their entire day.

For under $10, this gift is sure to be the life of the party.

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A fast track to early retirement

“I’m Retired” Wall Clock

Although a wall clock doesn’t sound like a knee slapper, every time they see this one they are sure to smile. The time of day matters much less in retirement, so this is perfect for a new retiree.

You can find similar clocks in the $15-$20 range, I found these clocks for around $20.

If you’re interested in the best-selling retirement wall clocks on Amazon – check out this list.

Retirement Party Decorations

Whether you’re planning the party or on a committee with co-workers, picking up one of these complete kits with banners, plates, napkins and more will make the party planning much easier.

Click to see all of Amazon’s retirement party accessories and retirement party decorations. They range in price from $13 to $75.

Retirement Sash and Crown

If you are throwing your friend a party, then a crown and sash is the perfect gift. They will feel like cheesy royalty for the night. It will be a perfect addition to the party pictures.

You can find both the crown and the sash for under $10.

Funny Retired Bumper Stickers

The joke on the road is that retirees move a little slower than everyone else. With this “I’m Retired-Go Around Me” car magnet bumper sticker, you are sure to get a laugh.

This “Go Around Me” car magnet bumper sticker is a great gift for under $10.

We know this section above had some goofy gift ideas in it, so if you want more impressive gifts or items for men or women, keep reading.

EXPENSIVE GIFTS $100 to $1000

It is easy to spend a lot of money on gifts. Although you can spend a high dollar amount for one of the best retirement gifts, remember that you don’t have to.

One way to provide expensive retirement gifts is for the whole office to contribute. Pooling your money could lead to a memorable gift for your departing coworker.

Spa Day

Everyone loves a spa day. However, a day at the spa is not cheap! With a gift card or package for a spa day, they can truly enjoy their day of relaxation.

Ask around for a nice spa in your area or ask the recipient what their favorite spa is.

According to TripSavvy.com‘s Budget Day Spa Article, a spa day should cost between $80 and $120.

Gym Membership

A yearly membership to the gym can get pricey, but a retiree will have a lot more time to go to the gym. If they have always wanted to spend more time on their health, then there is no better time than retirement.

You can buy a membership for a whole year to your favorite gym. A more affordable option could be to buy them a day pass for the gym.

Look at major gym chains so they can keep working out when they travel. According to the Christian Science Monitor the 5 most affordable gym memberships are:

  1. Planet Fitness (1742 locations)
  2. Cardinal Fitness (Ohio & Illinois)
  3. YMCA (2700 locations)
  4. Gold’s Gym (more than 700 locations)
  5. LA Fitness (more than 700 locations)

According to MensFitness.com other good options include:

  1. LifeTime Fitness (130 locations in 27 states)
  2. AnytimeFitness (4000 locations in 50 countries)
  3. 24Hour Fitness (400 in 13 states)
  4. Crunch Fitness (more than 225 locations)
  5. Pure Barre (370 locations)
  6. Blink Fitness (about 90 locations)
  7. Equinox Fitness Club (about 135 clubs)

If your retiring friend is 65 years old or older they can join the Silver Sneakers program that gets them discounted membership at more than 16,000 fitness facilities across the U.S. this program is included with many Medicare Advantage Plans.

Cryotherapy Sessions

Cold therapy sessions are no longer just for sci-fi novels. Cryotherapy is a form of therapy that uses temperature to keep the body functioning properly. As we age, the therapy seems to be very effective.

A single session can cost around $100. You may be able to find a Groupon with better prices.

A New Camera

If the retiree has plans to travel far and wide, then a new camera will come in handy. Even if they plan to stay close to home, and the grandkids, a new camera is always appreciated.

You can find good quality cameras in the $200 to $500 price range:

New Cell Phone

You’ll need to know who their carrier is, but giving a brand new smart-phone to your retiring friend could help them keep in touch with you and others at the office.

Check out Amazon’s Best-Rated Phones

But if you’ve got a limited budget and you’re buying a retirement gift for a guy, you will want to check out the next section.

Coffee Gift Basket with a Twist

If your retiring friend is a coffee aficionado and is relief-minded, buy a gift basket of Gaderian Coffee. Their coffee is 100% Guatemalan Speciality Grade Coffee. Gaderian Coffee was founded by Jim and Kelli Taggart. 100% of the profits of their coffee sales go to support world missions.

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What can you get a man who has everything? The question has confounded gift-givers for years. Here are some options for retirement gifts for the men that are in your life.

Metal Detector for the Treasure Seeker

Check-out these top-rated metal detectors for adults

Being retired allows you more time to walk on the beach, in parks, or in the mountains. Your relaxing friend might enjoy turning his walks into a treasure hunt with one of these Metal Detectors on Amazon.

Beer Cap Map

For craft beer aficionados, this craft beer map of the USA is perfect. The goal is to travel around and find a beer in each of the lower 48 states. With the cap of the bottle, they can create a lasting memory

You can find a beer map like this one for around $30.

William Painter Sunglasses to Open Beer Bottles

These William Painter Sunglasses are super durable and come equipped with a bottle opener on the arm. Perfect for golfing or going to sporting events.

They come in a variety of styles and colors to match your retiring friend’s taste.

Grilling Tools

Most men enjoy a summer’s night of grilling steaks on the patio. If you envision your friend enjoying a lot of BBQs, then a set of grilling tools might be the perfect gift.

You can find a nice set in the $25 to $75 range. This Grilling Tool Set on Amazon is a great deal.

Cigar Set

You should only buy a cigar set as a gift if you know that the recipient enjoys cigars. If they enjoy the occasional cigar, then this is a perfect gift for their retirement party.

You can find relatively affordable cigars like these or splurge on some extremely nice cigars with cases and humidifiers.

UNTUCKit Shirt

Now that your friend does not need to come into the office, they will likely want to stop tucking their shirt in. However, regular untucked shirts can seem baggy. The solution is an UNTUCKit shirt which is designed to be worn untucked.

You can buy the retiree a shirt or a gift card for a shopping spree of their own.

Poker Set

Without any more early mornings, there may be more late poker nights in the future. You can give a new poker set that will allow them to expand their player pool or start building a new player pool. It can be a nice gift for any poker player who is leaving the workplace.

Nice sets of chips can range from $20 to $80. Find a set that matches their style.

Remote Control Caddy

Whether your friend is into watching sports, movies or Reality TV they’ll probably be watching more of it when they’re retired. Giving them a tool like a remote control caddy is a great way to help them spend their relaxing time, relaxing, rather than hunting for a lost remote control.

Retirement Baseball Hat

Baseball hats are popular for men retirees. Finding one that is appropriate for your retired friend is the trick. Check out these retirement baseball hat options. You’ll find a wide assortment for less than $15 each.

Relaxing Hammock

To help your retiring friend relax buy them one of these best selling hammocks. Choose from hammocks:

No matter what you select, you can rest assured that it will be appreciated.

DIYer Rolling Tool Chest

We don’t know of any handyman or DIYer who doesn’t drool over these Craftsman rolling tool chests. If your retiring friend is one of these handy types, pitch in and get him the toolbox that will make him the envy of all his DIY friends.

See all of the top-selling Craftsman tool boxes, chests, and bases here.

New Golf Club Set

If the retiring co-worker is an avid golfer, try to get a read on his favorite golf clubs. Get a group together and buy him one of these sets:

Make sure you know if he plays left or right-handed before ordering golf clubs.

Golf Hat

Golf is a popular pastime for retirees (male and female). Finding the perfect hat for your retired golf friend isn’t hard with this broad selection. You can choose from funny to classic. Find the perfect Golf hat here. They’re relatively inexpensive: prices range from $10 – $20.

DVD Box Sets and Series for Men

We know that lots of guys watch videos through streaming services, but there are some shows and documentaries that are only available on disc. And if your favorite retirement guy has been too busy working to watch some of the top TV show series, this would be a perfect way for them to catch up.

Here are some boxed set video gift ideas for men:

Popular TV Show Box Sets

Popular Movie Series Box Sets


Finding the perfect retirement gifts for women can be a challenge. Luckily, we’ve got you covered with these top-rated retirement gift ideas for ladies.

Chocolate Basket

What woman does not love chocolate? The answer is almost none!

A basket of chocolate for your retiree may be my favorite option on this list! If you know them well, then consider buying their favorites and making a personalized basket. Otherwise, choose one of these best-rated chocolate gift baskets ranging in price from $37 to $90.

Travel Jewelry Organizer

If you’ve ever traveled with a woman who has great accessories, then you may understand her struggle to find a good place to put her jewelry. A travel jewelry organizer can come in handy for a new retiree who is intent on traveling more.

You can find options in the $10 to $20 dollar range. Here is one good option.


You can pick up a nice bracelet set or necklace for any woman in your life. Many have sweet sayings like “Live. Laugh. Love.” If you know the honored retiree would like this, then go ahead and find the right piece for your friend.

The best part is that these gifts can range from $10 to $70, so it is really up to you about what you want to spend.

Here is a reasonably priced necklace set that would work well.

Spa Day Essentials

You can create a basket of favorite spa essentials for your retiring friend. Chances are that they need to take time to unwind from their working years, so this will be a much-appreciated gift.

If you do not want to curate your own spa basket, then choosing one of these best-rated Spa Day Gift Baskets is a good option. They are priced from $24 to $45.

Aromatherapy Kit

Retirement means more “me” time for many women. Almost everyone would love an aromatherapy set to take their relaxation to the next level.

Keep in mind that this is not a good option for anyone who has been constantly complaining about smells in the office for years.

Take a look at this selection of Amazon’s best-rated aromatherapy baskets.

Retirement Angel

I know several women who absolutely love angels. Small angel figurines are always the perfect gift for them, so their retirement gift is not any different.

A small retirement angel figurine like these best-rated on Amazon might be the perfect gift for your retiree. They range in price from $14 to $40.

PERSONALIZED – Engraved Gifts

Finding the perfect give that can be personalized for your friend is a real treasure.

We love these best-rated gifts from Etsy sellers. All of these gifts have 5-star ratings and will be loved by the recipient.

Personalized Compass

Etsy personalized and engraved antique compass as a retirement gift.

If your retired friend is an explorer or loves adventure, this antiqued and engraved compass will be the perfect retirement gift. This compass is a best seller and is produced by Modern Timez on Etsy. They have dozens of timepieces in their store.

Retirement Pillow

This pillow can be personalized with a name, year or any other wording. Up to 20 characters. Perfect for a retiring friend who loves pillows.

This pillow is produced by DesignsByVena and she has a 5-star satisfaction rating.

DVD Box Sets and Series for Women

We know that lots of gals watch videos through streaming services, but there are some shows and documentaries that are only available on disc. And if your favorite retirement lady has been too busy working to watch some of the top TV show series, this would be a perfect way to them to catch up.

Here are some boxed set video gift ideas for women:

TV Shows



Almost every retiree is looking forward to spending more time with their grandchildren. What could be a better gift than a kid-friendly retirement gift? Here are some of the top-rated gift ideas for grandkids.

Activity Books

Although these grandparents are ecstatic to spend more time with their grandchildren, they likely tire easily. A stack of activity books on hand is the perfect solution. If they have younger grandchildren, then consider stocking up their supply of age-appropriate activity books.

Browse through these top-rated activity books for some ideas. They range in price from $6 to $17 – so you might be able to put together a nice grouping as a gift.

Movie Tickets

red movie ticket - admit one #RetirementGifts

A night out to the movies with the grandchildren is always a treat. You can buy several movie tickets at a discounted price at big box stores like Costco and BJs.Take advantage of those savings and treat their whole family to a night at the movies.

Buy movie tickets right from the largest theater chains here:

Snack Basket

Kids know how to do many things, but one of those is to eat their favorite snacks at their grandparents’ house. Make a basket of snacks you know their grandkids will love. It will be very appreciated by both the grandparents and the kids.

If you’re strapped for time to go shopping at your local grocery store, check out these snack baskets from Amazon. They cost between $20 and $60.

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Board Game Night Supplies

Scrabble game tiles spelling out family. #RetirementGifts

Collect a variety of board games and candy and wrap it up in a basket. You can include a deck or cards, Apples to Apples, Monopoly, Life, Racko, Whoonu, Sorry, Settlers of Catan or anything you think they would enjoy. Here is a list of the top-selling board games on Amazon.

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Retirement often means more time in life for the things you enjoy. What hobbies does your friend already enjoy? What hobbies have they been talking about trying for years? Setting them up with the right tools for their hobbies will be greatly appreciated.

Garden Tool Set

If your friend is planning to become a master gardener with their newfound freedom, then supplying them with the tools for success is a great gift.

A nice toolset can range from $25 to $75. I found this one for $26 that seems to have everything a new gardener would need. You may also want to throw in a knee pad, like this one, because kneeling in the garden can get uncomfortable quickly.

Measuring Cups

Is your friend looking forward to more time in the kitchen? A new set of measuring cups can help bring some new life into their recipes. Anyone who loves cooking will appreciate this gift.

You have several options around the $20 mark. Try to find something that matches your friend’s interests. I found:

Pick something that will make your friend smile.

Customized Cutting Board

If your friend loves to barbeque or smoke meat, then a customized cutting board is the perfect retirement gift.

With unique customization, this personalized cutting board conveys thoughtfulness and a personal touch, an ideal tool for their kitchen adventures.

There are many options for finding an inexpensive personalized cutting board in a wide variety of sizes. Please check out these sources.

Retirement Golf Balls

Golf is a favorite pastime for many retirees. If your friend’s first stop after retirement is the golf course, then you can get them retirement golf balls to start their fun.

You can either get them a large case of golf balls for around $50 or a few retirement-themed golf balls for $12.

Tennis Lessons

It is fairly easy at most tennis centers to buy a gift card for a lesson with a professional. If your friend wants to spend more time on the courts, then this gift will be greatly appreciated. They will have more time to perfect their strokes and private lessons with a coach can help to speed up that process.

Knitting Basket

Knitting is a nice hobby for all ages. However, it can be especially nice in retirement for those who would like a relaxing afternoon.

You can create a gift basket with knitting needles and yarn with a run to the craft store. Make sure to pick out colors that you know they’ll love.

Fishing Tackle

Long days on the lake may fill the time in retirement. If your friend enjoys spending time fishing, then they will always appreciate more tackle.

If you aren’t sure what they like, then buy them a gift card to a sporting goods store that carries fishing gear.

Amazon has a huge selection of fishing tackle and accessories priced from $11 to $100.

Painting Classes

In most towns, there are art lessons available for adults. It can be relaxing to learn this new skill, even if they are not particularly good at it. You can typically find a package deal on classes to help your friend ease into the new hobby.


Many people wish they had more time to read during their working years. In their retirement years, they try to catch up on all of the books they’ve wanted to read. A Kindle can be a great gift because it brings access to hundreds of books in one easy-to-carry vehicle.

You can order an Amazon Kindle for between $40 and $200. The lower-cost ones are refurbished and guaranteed.

If you do not think your retiree would like a Kindle, then pick out some books. Or better yet, get them a gift card to their favorite book store.

One Year Audible Audio Book Membership

Audible Logo

If your retiring friend loves audiobooks why not give them a one-year membership to Audible? With millions of books to choose from, they’ll surely find titles of interest.

  • 3 titles for each month of their gift membership: 1 audiobook + 2 Audible Originals.
  • 30% off any additional audiobooks.

With audiobooks priced at $20 to $50, getting three books each month for less than $160 (annually) is a great deal.

Get an Audible Gift Subscription here.

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A parting retirement gift can make goodbye easier. If you want to be remembered with a thoughtful or sentimental retirement gift, then check out these ideas.

Farewell Jar of Notes

A single card for everyone in the office to sign might work for some circumstances like a birthday. However, retirement only happens one time. You likely cannot fit everything that everyone wants to say on a single card.

Buy a jar and fill it with notes from coworkers. It gives more space for a personal note to your departing coworker.

Framed Photo of the Office Cohort

If you have a particularly close office, then you may want to get a group shot and have it framed for your friend.


If you enjoy crafting, then making a scrapbook could be a great option. You will need lots of pictures, so start digging for these months in advance. You could include pages about their first day, big work accomplishments, and anything else that seems fun.

This scrapbooking kit gives you all types of extras to create an 80-page memory album. Just make sure to add a lot of personal flairs!

Photobooks from Walgreens

Walgreens photo books for a retirement gift. #RetirementGifts

If you are not up for creating a scrapbook, then consider the photobooks offered by Walgreens. The company has an unlimited number of options to make your photobook memorable.

Although these premade books can get expensive, there is a way to avoid the high cost. If you happen to have the app, then you can get a free photo book each month. You will have a limited number of pages, but it is one way to make an appreciated personal gesture on a budget.

Reward Clock

Your friend has put in their time to the workplace, now it is time to reap the rewards. You can choose something with a sweet quote that will remind them of your time together.

It is a great gift for anyone on the verge of retirement. Plus, at $20 it is an affordable gift.

Wooden Plaque

A plaque that gives your best wishes is a nice option. You have many options available. There are plaques that focus on a particular profession and more general sentiments. Choose what works best for your friend.

I found this retirement plaque for $25 to start your search.


If you are short on money but full of love, then making a gift with your own hands is an option.

Invite Them Over for Dinner

You can whip up a nice dinner for your retired friend’s family to enjoy. It is a chance to celebrate the big occasion affordably. No matter what you cook, the retiree is sure to appreciate the time and effort you spend making their meal and making them comfortable in your home.

Quilting as a Gift

Crafting a quilt can take many hours of your time. The final product is something that you will really be proud of. However, you may not want to give it away at the end of the process!

If you are very close to someone, then it may be worth crafting a quilt. Depending on the size of the quilt, it could take months to complete. Also, it will likely cost you more than your time. You’ll need to buy supplies like fabric that can add up quickly.

Baked Goods as a Gift

Do you constantly have the office waiting for the next time you decide to bake? It is quite possible that the new retiree will miss your baked goods. If you know they have a favorite, then take the time to make it for them.

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Regular Lunch – Monthly or Quarterly

You can offer to continue to meet up for a monthly lunch. If you are close friends, then lending an ear is always appreciated. The new retiree will be navigating an entirely new life from now on, so having familiar friends to talk to is always appreciated.

Although you can buy lunch, you do not necessarily have to. If this will be a regular thing, then do not feel obligated to buy lunch.

So there you have it – a massive list of retirement gift ideas. The only question left to answer is how much should you spend. Keep reading to get our take on it.

Great Retirement Gift Ideas

How Much Should You Spend on a Retirement Gift

You do not have to spend more than a few dollars on a retirement gift to leave an impression. If you were not especially close to the retiree, then they likely do not expect a gift.

Pooling Your Money with Others

One option is to pool money from around the office into one large retirement gift. Sometimes this is the best way to go. Assess the situation in your office before deciding on a gift type and how much to spend.

Using A Gift Budget

At MoneySmartFamily we encourage you to spend what you have and not to feel pressured to spend more.

One of the categories that we have in our budget is specifically for gift giving. So our constraint would be, how much do we have in our budget. And then how much of that money are we willing to spend.

Finding the right retirement gift can be challenging. And staying within your gift-giving budget can also be a challenge.

We’re hopeful that the suggestions we’ve presented will make your gift-giving less stressful, more fun, and less expensive than you originally thought. Hopefully, you’ve found the perfect gift!

It is always the thought that counts. So even if you do not find the “perfect” gift, your sincere gesture will be appreciated.

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