Valentine Books for Children – Review Page

Valentine Books for Children.

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This Valentine Books for Children Review Page contains a growing list of our favorite Kid’s Valentine Stories!

Teaching Children to love and appreciate others is a wonderful gift. We believe that reading these Valentine books is a great way to make learning to appreciate others fun.

One Zillion Valentines 

by Frank Modell

One Zillion Valentines book cover.
One Zillion Valentines

is a darling kids book about two boys who hardly receive any valentines. In spite of their feelings, Milton and Marvin decide to make Valentine’s Day special. They conclude that Valentine’s cards aren’t just for girls, so they set about designing and crafting their own cards. When they’re done, they start hand delivering them all of the tenants of their apartment building.

Because they made a large number of cards, after they’ve delivered to everyone they know, they have a lot of Valentine’s cards left-over. They go out into their neighborhood and work to sell the left-over cards and to their delight, all of them sell. With all of the money they earn, they decide to buy and share a box of chocolates to celebrate their success and the holiday. This is a great story about friendship, creativity, generosity, entrepreneurship and love. Even your preschoolers will love this!

The Valentine Cat

By Clyde Robert Bulla

The Valentine Cat is a story about an unhappy and unsuccessful young painter who finds joy and inspiration all because a cute kitten unexpectedly enters his life. This special little kitty has a little white heart on his forehead. Much to the painter’s horror, the cat is stolen and the painter looks for him diligently. He discovers that an evil chimney sweep took the kitten. But the kitten eventually ends up in the arms of a beautiful princess. The painter and the princess meet and . . . enjoy a fairytale ending.

The Valentine Cat is illustrated by Caldecott Award-winning artist Leonard Weisgard

Saint Valentine

By Robert Sabuda

St Valentine book cover.

The story of Saint Valentine written by Robert Sabuda is a wonderful and encouraging book to read your children. It tells the story of Saint Valentine who was a physician living in ancient Rome about two hundred years after Christ. Valentine was a kind and generous man. This story shares his faith and dedication as he treats his patients during the day and prays for them all night.

One day, a jailer brings his blind daughter to Valentine for medical help. Valentine will not accept payment because he can’t guarantee that his treatment will work. Valentine believes there is nothing he can do to help so he sends a letter home with the jailer to give to his daughter. The note simply reads “from your Valentine” along with a Crocus flower. A miracle occurs and the child can see the flower and is cured of her blindness.

Valentine’s faith ultimately leads to his death when the Emperor orders that Christians be executed. But his loving generosity is still celebrated to this day every February 14.

Winnie the Pooh’s Valentine

By Bruce Talkington

Winnie the Pooh's Valentine Book Cover.
Winnie the Pooh’s Valentine

is a really cute and touching story. As Valentine’s Day quickly approaches, little Roo contemplates what would be the perfect gift to give to his mom Kanga. As he wrestles with what to get her, he consults with Winnie the Pooh and several other Hundred Acre Woods residents. In the end, he decides that it really doesn’t matter what he gives his loving mother as long as it’s given from a loving heart. This is a great bedtime story.

If you have a favorite Valentine Story that isn’t listed, please mention it in the comment section and we’ll consider it for this page.

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