Valentine’s Day Decor Ideas & DIY Project Ideas

Valentine's Day Decorations and DIY Craft Ideas

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This Valentines Day Decorations, Crafts & DIY Projects Page contains a growing list of decor and craft projects. Scroll to the bottom of the page for 10 additional Valentine’s Day Decor ideas.

Valentine Wall Decor Craft

This is one of the simple and fun Valentine’s Day Decorations – DIY projects for the wall. We started with a picture frame that we picked up at a rummage sale for $.50. Our silvery/gold frame measured 14 inches x 17 inches. We took out the piece of cardboard backing from the inside of the frame and cut a piece of red foil wrapping paper about 1/2-inch larger on each side (1 inch total larger) than the cardboard. Steve spray-mounted (Michael’s 40% off coupon) the wrapping paper to the cardboard and trimmed the edges with a Matt knife.

A Simple Valentine Wall Decor Craft made with just 6 Components!

Then we spray mounted a pink heart doily that we found at Dollar Tree ($1 for a pack of 16). Annette pulled out some red cardstock and glitter. Steve cut the cardstock into a heart shape and then coated it with Elmer’s Glue, placed the heart on a cookie sheet and sprinkled red and gold glitter on it. The red stock clashed a little with the red foil wrapping paper, so the glitter helped the colors to work together. You could also use a glittery heart sticker purchased in the scrapbooking section of a craft store.

This Valentine’s wall décor cost $1.50, took about 1 hour to assemble, and now adorns our front entryway. It’s a happy addition to our seasonal décor.


  • Picture Frame
  • Wrapping Paper
  • Paper Doily
  • Glitter
  • Heart Sticker or Red Cardstock
  • Spray mount

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 Cute Valentine Tree Idea

A Cute Valentine Day Tree Decoration!

You know that Annette loves Christmas . . . right? Well, she got this idea when she saw a friend’s home decorated with several themed Christmas trees. One, in particular, was a white tree decorated as a Greek tree with lots of blue and white ornaments. Thinking of other themes, she decided that a 4′ white tree could be decorated for many different holidays. As a result, she created this Cute Valentine’s Tree for our Family Room – it’s so much fun!

Supplies for this Valentine’s Day Decorations Craft Project

Here’s what she used to decorate the tree:

  • 30 – Pink Glitter hearts
  • 25 – Tiny Glass Balls filled with Pompoms and Colored Ribbon
  • 10 – Small White Glass Balls
  • 11 – Small Pink Plastic Balls
  • 13 – miniature Pink Plastic Balls
  • 8 – Small Red Plastic Hearts

The tree cost $25 (but remember, it will be used for multiple holidays), and the ornaments totaled about $10 – we used 40 percent off coupons at Michaels or Hobby Lobby.

See the Springtime Easter Tree she created here. 

Valentine Chandelier Decor

A Simple Valentine Chandelier Decoration you could do with kids or grandkids!

This is such a simple and inexpensive craft to assemble for Valentine’s Day. Many folks have a chandelier that can be decorated for the holidays or the seasons, so take advantage of this idea and modify it for your home.

We started with a container of three-dimensional glitter hearts from Michaels Arts and Crafts. Annette used a 50% off coupon, so a container of 8 hearts cost $2.50. Then we pulled out our ribbon box and found 3 different colors that would work for this DIY project. The ribbon was about ¼ inch wide but can be thinner or thicker depending on your preference. Annette used pastel pink, dusty rose pink and black ribbon. Other additional colors would be any shade of pink, white or red ribbon. We used 3 different lengths of ribbon and completed this project in about 20 minutes.

Annette’s Total Cost: $2.50

Components for Valentine’s Day Chandelier 

  • Eight glitter heart ornaments
  • Ribbon
  • Two, 8-inch ribbons looped through the ornament and tied on top.
  • Four, 16-inch ribbons looped through the ornaments and tied on top.
  • Two, 22-inch ribbons looped through the ornaments and tied on top.

Valentine Mantle Decor

A Simple Valentine Mantle Decor made with Pillar Candles!

Every fireplace mantle should have some Valentine’s Day Decorations. We chose to make our fireplace mantel décor for January and February very simple. Using 3 silver pillar candle stands that we found at thrift and consignment stores, started us out. Annette paid $2.50 for the large silver candle stand and $2 for the pair of short silver ones. We already had the 6-inch red candle stands.

The wonderful thing about Valentine’s Day is that you can use many colors from Christmas (red, white, and maroon) or you can add in the color pink, which you can double for use in the spring. Since our brick fireplace is genuine red adobe brick, we love using white accents on the mantel. We used 3 maroon candles on the silver pillar stands and 2 white pillar candles on the red pillar stand. Then we laid a 5-foot pink flower garland on the mantel, behind the candle stands.

Simple yet beautiful and all serve a double purpose and can be used for other holidays.

Annette’s total cost was $4.50

Components for Valentine Mantle

  • 10-inch pillar candle stand – silver
  • Two, 6-inch pillar candle stands – red
  • Two, 4-inch pillar candle stands-silver
  • Three, 6-inch pillar candles, red
  • Two, 4-inch pillar candles with silver studs – white
  • Floral garland, 5 feet.

Valentine Centerpiece Décoration

A Beautiful Valentine Centerpiece Decoration made with Pillar Candles.

This is one of the simple Valentine’s Day Decorations you can do. it’s a centerpiece assembled with things we had around the house or collected very inexpensively at Goodwill or other thrift and consignment stores.

We used a couple of flat rectangular boxes to provide variation in height and covered them with black napkins.

Then we used a variety of pillar candle stands and one candy dish (milk glass). Going through our collection of candles were able to find 3 red, 3 white, and 1 pink candle (for the center). We also added 3 mini goblets and turned them upside down to act as stands for white tea light candles that we set in clear glass holders.

This centerpiece idea looks great for just about any occasion, all we need to do is switch out the candles with appropriate colors for the event.

Components for Valentine’s Centerpiece

  • 6-inch Pillar Candles: 7 (3 red, 3 white, and 1 pink)
  • Pillar candle stands – 3 to 4 inches tall – we used 3 clear glass, 3 frosted glass, and 1 milk glass.
  • 4.5-inch tall mini goblets – turned upside down
  • Tea light candles with glass holders – 3

10 Easy Valentine’s Day Decor Ideas

We asked ChatGPT to give us some Valentine’s Day Decor ideas.

Here’s what the AI wrote.

In preparation for the most romantic day of the year, you can decorate your home with these love-inspired DIY Valentine’s Day decorations. Let’s explore the delightful and heartfelt ways they transformed their home into a haven of love.

1. “Love is in the Air” Balloon Arch

Valentine's balloon display idea with balloons in the shape of a heart.
Search Etsy or Pinterest for balloon arch ideas and the
hardware to build them.

A captivating balloon arch, fashioned in shades of red, pink, and white, will gracefully welcome visitors into your home. Heart-shaped helium balloons adorned with handwritten love messages added an extra touch of charm to the arch, ensuring that love is truly in the air.

2. “Memory Lane” Photo Wall

Craft a memory lane photo wall, beautifully displaying snapshots of their cherished moments together. Heart-shaped frames and fairy lights can elegantly highlight each memory. This will allow friends and family to reminisce about your love-filled journey.

3. “Enchanted Garden” Floral Centerpieces

Mason jars with red roses and fairy lights.
Make your own centerpieces with flowers from around your property or
search on Etsy for someone who makes them.

Cover your dining table with enchanting floral centerpieces. Get creative with floral arrangements, using your partner’s favorite flowers or colors. And enjoy an intimate dinner, surrounded by the sweet aroma and beauty of their enchanted garden.

4. “Whispers of Love” Love Letter Scrolls

Inspired by old-fashioned romance, craft scrolls of love letters tied with satin ribbons. Each scroll contained heartfelt messages of love, gratitude, and admiration for one another. Place these scrolls in strategic spots, ensuring that love’s whispers fill every corner of their home.

5. “Sweet Serenade” Love Song Playlist

To create a soul-stirring atmosphere, compile a playlist of your partner’s favorite love songs.

6. “Lovebirds Nest” Cozy Reading Nook

Valentine's day reading nook
Christine Covino had this photo on her site: – showing her
Valentine’s Day Reading nook for her daughter.

Transform a corner of your living area into a cozy reading nook, complete with plush cushions and blankets. Love-themed books and poetry collections can be arranged neatly, inviting everyone to snuggle up and immerse themselves in tales of love and romance.

7. “Love-Gram” Postcard Display

If you have kids let them take the lead in crafting love-themed postcards and messages for other family members. They could create a love-gram display, adorning a string of twine with heartwarming notes. Take turns reading these heartfelt messages, spreading smiles and love all around.

8. “Candlelit Dinner” Table Setting

Valentine's Day Dinner table set with a love dish in the middle.

The dining table can be set with elegance and romance in mind. A red and white tablecloth adorned with heart-shaped placemats set the stage for a romantic candlelit dinner. Be sure to add flickering candles to create a warm and intimate ambiance. This will make mealtime a truly memorable experience.

9. “Heartfelt Wreath” Front Door Decor

Valentine's Day dried flower wreath haning on a front door.
Visit to learn more details about this
beautiful Valentine’s Day Floral Wreath.

A stunning handmade wreath can welcome guests to your home.

Here are a couple of ideas:

Crafted from dried flowers and adorned with heart-shaped trinkets, the wreath was a symbol of love and hospitality.

10. “Love You to the Moon and Back” Lunar Decor

Try this idea in a child’s room. Create whimsical lunar-themed Valentine’s decor a smile on their faces. Try some glow-in-the-dark stars to create constellations on the ceiling and add moon-shaped night light for a dreamy effect.

Perhaps even add a moonlit canopy to make bedtime an enchanting experience, reminding the kids of the infinite love their parents had for them.

Valentine Day Decorations, Crafts & DIY Projects!

Valentine’s Day Decorations and Crafts Wrap Up

With these heartfelt ideas, your home will become a beacon of love and affection this Valentine’s Day!

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