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A super page full of home office savings tips on colorful paperclips and more.

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This Random Home Office Tips Super Page contains a growing list of money saving ideas from our readers!

Office Supplies for the home can really add up. This page is a collection of tips that really help you save money on items for your home office.

White Board Magic

If someone uses permanent marker on a whiteboard don’t try to remove it with solvent. Just write over it with a dry-erase marker and then erase both. I learned this trick while working in the hospitality industry. Previously, we would try to scrub off the permanent marker which resulted in a dulled and scratched whiteboard – it would look tacky and eventually was discarded. A green clown face drawn on a white board that is partially erased.This method leaves the whiteboard in perfect condition and is much easier.   Bart Good – Phoenix, AZ

Watch this video where Steve demonstrated three ways to clean whiteboards with stubborn marker stains.

8 Terrific Uses for Address Labels

Address label on a cd- unique uses for address labels.

We regularly receive address labels for free in the mail. Our kids like to write letters and feel really grown up having their own labels too — we buy them at a discount and give labels to them for birthdays and Christmas. But we’ve found (and so have many of you) that these miniature identifiers have so many more uses — don’t leave home without them. Read on.

Christmas, Holiday or Birthday Cards   Address envelopes and use these for your return address. Each year there are always some cards returned to us because of changed addresses. Annette

On Forms   Whip them out and stick them on forms when you return items at a customer service counter.

For Pot Lucks   Put them on the bottom of trays or dishes that you are bringing to a pot-luck. The labels will endure several washes and your dishes will always find their way back home.

On Loan   Label the stuff you loan to others. Put them in Books, CDs and DVD cases.

Raffles and Business Cards   I use them when I fill out raffle ticket entries instead of getting writers cramp. I have also stuck them on business card sized scraps of colored paper and hand them out when someone needs my address.
Beverly Clarke — Pembroke Pines, FL

On Entry Forms   I keep a sheet of address labels in my purse to use when shopping. They’re good for coupon sweepstakes, contests or in-store contests that you may come upon. And, they’re also great when you need a self-addressed envelope for something.
Jennifer Dahl — Bayard, IA

In the Mail   José from our Phoenix Central Post Office gave us this tip after we received a package with the contents missing. Put an address label on each item you place inside of a package you are shipping. If the box is damaged and the contents “escape” the post office will more easily be able to return your items. Wish we’d thought of that one earlier!

On Distributor Catalogs   If you have a home-based business which distributes catalogs, stick them on!
Francine Nichols — Franklin Furnace, OH

We did receive many duplicate ideas, so credit was issued for the person who submitted it first. Some ideas we’d already collected before we asked for reader input. So keep your great money and time-saving ideas coming, and don’t be discouraged if you don’t see yours here.

Discount Office Supplies

You know we’re careful with how we spend our money. Well, we do the same thing with our business. We’re always looking for deals, discounts and great service. If we can buy office supplies from eBay or Amazon.com, we will, but often times when it comes to disposable items like regular envelopes, padded shipping envelopes and shipping labels the prices are pretty competitive.

You know we love to plan as much of life as we can. We have a weekly “staff” meeting as a family. Everyone has a datebook or some sort of calendar. We’ve found our datebook refills at DiscountOfficeItems for about 40 percent less than at Walmart or other office supply stores.

A few years ago we stumbled upon OfficeSupply.com. Their customer service is phenomenal. You get a live person on the phone who knows what they are talking about (and they speak English!). Call 1-866-302-5397  

Discount Office Items: Low Prices + Free Shipping!

But more importantly, we’ve found that their prices beat the pants off of Staples and Office Max (sorry guys) and are even better than most listings we find on eBay. The always have special coupon offers out there for discounts, but their standard is free shipping on orders of $75 or more.

Don’t just take our word for it, browse their website and do your own comparison. Or better yet, get on the phone and talk to them.

Here’s a little more info about them from their website:

Discount Office Items, an Internet Retailer Top 500 Store and the fastest-growing Office Supplies company with over 40,000 items, offers low prices on quality office supplies, school supplies, technology items, janitorial supplies, office furniture and more!

How to Find the End of a Roll of Tape

A roll of masking tape with a paper clip marking the end of the tape.

This is a tip for finding the end of a roll of masking tape or packaging tape. As you cut off the last piece, put a paper clip on the edge so it won’t stick back down on the roll. The next time you need to use the tape, just lift up the paper clip and the edge or end of the tape will be easily found. No more wasting time hunting for the beginning of the roll.
Julie Hayman – Phoenix, AZ 

Just Ask!

The Ask.com logo.

Your website is very helpful, as usual. However, there was one search engine that you failed to mention: Ask.com. I’ve used it all of the time and it has a lot of features and search results not found when using Google or other search sites.   Tony Meola – Mauldin, SC

Re-Purposed Baby Food Containers

A stack of 3 plastic baby food containers with snack items in them.I’ve discovered many uses for the new plastic baby food containers with re-sealable lids — I never throw them away!

Ranch Dressing Holder

Great for holding ranch dressing in my husband’s lunch. Makes veggies more appealing for my picky non-vegetable eating husband.

Storing Sewing Supplies

I keep some in my sewing box to hold straight pins, buttons, snaps and other small things.

Storing Small Office Supplies

Wonderful for home office supplies like paper clips, thumb tacks, erasers, and safety pins.

Freezing Sauces

Good for freezing small amounts of wine for sauces, lemon juice or other purees for cooking. They aren’t great for long-term freezing, so I place the containers in a freezer bag.

Large Ice Cubes

They’re great for making larger ice cubes or frozen fruit juice for my 2-year-old.

Hair Tie Holder

Fantastic for holding hair ties in a nice tidy container rather than a plastic bag.

Awesome On-The-Go Snack Holder

Great for Cheerios in the diaper bag and trail mix for me (holds perfect amount for snack size, and prevents overindulging).

Small Portion Leftovers

Of course good for toddler portioned leftovers.

Awesome Bug Observation Station

Poke holes in the lid, add a little grass and they keep a ladybug or a roly-poly bug happy for a little bit (until mom releases them into the wild when her 2-year-old moves on to something else).

Great Seed Saver

Fantastic for saving seeds for replanting (with wet paper towel).

When I first discovered them I had no idea how many uses I would find. I now make my own baby food, so to re-use the containers makes me feel better when I do have to buy them. They’re also made of recyclable material so when they have seen their last days in our home, they will be used to make something else!   Heather N. – Plano, TX

Home office supply savings tips on colorful paperclips and more.

If you have an idea for our Random Home Office tips Super Page, please leave it below in the comments. We love when others share their great ideas!

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