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Windy City Live hosts Val Warner and Roe Conn pepper Steve & Annette Economides (Money Smart Family) with questions about their frugal child rearing habits from their latest book, “The MoneySmart Family System.”

Roe the Skeptic

Roe is a total skeptic (with a 24-year-old daughter that he’s somewhat indulged) while Val has hundreds of questions running through her head because she has 2 young children at home and is wondering what she should do about their financial future.

Steve & Annette Economides with daughter Becky on the Windy City Live set with Valerie Warner and Roe Conn

A Different View on Raising Kids

Steve and Annette talk about raising kids who can stand financially independent from their parents. This involves some creative thinking and having an attitude of empowerment rather than entitlement. It flies in the face of some of the attitudes that Roe Conn had about child rearing.

Daughter Becky’s Frugal Habits

At the end of the interview Ji Suk Yi (another host) interviews our daughter Becky, asking her if our frugal habits made her feel deprived. You’ll laugh at her answer — especially when she talks about her pricey Ariat Boots. Becky talks about how she bought another pair of boots that were too small for her at a thrift store, turned around and sold them at a consignment shop and then bought her new boots on sale.

Watch the money-saving Windy City Live segment here:

Behind the Scenes at Windy City Live

Because we talk about money and are pretty transparent about it, most producers find the ideas and information we share to be refreshing and engaging. When we were first discussing segment ideas with the producer at Windy City Live he offered us one 5 minute segment. We were grateful for that opportunity. After talking with him and sharing the content we had for the segment, he came back and offered us more time (2 segments). In a normal 1 hour TV show there are 6 segments for a total of about 43 minutes of TV time. The day we showed up for the interview with a live audience, the producer informed us that we would have three, 6-minute segments. That’s when we got Becky involved. It really turned out to be a fun spot. Especially some of the audience reactions to what we shared.

Hope you save some money with the info we share on this spot.


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