FoxNews—Happening Now—Dealing with Rising Costs

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We had a great time with Fox News hosts Jon Scott and Jenna Lee. We were on Happening Now to share tips from our book, “Cut Your Grocery Bill in Half.”

Joking About our Lifestyle

While they were intrigued with our lifestyle, they did joke around with us about being too frugal. We guess that’s to be expected from people who live in one of the more expensive cities in the US. Things are costly in NYC, and to live there or near there requires you to be a higher wage earner. And there seems to be a mentality in NYC that things are expensive and there is no way around it.

Jon Scott and Jenna Lee Fox News Happening Now

Some of the topics we discussed

Don’t Pay Retail

We shared about how we very rarely pay retail prices. There are just too many deals out there – why pay full price.

Living on Poverty Wages

We shared about when we were first married and Steve was earning $6.50 per hour, how Annette found ways to stretch our pennies until they begged for mercy. Which taught us that we could find and afford anything. We learned that we could get everything we needed at affordable prices if we just looked hard enough.

Eating out for less

With three kids still at home, we shared our strategy for eating out and how we save money doing that – like feeding all of us for $18.

Saving on Groceries

We talked about how a freezer is one of the best investments you can make to save money on groceries. This works especially well if you stock up on sale items around the holidays.

MoneySmart Family, Steve & Annette Economides with Jon Stewart and Jenna Lee on Fox News Happening Now

Other Topics

We also discussed how we set our food budget and manage it and how much you can save by installing a Kitchen Water Filter System versus buying bottled water. We did get to mention our website in the live interview and we’re prepared for what happened next – read about “After the interview” below.

The Final Question

After we were done, Jon wrapped up the interview by telling us that to save money, Jenna was going to take all of us out for lunch at an expensive restaurant across the street from the studio. . . it never happened.

After the Interview

But as soon as we were off the air, Jon held his hand up to the monitor in his ear. Then he turned to us and smiled, saying, “Just want you to know that we just crashed your website server.” We were shocked and excited. Fox News Happening now is unlike other national broadcasts that are released at a particular hour in each time zone (tape-delayed). Because they are actually LIVE across the nation – so many people came to our website that it was down for about 15 minutes. We like those kinds of problems!

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