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How to Freeze, Safely Thaw and Cook Frozen Meat

Great Tips for Freezing Meat!

Freezing meat bought on sale is a great way to save money at the grocery store. But if you don’t properly store and protect the meat, your savings can be wasted due to freezer burn. If you follow the steps your frozen meat will save you money and you’ll rarely be disappointed.

Reader Question about Freezing Meat

How do you freeze steak, and keep it from getting dry and tough? We recently purchased filet mignon from Costco, ate two of them (they were delicious) and froze the others. When we defrosted and cooked them, they were awful. Is there is a better way … Read more »

9 Easy Tips to Freeze Milk and How to Thaw it Safely

Tips to freeze and thaw milk

How can you save money on milk purchases? For years we’ve frozen milk that we bought on sale in our deep freezer, and then defrosted it when we were ready to use it. Freezing milk is not that hard to do if you follow our tips. Learn how we freeze and thaw milk safely and quickly.


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5 Proven Ways to Store & Freeze Fresh Baked or Store Bought Bread

Want to know the best way to freeze store bought bread without getting freezer burn?

Are you looking for easy ways to freeze bread and other options for storing bread? We’ve got simple solutions here, whether you have store-bought bread or homemade bread.

Bread is a staple of life for most of us.

Bread comes in all shapes and sizes. Things like sliced store-bought bread for sandwiches, Artisan bread with thick for dipping, or homemade sourdough bread. Then you’ve got ciabatta, dinner rolls, baguettes, voleos, focaccia, and quick breads.

The sky’s the limit with how many different kinds of bread we bake or consume.

Bread and Being Frugal

Being frugal means that we don’t like to waste the things … Read more »

Foods That Freeze Well – Save $2000 Using a Freezer

You won't believe how much money a freezer save your family on grocery purchases! It's amazing!

Are you looking for a list of foods that freeze well? Do you want to stock up on sale items and turn your freezer into a huge money saver for your family?

Those are great goals. And we’ve got the answers for you.

The $2000 Chest Freezer is the final article of a 5 Kitchen Tools series designed to empower you to save thousands of dollars on your food budget.

Over the past few weeks, we’ve shared how we save with the humble SpoonUla, a set of glass bowls for lunches, a slow cooker, and a Meat Slicer. We’ve calculated the annual savings … Read more »