Speaking Presentations

Steve & Annette Economides are keynote and workshop presenters, speaking on a broad spectrum of topics dealing with personal finances, financial literacy, parenting and family life. Their presentations always include practical “take-aways” that listeners can start applying immediately. Attendees have said Steve & Annette’s presentations are dynamic, down-to-earth, funny, practical, transparent, realistic and inspirational

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1) Four Keys to Your Family’s Financial Success

4 keys to your financial success

It doesn’t take a six-figure income to have an enjoyable life! Steve & Annette will motivate you to action with their four keys to financial success through: The Potential of Planning; The Revelations of Research; The Power of Persistence; and the Authority of Attitude. They teach practical, actionable ideas, with dozens of tips which you can start applying today. You’ll learn how to keep more of what you earn, eliminate debt and invest in your future and those you love.

2) When is Enough . . . Enough? 


Do you feel like you’re always running, always have an unending to-do list, and never have enough money to go around? Steve and Annette will walk you through evaluating your; time, possessions, family relationships and your career, to help you arrive at a place of peace. You’ll come away with tons of practical ideas that will give you more time to do the things that matter most!

 3) Building a MoneySmart Family: Tools; Rules & Jewels


A master homebuilder will have the right tools and know exactly how to use them as he constructs a beautiful new home. Building your financial future is no different. Steve and Annette describe the tools they’ve used for money management, time management, and parenting to help them construct a debt-free life and raise a household full of financially independent, MoneySmart Kids.


1) The MoneySmart Family System – Teaching Kids About Money Isn’t Kids’ Stuff
Raising Confident, Financially Independent Children

Teaching Kids about Money isn't kids stuff - the Moneysmart Family system - presentations

The USDA estimates it will cost $261,000 to raise a child through high school. Steve and Annette will show you how to successfully raise your children for a fraction of this cost. Since 1995, they have been teaching their kids to earn, save and spend their own money. They’ll cover the system they’ve developed and how you can customize it to fit your own family’s lifestyle. By training your kids (of any age) to handle money wisely they will be prepared to enter adulthood ready to soar. They’ll also share the 8 bonuses their kids experienced by learning to stand financially independent.

2) Cut Your Grocery Bill in Half—Without Becoming A Coupon Queen!Cut Your Grocery Bill in Half

Saving money on groceries is the fastest way for a family to generate excess cash!Do you need to be an Extreme Couponer, spending hours clipping and filing coupons, to gain maximum savings at the grocery store? “No,” say frugal shoppers and NY Times Best Selling authors Steve & Annette Economides. They’ll share how we feed a family of five for just $350 per month, as well as multiple ways you can save beyond clipping and sorting coupons. Just implementing a few of their many strategies will have a huge impact on your food budget, and could put $4000 back in your pocket each year.

3) Get Right On The Money with America’s Cheapest Family

Getting Right on the Money with Americas MoneySmart Family - Keynote

Steve and Annette Economides, share their easy-to-implement strategies that they have used since 1982 to live a debt-free, fun-filled life without feeling deprived. They’ll cover many money-saving strategies and the single most important tool that any family can use to reach their financial goals. By utilizing these tools they paid-off their first home in 9 years, purchased all of their cars with cash and reached the American Dream in a very un-American way . . . without debt! Financial hope and freedom are within reach!

4) Debt Free College: Fantasy or Reality?

Debt Free College Fantasy or Reality - say no to student loans

Steve and Annette Economides raised five kids and all of them have gone to college without student loans or massive tax-sheltered savings accounts. In this presentation, Steve & Annette share the multiple strategies they’ve given their kids to achieve excellent grades, great test scores and to land huge scholarship awards and grants. These are tried and true methods for getting an excellent education and staying out of debt—all taken from their book, “The MoneySmart Family System: Teaching Financial Independence to Children of Every Age.”

5) Raising Real Kids for the Real World

Raising Real kids for the Real World!

“Book Smart” kids may do well in school, but who will prepare them for the realities of life. Becoming “Life Smart” is critical for real-world success. Steve & Annette Economides have been teaching life skills to children since 1995 in the areas of personal responsibility; organization; personal appearance; attitude and work ethic. You can create an atmosphere of learning where everyday experiences are the vehicle to develop children into adults who excel in every area of life.

6) Reflections of a Home School Dad.

Reflections of a Home School Dad.

A homeschool dad can sometimes feel like an outsider – going to work and then coming home to hear about his family’s activities. In this candid session, 25-year homeschool veterans Steve & Annette Economides share the 5 things Steve did to unintentionally undermine his wife and children and 5 things God taught him to restore and build-up his family. Steve will lead dads to discover how to become an integral part of family life and create a powerful foundation of peace and hope in their homes.

7) Dinner Time Fun: Building a stronger Family at the Table

Dinner Time Fun with MoneySmart Family

Surveys prove that families who regularly eat meals together are more cohesive, emotionally bonded and have fewer behavioral problems and addictions. Steve & Annette will talk about how a homeschool family can keep mealtime engaging, fun and uplifting, especially if you have a wide range of ages at the table! And they’ll also address what do you do if your spouse isn’t sold on the value of a family mealtime.

8) MoneySmart Health and Medical Benefits

MoneySmart Health and Medical Benefits

Unpaid medical bills are the leading cause of bankruptcy in America. Whether you have a curable or incurable medical condition, Steve & Annette will share practical tips for stretching your medical dollars and getting the care you need. They’ll cover:

  • Getting the most from your insurance
  • Smart ways to resolve medical claim disputes
  • Protecting your loved ones during hospital stays
  • Leveraging tax-deductible accounts
  • Maximizing office visits with your doctors
  • Researching and finding solutions to what ails you
  • Saving money on prescription drugs
  • Find deals on durable medical equipment
  • 10 ways to keep your body healthier

As self-employed authors with five kids, Steve & Annette have had no shortage of medical issues and claims. In spite of difficult times, they’ve discovered many ways to get the coverage they needed while immunizing themselves from the high cost of medical care.

9) Home Schooling on a Shoe-String Budget

Home Schooling on a Shoestring Budget

Steve and Annette will share many resources that will help you successfully homeschool without spending a fortune. Not only will these practical concepts be economical, but they’ll be creative and outside-the-box thinking for today’s homeschool families. Steve & Annette will discuss: the value of support groups; finding community resources; great hands-on curriculums; recreational reading that enriches; the pros and cons of co-ops; fun and educational field trips, vacations that renew and inspire and much more.