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Needlework, Crocheting & Knitting Super Page of Ideas!

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This Needlework, Crocheting & Knitting Page contains lots of money saving tips and easy crafting ideas.

Red Cross Knitting Stripes

I do a lot of volunteer knitting for the Red Cross. Whenever we receive small balls of yarn that cannot be made into a blanket or sweater, I use them to make colorful stripes in a blanket. I pick one yarn color for the overall blanket theme and then make different color stripes. It always looks great.   Angela Guastella – Chester, VA 

Needlework Needles Sharpened

A hand sharpening a needle on an emery board.I thought I was the only one who pinched pennies the way you all do. I’m always looking for new ways to save. I love to sew and also do alterations for myself and for a living. One way I save money and time sewing is, when a needle gets a blunt end rather than throwing it away, I repair it. I just rub the tip lightly on an emery board or file until it is pointy again. You can do it three or four times before replacing the needle.   Marie Davis – Pendleton, SC

Yarn Scraps for Crochet Crafts

Many colorful crochet hooks.I love to crochet as a hobby. It can be done anywhere, I even take it with me when we go camping. When I have saved enough scrap yarn, I make up “Granny Squares” and connect them together to make Afghans, baby blankets, pot holders and a variety of other things, even sweaters. I use most of these for Christmas or birthday gifts. Using scraps makes them an almost free gift.   Marie Davis – Pendleton, SC

Free Patterns for Knitters and Crocheters

Ravelry is an online forum for knitters and crocheters. You don’t have to log in to browse all the free patterns available for download. Many well-known designers are represented, and it’s easy to join groups based on their patterns and to find YouTube how-to videos by starting at this site.  Pauly Heller – Phoenix, AZ

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3 thoughts on “Needlework, Crocheting & Knitting Page

  1. CarolynEPCMM

    There are several resources for free yarn/needles/hooks.
    1) Check out your Facebook “Buy Nothing” group to receive items in this gift economy.
    2) Facebook Marketplace lists free or inexpensive collections.
    3) Your local yarn shop may have charity group work and you keep leftovers after doing your project.
    4) Make your hobby known! One lady at church gave me 2 storage bins of yarn!
    5) Also, adding to thrift store idea: Unravel older sweaters.
    6) Make “plarn” from plastic bags for purses and mats (see YouTube)

  2. donnab

    You can find cross stitch, needlepoint, etc. projects half completed at thrift stores and garage sales. I’ve gotten lovely yarn at my favorite thrift store for .50 skein. you can sometimes do well with Michaels coupons for all needlework supplies.

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