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Online Grocery Coupon Sources logoIf you have time, coupons can save you a boodle. We find most of our coupons in the newspaper and magazines we receive. We also download special offers from our local grocer’s loyalty programs. But another great way to find high-value coupons is through a couple of great websites:


2) Grocery Coupon Network

Both sites have hundreds of coupons you can search through. requires you to download their printer app which sometimes can be a problem.

Coupons at CVS

Annette’s childhood friend Dianne came to AZ for a visit and they worked some magic at CVS.

First, they loaded the CVS app (search the site for the app page – it changes often) to Annette’s android phone. This was free.

Next, they went to the coupon kiosk in the store and scanned Annette’s loyalty card. This allowed Annette to receive some free coupons from the machine. A loyalty card is also free and can be gotten at every CVS store.

Once Annette received her kiosk coupons, she looked at the store flyer or curricular as some refer to it. Then she matched up sale items, kiosk coupons, and any manufacturers coupons she had handy.

Dianne reminded Annette to look for shelf tags around the store that hung over products she would use and buy.

Discounts for multiple items

These tags would proudly display discounts for multiple items.

Razors were on sale this particular day for $5.99 each, and there was a sign saying that if you bought $15.00 worth of qualifying razors, you got an automatic $7.00 discount. Since the razors were approximately $6 each, Annette bought 3. She purchased $18.00 worth of razors (3 packages) but they only cost $11.00. You can see this in the video below regarding the razor deal.

The final trick for CVS coupons and savings is to look at their CVS bucks program. This will be dollar off coupons to use on your next purchase. CVS bucks can be $1.00 up to $10.00. Maybe even more. The razor order cost Annette $1.61 because she had $10.00 extra bucks from a previous order to use.

The more you frequent CVS and use their coupon kiosk, the more coupons you will receive.

Try CVS today! Use their loyalty card, their app, their coupon kiosk, some manufacturers coupons, and their store quantity discounts plus their extra bucks.

You will save money and have a blast doing it! Annette Economides – Scottsdale, AZ

I’m A Coupon Mom

I started using Grocery coupons about a month ago and already have seen a change in how much I pay for certain items.

One day while I was on my lunch break, I went online to look for more coupons and came across This website is awesome! You not only get tons of coupons but the best part of this site is that they do the research for you. They tell you how to match up coupons with deals in the stores so you get the item for less. It’s great for someone like me, who just started using coupons. I’m still learning how to match coupons with deals to pay less and this website takes all of the mystery out of it. I recommend this site for anyone, just sign up for their newsletter and sit back and relax. Marilyn Hernandez – Mansfield, MA


Make Your Coupons Last Longer – Give to the Military

Military Commissaries have an extra 6 months to turn in their coupons for redemption. So, if you have expired coupons, give them to someone who shops at a commissary – they’ll be saving money longer. Doreen Hallman – Phoenix, AZ

MoneySmart Family Note: Military Coupon Update We’ve done further research regarding using expired coupons on military bases. The six-month extension of expired coupons applies only on overseas military bases. But your expired coupons can still help by either mailing them to someone stationed overseas – via an APO address – using US domestic postage or by calling your local military base family service department and asking if they have a coupon exchange program in place.

There is an organization called the Overseas Coupon Program and their Web site,, lists the bases around the world, along with addresses and names of the volunteer coordinators where you can send your expired coupons. They also provide instructions on how to package the coupons and properly fill out the customs forms. At this time they don’t accept internet or store coupons, just manufacturer’s coupons. About $10 million worth of coupons are sent to military bases each year. It’s a great way to rally around our military families and help them stretch their paychecks.

Grocery Coupons – Websites

If you want to find great deals online – check out these coupon sites:

These websites match grocery coupons to stores in your area to the weekly advertised sales. I also found that these F*REE sites have the grocery stores that I go to, unlike the website that asks me to pay and doesn’t include the grocery stores I frequent. Lisa D. – Whitehall, PA

Will Grocery Coupon Items lead to Bad Health?

Fresh fruits and veggies pouring out of a grocery bag.

Question: I used to be a “coupon queen.” But I realized that I bought more junky and processed foods, because, with double coupons, they were extremely cheap or free. On one trip during Thanksgiving, I got over $150 of groceries for only $9.50 plus a free turkey.

However, with all the junky foods I bought, my family’s (and my) health declined.

Now, I feed my family an abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables – and more whole foods and organic items. We feel much better than before, but my grocery bill is going sky-high. I find that many of the loss leaders are for very processed and unhealthy foods.

Do you have any tips to save on organics and fresh fruits and veggies? How can I shop less often for fresh produce without having to freeze?

Answer for Grocery Coupon Question

Coupons are not the culprit for poor health. It’s a matter of choices. We use coupons judiciously, eat lots of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains and are very healthy.

Organic foods are a growth area in the grocery store with sales increasing from $10.4 billion in 2004 to a projected $300 billion in 2008. Because of the profit potential, more retailers are carrying organics and this is resulting in lower prices.

Shop around for deals. With some aggressive planning and comparison shopping, you should be able to cut your bill considerably. Focus on buying fruits and veggies that are in season and at their lowest prices:

Fall: Apples, pears, avocados, and peppers.
Winter: Citrus.
Spring: Asparagus, artichokes, strawberries.
Summer: Peaches, nectarines, plums, melons, apricots, berries and squash.

Consume your most fragile produce right away (things like berries, bananas, and grapes) saving heartier things like apples and oranges for later in your shopping cycle. This way you should be able to limit your shopping trips to twice a month, which will reduce overall costs.

Some foods don’t need to be purchased as organics and are just as healthy. And if you’ve got a green thumb, you can always plant your own garden (contact your local county extension service). Zucchini anyone?

Buy Small / Save Big with Grocery Coupons

Instead of buying in bulk, I use grocery coupons on the smallest package available which lets me purchase the item for the greatest discount.

Another option is to wait for the larger package to go on sale and use a
coupon to get it for even less.

In our area, a store doubles coupons to equal $1 or less, which makes some
name brands cost only a few cents when they are on sale and I use the coupon.

One important thing about stocking up: Don’t forget to rotate your products as we purchased automatic dishwashing liquid and after a year it separated and would not go back together.   Karen – Centerville, OH

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Coupons Galore

I can’t say enough good things about this website Members post great deals under corresponding stores (many categories to choose from). They will tell you when there is a great deal at a store, as well as whether or not there are coupons in circulation that will make the deal even sweeter. I use this list as my “Refunder’s Bible” to buy things cheaply/free to add to my stockpile for future use. I also often donate items to the needy. This website is free to join. If you don’t have a computer, you can check either your local library or your college library to see if they have Internet access.

Other good coupon sites include:

Debra O. – Aiken, SC

ABC – AlphaBetical Coupons

I have a different way to keep my coupons. Of course, everyone thinks it is way different, but it works for me. I file the coupons alphabetically–then when I shop I just look for the product by name (i.e. Palmolive Dish Liquid) I look under P and find it. Barbara Ribar – Wilmerding, PA

Are You Using More Coupons Now The Ever?

We just received a report from NCH — on of the largest coupon clearing houses in the world.

Here are six things that stood out to us:

  1. More Coupons. Coupon distribution from retailers is up 11.6 percent
  2. Frugal Habits Remain. Retailers realize that due to the recession, consumers have established new shopping habits which are focused on saving money.Sunday Paper. The Sunday FSIs (free standing inserts) continue to grow and are still the most common distribution method for coupons.
  3. Shorter Expirations. Because more coupons are being distributed, and in an effort to control their costs, marketers are shortening the duration of coupons (they’ll expire sooner) down from 10.8 weeks to 9.3 weeks.
  4. Coupon redemption is up 5.3 percent—over 2.5 billion coupons have been redeemed. Do the math. 2.5 billion coupons / 114 million American households = Sounds like a lot of coupons . . . but the reality is that it comes out to only 22 coupons redeemed per household.
  5. Coupons at Dollar Stores. This was really interesting. Coupon usage at Dollar Stores, warehouse clubs and convenience stores have soared about 30 percent. We’re finding some great deals on bread, greeting cards and kitchen supplies at our local Dollar Store—if you know your prices, you can really pick up some good deals (and save even more by using coupons).

Heres their summary. And if you want to read the entire report and see their colorful charts and graphs, click here.

An Increase in Coupons Produced

Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) marketers have continued to increase the total quantity of coupons they issue to consumers, up 11.6% year-to-date through the third quarter. In both the Grocery and Health & Beauty Care (HBC) segments, CPG marketers have increased the number of coupons distributed.

This Is a way to promote their brands to consumers who formed new savings-oriented shopping habits during the recession. More of those coupons were distributed through Free Standing Inserts (FSI), a media with very broad household reach.

With the increased consumer demand for value, marketers have been balancing their budgets by managing the coupon offer characteristics that influence redemption velocity. For example, marketers continue to increase the number of coupons issued with purchase requirements of two or more items.

This is driving the year-to-date share of multiple purchase coupons to 29% of all offers distributed. Furthermore, marketers have significantly shortened the duration of offers, with expiration dates now averaging 9.3 weeks year-to-date 2010, a full week and a half shorter than this time last year.

Grocery Coupons Per Year

In total, 2.5 billion coupons have been redeemed year-to-date through the third quarter of 2010, up 5.3% compared to a year ago. With the exception of the retail segment where Dollar Stores are reported, which is up 31% year-to-date, redemption increases across most retail channels have been on par with the industry-wide increase.

Although the recession has been deemed officially over by the economists at the National Bureau of Economic Research’s Business Cycle Dating Committee, high unemployment, suppressed home values and low consumer sentiment continues to further entrench the frugal shopping habits that consumers picked up during the recession, thereby influencing the way marketers promote.

Grocery Coupon App

There is a grocery coupon app called SnipSnap that allows you to store a digital image of your coupon. One person we know saved $10 with a CVS coupon this way.

You can use all three of these coupon apps below to earn savings at the grocery store without ever clipping a single coupon. We know someone who saved $500 in one year by using Checkout 51, Ibotta and Shopmium.

 Strange Missing Grocery Store Ads

A couple of years back, we went to Safeway (grocery store) after our morning workout to pick up a Wednesday paper for the grocery ads. We discovered a very strange thing. When we picked up a newspaper to check it, only two of the 5 grocery store chains that currently existed, had ad inserts in the paper.

Steve checked several papers in the stack and it was the same, just two store ads. Then went across the street to another store called Albertson’s, to pick up their ads and Annette checked the newspaper there. Only two ads in their paper too. That’s when a light went on. Are most grocers only inserting ads in newspapers that are delivered to homes? Are the grocery store chains assuming that people who buy newspapers in grocery stores aren’t interested in grocery ads?

Remember that inserting ads in newspapers isn’t free, so grocers would be trying to eke out more profits by managing their advertising dollars more carefully. The door bell just rang. Annette called our neighbor Joyce and she shared the newspaper ads from her home delivery. YUP, all of the store’s ads were there. What do you think?

Save on Your Newspaper

We usually wait for a super discounted deal on a newspaper subscription and then purchase a several month subscription for Wednesday (grocery ad day in our area) and Sunday. A few years ago we discovered You can easily subscribe to most local papers at huge discounts. Hey, if it saves you a few bucks, why not give it a try. We’ve done it and it’s been great.

Newspaper subscription

Update: Currently in our area, If you do not subscribe to the newspaper, food ad will come weekly in your mailbox. At least most of the time they make it in there, every now and then the food ads don’t arrive.

For more great grocery saving tips, visit our shopping tips page.

If you have a tip or trick for saving money with Grocery Coupons please mention it in the comment section.

A pile of clipped grocery coupons.

A Great Discount Coupon Site

Several years ago we discovered It’s a great site that is constantly putting up new coupons and deals. Check out their latest deals here:

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