17 Real-Life Success Stories from Debt-Free and Frugal Living Masters!

Debt Free living & Frugal Living Success Stories!

This Debt-Free Living & Frugal Living Inspiring Stories Page contains a growing list (17) of success stories from our readers on how they avoid debt and live life joyfully!

If you’re looking for encouragement to keep going, you’re going to love reading these frugal living success stories from real people. Some struggle with debt, others are finding joy in living within their means. Keep reading and get stoked about the possibilities!

1. Frugality Helps You Sleep

I want to let you know how much your book and website have helped my family during this past year. I have had ongoing health issues … Read more »

Making Money Tips & Ideas Page

How to make money tips and hacks.

This Making Money Page contains a growing list of tips from our readers on ways they make money and save money on everyday expenses!

This page includes ideas for making money such as checking contracts for things purchased or rented; selling on Swip Swap; checking household bills for accuracy & unneeded items; IRS deductions to take; employment that offers discounts, perks or free services and earning gift cards with Swagbucks!

Retail Arbitrage? Is it a legal way to make money?

We have met a number of people at Goodwill, Garage Sales and rummage sales who search for deals and then resell the things they … Read more »

Budget Success Stories

Budget Success Stories, these will really encourage you!

This Budget Success Stories Page contains a growing list of Budgeting Ideas from readers like you!

If you want some encouragement about how a budget can revolutionize your personal finances, you’ve come to the right place. We love hearing stories of budgeting success – going from debt to equity, desperation to determination and seeing the joy of families who have learned to make their money do what they want it to do. Read these stories and be encouraged!

This page contains the following stories:

Budget Success,    Young Adult Success,   Budgets Lift Burdens, Budget with Confidence,  A Child Running A … Read more »

Banking, Taxes & Charitable Giving Tips

Banking and Tax Savings Money Hacks Super Page.

This Banking, Taxes & Charitable Giving Tips Page contains a growing list of money-saving tips from our readers to help you deal with bank fees, tax preparation, and charitable giving!

25x the Interest – FDIC Online Bank

If you need a bank that pays a high-interest rate and has very low fees consider CIT Bank. They are an FDIC insured bank that pays 25x the national average in interest (1.55% APY).

You can open an account with a minimum balance of $100. Get details from CIT Bank. 

We know that it’s a lot of work to change banks, but at the very … Read more »

Creative Ways to Save Money

Saving Money Tips & Tricks!

Are you looking for Creative Ways to Save Money? This page is full of great ideas to help you spend less on everyday expenses!

You’ll find tips for saving money including using cash; tracking sales cycles; bartering; negotiating; shopping on CraigsList and military discounts. These are super frugal, creative and fun ways to make your money go further.

1. The Windfalls Plan Really Works!

One of the first articles I read was about Windfalls.  I found it interesting and told my husband about it that same night.

We both wrote down 5 things we each wished for. Some things on our lists … Read more »

What is Your Budget Question? 17 Tips on How to Budget Better

What is Your Budget Question & How to budget better - tips for growing your money.

We’ve asked our email subscribers, What is Your Budget Question? This page is really growing. If you have a budget question, please use our contact form and send it in!

On this page, we answer 17 of the most common budget questions with practical solutions.

We talk about all aspects of budgeting and answer some very practical questions, that sometimes folks are afraid to ask.

What is Your Budget Question – A Better Way to Control Your Spending

The more control you have over your money, the more money you’ll have.

We’ve helped other people use YouNeedABudget (YNAB) and found that it … Read more »