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Practical ways Grandparents can help their kids and grandkids.

We asked our Facebook friends a couple of questions about how their parents had a positive impact on their children. We want to build a brainstorming list of ideas to encourage grandparents to be active participants in their grandchild’s life. Please add your comments to the bottom of this page—we’d love your input.

We’re wanting to encourage a grandchild’s development of financial independence.

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Question 1: If your child’s grandparents (your in-laws or parents) could help your family with their financial and relational resources, what would you wish for?

Grandparents could help with Activities

  • Elizabeth Kamm said: Lessons! Lessons are so enriching in a child’s life like learning piano, dance, or art. Also, swim classes help save lives! What a great gift for grandma & grandpa to invest in a child’s life!
  • Stephanie Hargrove Price said: I wish they could help with our childrens activities and their cost! One in soccer and one in gymnastics PLUS hauling them to these things kills us! Oh, and also band and chorus, the “school” related things that still suck the money and life right out of me!
  • Natalie Pipkin Sanders said: Homeschooling activities… from every angle!
  • Jennifer Jeldness Kimball All the lessons, clubs and enrichment activities. Those “extras” add up when you have multiple kids at the right ages for those things. Even something simple and inexpensive as scouts gets to be too much when you’d like them to have the full uniform, the books, and the extras.

Spending time with the Kids

  • Amy Jordan said that keeping the kids a few days a week would save us a great deal of $ on daycare.
  • Selina McNelley said: my parents fullfill alot of the things I thought I would be wishing for help on. My mom is the babysitter most the time and since she works for my dad she can take the kids to office with her. It’s great since we have a newborn and most daycares here don’t take a child under 6 months. They also help with clothes and any other bigger purchases i need for the kids.
  • Candace Morris Van Horn said: I wish the grandparents would be involved with my children. I wish they would attend any activity to show their support. I also wish they would spend time with the children.


  • Rochelle North help w/ private school tuition.
  • Cheryl Solt-Jones said: college

Not Money

  • Heather Brodie Morgan said that the only thing we ask for is their wisdom. The experiences they have been through is enough to share with our daughter. We don’t wish for them to help us in any monetary way. I am a firm believer that it is our responsibility to provide for our child. My parents did their job when they raised us. It is their money to enjoy and spend as they wish on themselves.
  • Carol E. Bennett said: I agree with Heather! 🙂
  • Beth Nace said: Nothing tangible. Just support in teaching my children how to live on a budget. Everything else I want the satisfaction of doing and paying for myself….devoid of Mommy and Daddy’s help!
  • Linda Sweet said:  To attend the kids activities. Also recipes and good financial advice.
  • Carla Parazine said: When I was a young parent (long ago) it would have been nothing monetary, (cause looking at some of these posts I think you all are doing way to much for and not spending enough time with) but just as my parents did, time, love, attention, wisdom, memories, moral direction were what my heart desired…and they came through perfectly. Thanks mom and dad.
  • Melodee Campbell said: I am blessed with lovingly involved parents, mother-in-law and grandmother. For 14+ years, one or another of them has offered to: take the (4) kids overnight at least once a month (not always at the same time!), help cover the costs of activities, take the kids back-to-school shopping, provide a loving presence at activities when my husband or I cannot be there, stayed with younger siblings so that we can spend focused time on the older kids… We have SO appreciated this support and the extra hands. Our kids would not be able to be involved in the many activities they have enjoyed without this group! This IS what I would wish for! 🙂
  • Rhonda Casa de Gatos said: my mom is very involved with our kids. Wish inlaws would be more involved with their grandchildren and support our decision to homeschool, or at the very least stop asking my son if he wants to go back to school almost every single time they come to our house.
  • Gloria Jeanette Sloane Glass said: I would love to have family to be involved, help teach them lifes lessons, to be a good moral person, character a respectable person, My husband and I have 11 children and no family around. The Grandparents that were involved and helped (mine) have passed away and hubbys family is not involved with any of the our family.
  • Becky Hurt King We love my grandchildren and we give them all the love we can.. not much else.. just love and experiences… that is ALL a grandparent should ever do… just hug and kiss on them until the giggle.. We don’t buy them gifts either.. I give them trips to the beach for clamming or tickets to a high school play .. they have so much stuff they never appreciate all the toys. So I give them “ME” Someday they will figure out the differences in Nanas and Papas…
  • Deborah Winger said: Live with in your means…Honor your husband by being satisfied with what he makes!!!! Radical!!!

Financial Assistance

  • Cindy Hatfield Chamberlain said: I would love to be able to stay at home with my kids but I can’t because of the extremely high cost of health insurance. So…I’d wish for them to pay our health insurance so I could be a stay-at-home mom.
  • Lisa Collins Irvine said: Well, my mom already helps pay for music lessons and when we have had to repair something with the house, but if I could make a wish, it would be for a bigger house. As far as relational, she is always there for all of us!
  • Marlene Mahon-Duncan said: humm…all the money that my in-laws spends on “Stuff” for the kids, easter baskets, halloween junk etc. Take and put in a fund for something BIG like a weekend in a nearby city, or a FAMILY trip to Disney. Then the memories with the grandkids will be bigger and better vs trips to the dollar store.

Question 2: How have your parents or your in-laws (your kids grandparents) helped or hindered the development of your children’s financial training.

  • Bo Fleisch said: My grandparents always started a savings account in each grandchild’s name with a little money in it.
  • Julie Mead said: Trust funds for college. Great for helping with student loans and school expenses.
  • Kelly Gilluly Weyd said: Nana has a college fund for each of my kids, and instead of buying all toys on birthdays and Christmas, she puts some money in the college funds.
  • Pam Carswell said: My best friend’s parents offered to pay the filling fee on her divorce if she and he husband would attend 8 sessions of marital counseling before calling it quits. I am happy to say the couple reconcilled and payment was unneeded. What wisdom and help.
    Nicole Manning Asmus said: In a great message by Tim Kimmel at Scottsdale Bible Church, he talked about being a hand up not a hand out….Wisdom that we have been blessed by from our family as the economy has hit us hard. We are in the housing industry unfortunatley.
    Becky Klinesmith Armstrong said: They’ve been good examples of what NOT to do, as they hear of bad decisions and we talk to them about it – in generalities – we don’t tear down the person, but discuss the decision.
  • Selina McNelley said: my parents, my dad mostly, is encouraging and supportive of my wanting to open up college savings accounts for my kids. I’m an adult now (obviously) but remember my grandparents helping me get my first job. Besides getting paid to help them in the garden at the farm grams helped me get a waitressing job in town when I was 15. Gramps educated me on the importance of college, financial stability, and what i should do when i have my own family.

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