FREE Coloring Pages for Adults Online: 25 Cool Printable Pages To Relax

A List of Free Coloring Pages for Adults that you can Print and download.

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Are you looking for free coloring pages online for adults that you can work on at home? If so we’ll help you find these pages from 25 websites and companies listed below!

From mandalas to zentangles to really cool designs and animals we’ve found them all for you. Most are high-resolution .pdf files that you can download and print out in just minutes.

Even the most productive adults need some time to recharge and refresh. One way to do this is by unwinding with adult coloring pages. And the way to do it inexpensively is to find free online sources.

There are many resources that have free printable coloring pages for the kid inside of you. So take a look at the list below and start downloading and coloring!

Free Coloring Pages for Adults – Online & Printable!

There are so many sources for finding free pages to color. We’ll keep adding to this list as we find more. But check out these sites that target adults who love to color.

Alisa Burke Free Adult Coloring Resources

Alisa Burke adult coloring pages - flowers.

Alisa Burke has an amazing flower coloring page available to print. The fun part is that it is meant to be printed as a 36’’x 48’’ poster! That would be one fun way to color! Keep reading for ideas on how to print a large coloring page.

Art is Fun!

Art is Fun! Coloring Pages.

Thaneeya McArdle, the artist at “Art is Fun” has published many adult coloring books, but she offers a few special free downloadable pages for adults to color. All of her coloring pages are fun, cheerful pages that are worth taking a look at.

Check out all of Thaneeya’s books on Amazon.

Color with Fuzzy

Color with Fuzzy free coloring pages.

Although most of the printable coloring pages on this site are for children, Color with Fuzzy also has a collection of adult coloring pages for you. The categories they have available include detailed stain glass, architectural, flowers, whimsical scenes, geometric, holidays, and more. There are over 40 cool options, so it is likely you will find something to suit your interests.

Crayola’s Free Adult Coloring Pages

Crayola Free Coloring Pages for Adults

Of course, Crayola has a ton of free coloring pages to choose from. It’s super easy to scroll through the choices and click on the print now button to print it!

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Dover Publications

Dover Adult Coloring book pages.

Owls, the very cute creature with huge eyes, are adorable. Dover Publications has a set of free downloadable coloring pages featuring these adorable owl birds.

They have a set of five different pictures with very cute themes to accompany the owls. Definitely worth checking out if you are into owls.

Dover has been in the art publishing business since 1941. It’s great to see how they have adapted to the digital era.

Other free coloring pages from Dover Publications include:

See Dover’s full collection of more than 200 different adult coloring books for less than $10 each.

Dreams Factory

By Dreams Factory free coloring pages.

By Dreams Factory has 100 printable coloring pages available. The pages are geared to both adults and kids, you will have to decide for yourself which pages belong to which group, but all of the pages seem advanced.

Easy Peasy and Fun

Easy Peasy Fun free coloring pages.

You guessed it, these coloring pages are not challenging but still worthwhile if you are looking for an easy page to color. Andreja has many nature-themed printable coloring sheets available on Easy Peasy and Fun.

Faber-Castell Adult Coloring Pages

Faber Castell coloring pages.

Faber-Castell has a wide variety of adult coloring patterns to choose from.

Their selections include:

– Mandalas
– Intricate nature scenes
– Delicate cakes
– Humans and much more.

You will find it hard to get bored with so many of these options available.

Their selection ranges from mandalas and intricate nature scenes to delicate cakes and humans. You will find it hard to get bored with all of these potential coloring pages.

Fave Crafts

Fave Crafts Free coloring pages girl walking on a lake.

There are 43 different free coloring pages for adults to choose from on the Fave Crafts site. Your choices include intricate mandalas and witty quotes.

Hattifant Free Coloring Pages

Hattifant Coloring pages and 3d puzzels

Hattifant has many different coloring page options. Most of the pages are nature-inspired, but there are a few quotes and other scenes thrown into the mix.

The free coloring pages are easy to download as a PDF. You can even color paper lanterns to use as a night light around the house.

Hello Kids!

Hello kids adult coloring page - Mandala.

Although the name says Hello Kids, these free coloring pages for adults are awesome! The patterns mostly consist of intricate flowers, but there is one mandala if that is what you are interested in. Don’t be deterred by the name, these patterns are detailed enough for every adult to enjoy.

Judy Clement Wall

Judy Clement Wall adult coloring page with a saying on it.

Judy Clement Wall is an illustrator who absolutely loves drawing.

She has created some fantastic free coloring pages. Judy has 12 different patterns available as a free download.

The patterns include cats, humans, beautiful butterflies, an honest quote and more.

Just Color

Never Give Up quote coloring page from Just Color.

Just Color has over 1,500 printable free pages for adults to color. These are guaranteed to satisfy all of your coloring needs. There are six categories to choose from: mandalas, nature, travels, art, history and special events. All of these categories have hundreds of images and many subcategories that can help you to find the perfect printable coloring page for you.

Loner Wolf Free Resources

Loner Wolf Coloring pages.

Loner Wolf offers 18 free coloring pages for you to download.

Among these are images of a:

  • Mushroom
  • Tribal Mask
  • Mexican skull and lion
  • Geometric flowers
  • Dragons and more.

These pages are very unique and an interesting page to color just because his style is so different.

Millie Marotta Free Pages

Millie Marotta Elephant free coloring pages.

Millie Marotta is one of the most prolific coloring book illustrators. She has published dozens of books – you can see them on Amazon.

One her website she has 26 free coloring downloads.

But there are several websites that have some of her pages as free downloads for you to sample her work.

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Monday Mandala

Monday Mandala free coloring page example

Monday Mandala has a number of illustrators who produce some fascinating designs. They have more than 100 free mandalas that you can download today and start coloring. The images are saved as large .pdf files. – Search for “Coloring Book”

Pixabay coloring page image of a woman with long hair.

Pixabay is a royalty-free stock photo website. You don’t even have to create an account to be able to search and download images. They are free to use for commercial and non-commercial use under Creative Commons Licensing. If you search for “Coloring Book” you’ll be amazed and the number of beautiful images you’ll find.

Pokolorujswait – Educational Website

Pokolor coloring page example.

Pokolorujuswait has been providing educational resources for kids and adults since 2006. They have hundreds of pages of images from classic kids’ movies to coloring pages for adults. Pick your option, download and start coloring.

Shabby Creek Cottage

Shabby Creek Coloring page sample for adults.

The Shabby Creek Cottage offers 101 printable free coloring pages for adults to choose from! The variety of patterns is amazing and all of the pages are beautiful. You might be on this site for a while if you decide to just do all of these pages. There are cute quotes and many intricate flowers to choose from.

Super Coloring

Super Coloring sample page for adult coloring.

Super Coloring offers a variety of printable free coloring pages for adults of every interest. The pages range from flowery nature scenes and fish to unicorns and fast cars to Art Nouveau pictures. It is likely you will find something that grabs your interest here.

Teal Notes

A Feather coloring page from

Vivian at TealNotes has a page devoted to adult coloring.  She has flowers, feathers, hearts and many other great images for you to relax with.

Trail of Colors

Trail of colors coloring book pages.

Trail of Colors is a website that offers free downloadable printable pages for both kids. They have a variety of options for coloring patterns. These include pages for flowers, trees, sea turtles, balloons, fun quotes and more.

Tried & True’s Adult Coloring Pages

Tried & True’s Coloring Pages for Adults

If you love quotes, then Tried & True’s is the place for your free coloring sheets. The quotes range from sweetly sentimental to hilariously sassy.

You can decorate your home with coloring pages from Tried & True. Their idea is to create mini works of art that you feel comfortable turning into wall art. It is a great resource for both coloring pages as well as decorating on a tight budget.

What Mommy Does

Just Color Free Coloring pages.

Lena from What Mommy Does has over 25 free printable coloring pages for adults available on her blog. You can choose from mandalas, animals, forest scenes and more. There are also a few Disney princess patterns to choose from. While Disney may sound childish, they are intricate and challenging designs that adults will love.


Pinterest Free Coloring Pages for Adults

Of course, you can find some amazing boards with links to free coloring pages on Pinterest. Linda Lee Stellhorn has a huge collection of pages.

Printing Your Coloring Pages – Large and Small

Finding a place to print your coloring pages might sound tricky, but there are countless resources available that will allow you to print your pages efficiently.

The easier way to use these coloring pages is to simply print off a few pages at home.

Be careful if you have an inkjet printer and plan on using colored markers. The makers are water-based and may cause the ink to smear.

If printing at home isn’t an option for you. Don’t worry! We have a robust list of options on where to print normal-size coloring pages, check out “Copies Near Me: 25 Free or Inexpensive Ways to get a Copy Made Nearby” for some great options.

Larger Format Printing Deals

If you are looking for a way to print a large-format coloring page, then you will likely have to go to a national chain. The available printing options will likely vary by store, but it is possible to print a larger version of a coloring page at Walgreens. Also, the smallest poster option available at Walgreens is a 4’ x 2’, but you can create an even larger poster if you would like.

If you have a photo editing program, you could put several coloring pages on a 4′ x 2′ poster and then cut them up for coloring.

Some other places that you would be able to print a poster-size coloring page include FedEx and Office Depot. You can also call your local print shop to see if they would be able to help you out.

Other Supplies

The first step is to find a coloring page that actually interests you. Once you have printed the page out, then it is time to color!

You might be able to find some colored pencils or markers if you have kids around the house. If you don’t have any coloring tools around the house, then check out these great options.

Your choice of a coloring tool really comes down to either markers or colored pencils.

Bic Color Collection markers are a great option for adult coloring because of the wide range of colors and the felt tips that never need to be sharpened. Another good choice for markers would be the Crayola Fine Line Markers, which come in a set of 40 different colors. Both are good options, it really just depends on how many colors you would like to have available.

If you want to go with colored pencils, then check out Crayola’s Colored Pencils comes in a pack of 50 different colors that are pre-sharpened. Like all other pencils, they will dull over time. You may want to purchase a pencil sharpener as well if you don’t already have one in the house.

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How to Have Even More Fun with Adult Coloring

If you don’t feel like coloring alone, then you could throw a Coloring Party!

You could do a pot-luck dinner with coloring afterward. Also, consider a family night where you have different coloring pages for the various ages of kids and adults attending.

Or you could even have a girls’ night out with Coloring and Wine (or sparkling cider).

For any one of these events, just print out tons of free adult coloring sheets. Amass a collection of markers and colored pencils so that there is no fighting over certain colors.

And finally, invite some people over to enjoy a good time of simply coloring with friends.

Everyone will have a great time, even if they are a little bit skeptical at first. Who doesn’t like a fun night where all you have to worry about is trying to color inside the lines?

More Tips on Adult Coloring

Adult coloring can be a great way to relax and unwind. With a multitude of free resources, you should never run out of free coloring pages to print.

However, some of you may want to buy a larger book of adult coloring pages in order to avoid the cost of printing out your own pages. If you want to go that route, then check out these last few books. All of them are filled with amazing patterns for the kid inside of you that just wants to color.

Stress Relieving Animal Designs by Dan Morris is an inexpensive book (under 5 dollars!) that has 50 different animal coloring patterns that should keep you busy for a while. If animals are your favorite thing to color, then this is the book for you!

Color Your Way to Balance is a great book if you are attempting to restore a sense of peace to your life through coloring. The book includes 24 nature-themed designs that will help you rediscover a sense of calm.

Butterflies and Flowers: Stress Relief is great if you are looking for a stress-relieving pattern. This book has 30 designs for you to choose from at a great price. The author, Cherina Kohey, has created a great escape for anyone who needs to relax by coloring.

Disney Dreams Collection: Thomas Kinkade Studios Coloring Book is perfect for Disney fans. Yes, I realize this is a Disney book. But it is the most awesome one you’ve ever seen.

However, some of us still love Disney as adults. If you are still obsessed with the most magical mouse on earth, then this is the adult coloring book for you. It includes classical scenes from your favorite movies like Sleeping Beauty and Lady and the Tramp.

The pages are very detailed, so it will not feel like you are coloring a children’s book, but it will likely remind you of the best parts of your childhood.

Mini Coloring Books

Finally, this pack of four mini coloring books is perfect if you want to color on the go. The themes are Secret Garden, Lost Ocean, Time Travel, and Zen Mandalas. You will never be bored while traveling again!

Adult coloring pages are a great way to remove yourself from today’s stressors and allow your brain a creative outlet. It can even be a great way to create some custom colored wall art for your home’s decor. With a little research, you’ll be able to find the perfect adult coloring pages for your interests.

Which types of coloring pages will you be starting with soon?

Free coloring book pages for adults.

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