Want Free Stickers? Easy! 113 Companies Who Will Mail You Stickers

A mac laptop with free stickers on it.

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Are you looking for free name-brand stickers from companies you, or your kids’ love?

At MoneySmartFamily we love free stuff. Especially free things that our kids love or that can be given as gifts.

We’ve researched hundreds of companies and created this easy to use list. We update it every couple of weeks to keep it current and to make sure all of the sites still offer free stickers.

This list is divided into 5 sections.

  1. Companies that have sticker request forms on their sites.
  2. Companies that ask you to send a SASE to receive a free sticker
  3. Websites with a Contact Form to request a free sticker
  4. Companies that will send a free sticker if you request by Email
  5. Companies that will sell you a logo sticker

It’s super easy to request stickers. In just a few minutes you could shoot several forms or emails to companies on this list. Within days you’ll start to receive lots of stickers that you can use or give as gifts.

Stickers are small, fun ways to show your personality and the things you love! Put them on your car window, laptop, and binders. You can even use them as rewards for your kids.

But the best part is that almost all of the stickers in this article are free.



These websites all have a sticker request form for you to fill out! It’s so simple and fast. You’ll probably be put on their email list, but it’s easy to get removed if you get too many emails.



AFTCO (American Fishing Tackle Company) has been around since 1958. It specializes in fishing gear and clothes. The company will send you a free sticker with their logo, which includes a fish.

Just request your sticker on their website through this link.


American Farmland Trust

This organization is dedicated to the preservation of farming and farmland in America.

They created the conservation agriculture movement, which speaks for the land—and for the people who grow our food. As leaders of the movement’s, they have three priorities:

  1. Protecting agricultural land
  2. Promoting environmentally sound farming practices
  3. Keeping farmers on the land.

If you’d like one of their “No Farms, No Food” bumper stickers use their sticker request form.

If you want to request multiple stickers the site says to contact ajohnson@farmland.org directly. Bulk stickers also available.



Annie’s a food company that specializes in organic processed food such as mac and cheese. The logo of the company is an adorable bunny rabbit that is on display for all the available stickers. Although you cannot pick which sticker you get, they are all really cute.

If you want to request a sticker, just fill out this form on their website.

One of the required fields will ask you for a picture of you enjoying one of their products. I am not sure how strictly they enforce that, but it is worth noting.



Backcountry is a company that sells clothes and gear for outdoor adventures. The company logo is a mountain goat, which is what will be on your sticker if you request one.

The form to request a Backcountry goat sticker can be found here.


Bayview Prep

Bayview Prep is an online clothing company that sells a variety of shirts, hats, tanks, sweatshirts and more.

All of these clothes are branded with their logo which is a seagull in sunglasses and a bowtie. It is really a funny and cute logo that the company will send you for free as a sticker.

Just fill out this form to request your sticker.


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Believe in the Word

If you Believe in God’s Word or are a person of faith, you might want to get this “I Believe” sticker.

This website strives to help people find biblically correct teaching. You can receive two free “I Believe” stickers by filling out their sticker request form.



BigWords is a price comparison website for books, DVDs, music and games. To get a free sticker sent to you, go to BigWords.com and follow the instructions on this page. They want you to try their search tool. Once you do they’ll send you some stickers.



Byahee is a travel website hosted by a person who was raised by a Chinese-Phillipeno mom and a Dad who was in the US Air Force. A love for travel and photography was instilled in SDR’s heart.

They give away a sticker pack for free to anyone who fills out their sticker request form and gives their email address.




Cotopaxi is another outdoor clothing company that will send you a free sticker.

Their logo is a llama, so it is a really entertaining sticker to receive. Just go to their website and fill out this form.



Chaco is a company that sells very comfortable open-toe outdoor shoes.

Even if you haven’t heard of their shoes, you might want to order these stickers because their logo is bright and cheerful with a very cute lizard.

You can request free Chaco stickers through their request form.


Element Skateboards

If you know anything about skateboarding, then you know Element. Get your free Element Logo Sticker by submitting this sticker request form. (requested 3/26/2019)


Fish Hippie

Fish hippie is a store that sells casual and dress clothing for men. Also, they sell wine to make things interesting. Their logo is an interesting looking fish. If you want to order a very cool looking sticker, this is a good one.

Just fill out a form on their website to get a free sticker.

The form is hard to find so I recommend using the link. The form will send you free stickers, but on other parts of their website, they have stickers for sale.


Fringe Sports

Fringe Sports manufactures and distributes Olympic weights, barbells, kettlebells and more. Get your free Fringe Sports sticker by submitting your info on their sticker request page.


G8 Auto Parts

G8 makes high-performance auto parts. They have an amazing logo sticker that you can request here.


Great Money Saving Idea

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Just connect your current policy with their quote tool and you’ll be on your way to saving money.



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Harley Davidson 

This is a limited time offer. Posted March 25, 2019. Get a free Harley Davidson Battle of the Kings Sticker. This is a great looking sticker. Submit your information on their sticker request form.


Hupy and Abraham

If you live in Wisconsin, Illinois or Iowa, the law firm of Hupy and Abraham will send you a free sticker. Their “Watch for Motorcycles” sticker is free when you submit their request form.

Hupy and Abraham also have a “Don’t Text and Drive” free sticker. You can request it here.


Intel Inside

You can request a replacement Intel Inside sticker. You’ll have to provide proof of ownership of a tech device that contains an Intel chip. That shouldn’t be too hard as most Macs and PCs contain an Intel chip. 

Get the free sticker request form from Intel here.



ICANCHU designs shoes from athletes designed by athletes. These aren’t workout shoes, they’re good looking and comfortable dress shoes without heels. They call them zerodrop shoes.

If you check out their website you’ll see some amazing shoes. And if you visit their sticker request page and fill out the form they’ll send you a free ICANCHU sticker.


In-N-Out Burger

In-N-Out Burger is a recognizable food chain that opened in 1948. There are two options to get free stickers from this company. Either go to a store and ask for a free sticker or go to their website and fill out a contact form.

If you are planning on going with the first option, then keep in mind that they only have locations in Arizona, California, Nevada, Oregon, Texas, and Utah.

If you prefer to request their stickers online, then fill out this form on their website. Just state in the comments that you are requesting a free sticker. (We put a request in and received stickers 4 days later!)



If you live in New York, you can get a free LongIsland sticker by going to this page: sticker request.

Let LI know just how much you love LongIsland.com – get a free LongIsland.com bumper sticker for your car! How do you get a bumper sticker? It’s simple! Stop by the LongIsland.com table at one of the upcoming fairs or festivals we’ll be attending this year (more info below) and sign up for our newsletter, and pick up a LongIsland.com Bumper Sticker on the spot!

If you can’t make it to one of the events we’ll be attending this year, you can still get a sticker! Like them on Facebook, then email them at info@longIsland.com with your mailing address & what you love about LongIsland.com, and we’ll mail a sticker right to you!


Jadelynn Brooke

Jadelynn Brooke is a store that offers cute clothes as well as cute free stickers. The theme of their entire site is happiness, so I am sure that these stickers will be cheerful and fun.

Their logo is a deer with a bowtie, which would be great to have as a sticker.

Simply fill out this form to receive your free stickers.


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Jeep Beach Jam

If you’re a Jeep enthusiast you can get your free sticker for the upcoming Jeep Beach Jam by submitting a request through the Jeep Beach Jam contact form.




Keds Shoes

Keds shoes have been an American iconic brand since 1916. Their Champion shoe style was the first mass-marketed canvas sneaker made.

You can request a free Keds brand sticker by submitting a request form on this page.


KSVC Radio

KSVC Radio is based on the St. Cloud State University campus. They are an educational radio station run and managed by students. You can request a free KSVC Radio sticker and get a programming guide from this page on their site.


The Lucky Knot

The Lucky Knot is a clothing store that offers preppy clothes with a nautical theme. Their logo has an anchor in the middle of it with a cute blue and pink theme. If you want something cute and preppy for your laptop, then this is a great addition to your sticker collection.

You can request your free stickers here.


Make Life Count

This website was started by three friends who had a similar passion for adventure and inspiring others to break free of their comfort zones.

They plan weekend trips to places in California and Nevada and invite others to join them.

They encourage people to make more of their lives. Life is too short and as Abraham Lincoln once said, “In the end, it’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years.” Make Life Count, Co. is about giving people the opportunities to create that life.

As of March 2019, they are no longer offering free stickers. 


Medico Apparel

Marijan Johnson, the managing director of Medico International sent us the following information.

Follow Medico Apparel at least one of their social media platforms and in return, they will ship you three free stickers! More information on getting free stickers can be found on their website at medicoapparel.com.


Medico Athletics

If you’re an athletic trainer or studying to become an athletic trainer, get a free sticker from Medico Sports Medicine. Just fill out their sticker request form and they’ll send you a free bumper sticker (its’ small enough to put on your laptop).

Get your Medico Sports Medicine Sticker here.


MooseTracks – Ice Cream

This is the official site of the company that created the first MooseTracks flavored ice cream. Denali Flavors is one of the premier inventors of unique ice cream flavors. Use this form to Get your free Moose Track sticker or magnet.



Osprey is a company that is known for amazing backpacks and travel bags. If you have ever considered buying a tough backpack for a long outdoor adventure, then you have heard of this great company.

Their logo includes a great image of an osprey, which makes it worth ordering if you like birds but haven’t heard of the backpack company.

Here is the link to request free Osprey stickers through a request form.


Over Under

Over Under sells clothes and accessories that emphasize a hunting and fishing lifestyle. Their logo includes guns and dog, which will be on the free sticker that you can request.

You will need to send a self-addressed stamped envelope to the company to receive a free sticker. Take a look at their website for more information on how to get this free sticker.


Park City Mountain Biking

Park City Mountain Biking is all about promoting mountain biking in Park City, Utah.

They have some great videos, some funny videos and some crazy crash videos on their Facebook page. 

Request your free Park City Mountain Biking sticker on Facebook



Patagonia is a well-known company in the outdoor gear and activewear space. They sell all the clothes you would need for most adventures as well as travel bags, water bottles, blankets and more.

Their logo includes mountains with complimentary colors, definitely worth ordering. Especially because it is totally free. Just head to their website’s contact form. You will have the option to request materials including catalogs and stickers. Fill out the form to request your free stickers.

Something to note is that you can only request two free stickers here every four months.


Pelican Coast Clothing Company

Pelican Coast offers a line of preppy clothes with a nice selection of styles and colors. The company will send you a free sticker if you fill out an online form. As the name of the company is a pelican, it is only right that they will send you a sticker with a pelican on it. Pelicans are special, but cute birds which make it worth ordering this sticker.

Just fill out this form to receive your free sticker.



PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) is a non-profit organization that fights against animal injustice worldwide. A sub-organization is PETA Kids and they share information appropriate for children about animal welfare.

They have a free magazine, The Kids’ Guide to Helping Animals, and will send you animal-themed kid-friendly stickers for free with the magazine.

Just uses this link to request your free PETA Kids magazine with your free stickers.



PhillyViews.com is a website that showcases the best things about Philidelphia. Like where to get the best cheesesteak, best restaurants, best cheap dates, and interesting events.

On every page of their website, they have a blue box to request a free PhillyViews Sticker. Just give them your email and they’ll send you a sticker.


Pit Viper – Rugged Sunglasses

PitViper makes virtually indestructible wrap-around sunglasses. They aren’t cheap, but they are stylish. They also give away free PitViper brand stickers if you ask. Their request form is a little funky and hard to read. Just go slow, there are 10 steps to requesting a sticker. We requested this on July 20, 2019.


Polar Bottle

Polar manufactures hydration systems. Sports Bottles, lifestyle bottles, and hydration backpack style units. Get your free Polar Bottle sticker by submitting this request form.


Punisher Skateboards

You guessed it, Punisher Skateboards sells skateboards along with all the gear you need to skateboard safely.

Simply fill out this form on their website to receive your free stickers.


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Rails To Trails Conservancy

The Rails-to-Trails Conservancy is a nonprofit organization focused on creating a nationwide network of hiking trails. The trails are from old abandoned railroad lines. And they are designed to be connecting corridors to build healthier places for healthier people.

Take a short survey on their sticker request page and they’ll send you one of their Rails to Trails Stickers.



The SavageRace is a 3-mile 25 obstacle race. They host 12 races across the country each year. The race looks brutal – mud, water, obstacles – but a lot of fun. Get your oval SavageRace sticker here.


Saucony Running Shoes

Saucony is one of the top running shoe brands. Get your free Saucony sticker with this request form.



Skatelite is the world’s leading manufacturer of ramp surfaces used by the top skaters, BMX riders, action sports camps, and competitions.

Request a free sticker from the Skatelite Facebook page using this form.


Smith & Wesson

Smith & Wesson is one of the oldest brands in America. They have stickers you can purchase here. But we have been told by friends that they also send out free stickers if you request them through their contact form. We’ve submitted our info through this form and will let you know if/when we receive the sticker.

We’ve also been told that you can send an email to qa@smith-wesson.com


Southern Cross Apparel

Southern Cross Apparel sells casual clothes as well as sports clothes. Their logo has another fish as the centerpiece. If you want a sticker from these guys, then just fill out their sticker request form here.

If their sticker request form doesn’t work, you can use the contact form or call them Phone: (251) 621-3492


Southern Girl Prep

Southern Girl Prep is a clothing company that only offers preppy women clothes. The company’s logo contains a dog with a bow, if that is not worth order I am not sure what is.

In order to receive your free sticker, you have to connect with one of their social media accounts. According to their free stickers page, it seems like Instagram and Facebook are the only options. You can find out more of the details on how to connect with them at this link.

To get your free stickers, you’ll need to connect with them on Facebook or Instagram on the linked page.


Southern Marsh

Southern Marsh is a company that sells cute preppy clothes, so it is only appropriate that they will send you cute and free preppy stickers to represent their brand. A duck is the centerpiece of their logo, so if you like birds this is a good sticker to order.

Just fill out this request form for your stickers.



Sperry is a company that sells all things nautical. From boat shoes to sunglasses, they sell anything you might need to look good for a day on the water. They will send you a free sticker pack that includes a variety of nautical-themed stickers.

Here is the link to request your free stickers.


Vinyl Disorder

Vinyl Disorder is a screen printing company that specializes in printing custom sticker, banners, car wraps and more. If you join their Street Team they’ll send you a packet of free stickers. 

If you give them a positive review on Yelp, Google or Facebook, they’ll send you a fatter pack of stickers. You’ll need to send them a screenshot of your review via email.


VonZipper Eyewear & Accessories

VonZipper is an innovative and creative designer of premium eyewear, goggles, soft goods, and accessories. Their site is full of awesome photos and their products are beautifully designed. Based in California and founded in 2000 this company is on the cutting edge of design and optics.

You can request a free VonZipper logo sticker using this request form.


Watermark Plumbing

Watermark plumbing has a really cute sticker with a duck floating on water. You can get your free Watermark Plumbing sticker by requesting it here.


Weyhill & Wharf

Weyhill & Wharf is a company that almost exclusively sells oxford shirts. If that is your style, then this company does a great job. If that is not your style, then at least you can get a free sticker.

You can request your free sticker through the Weyhill & Wharf contact form with a purchase of any amount. Just include your sticker request in the comment section.


Wild Hat Company

We recently received an email from CEO Ryan Lund. He said, “We offer free stickers to all who simply signup for our WILDbits newsletter.” They make high-quality baseball hat and wool beanies. Their logo is pretty cool, so check out their site and get your free sticker.

If you want to receive a free sticker from the Wild Hat Company – submit your info on their Contact Page.


A Pile of Free Stickers that we've received by mail in the past few months.

Here’s the pile of Free Stickers that we’ve received by mail in the past few months. It’s super easy to just send a few sticker request forms out each week and then check your mail box.



The following websites will send you one of their brand stickers if you’ll mail them a self-addressed, stamped envelope (SASE). If you choose this option your request will be fulfilled faster than the options above.


Alpenglow Adventure Sports

Alpenglow Logo Free Sticker

Alpenglow Adventure Sports has been supplying gear to mountain travelers and outdoor enthusiasts since 1986. If you want a free logo sticker, send a SASE to this address

Alpenglow Adventure Sports
PO Box 121
Orono, ME 04473

You can get more AlpenGlow contact info here.


Burton Snowboards

Burton Snowboards is a Vermont-based company. They were founded in 1977, in Jake Burton Carpenter’s backyard. He has dedicated his company to produce the best snowboards and accessories in the world. Send a self-addressed envelope to this address for a pack of hilarious stickers:

Burton Snowboards
ATTN: Free Sticker Request
80 Industrial Parkway, Burlington VT 05401


Collared Greens

Collard Greens sells American made, eco-friendly clothing for men that is preppy and attractive. The company will send you free stickers, but you must mail a self-addressed stamped envelope to them. They will send back a free sticker in the mail.

You can find out more about the process here.

Mail your SASE to:

Collared Greens
2513 Grenoble Rd.
Richmond, VA 23294



Dakine is a store that sells sports clothes and accessories including ski jackets, board shorts, travel kits and more.

You will need to send a self-addressed and stamped envelope (SASE) to the company and they will send you a sticker. Here’s the address to mail your SASE sticker request to: 

Attn: Sticker Request
603 Portway Ave
Hood River, OR 97031



Williamson-Dickie Mfg. Co. founded in 1922 has transformed itself from a small bib overall company to the largest workwear manufacturer in the world. 

They pack free stickers in with every order, but if you want one now all you need to do is mail an SASE to:

Attn: Customer Experience
509 W. Vickery Blvd.
Ft. Worth, TX 76104

You can also purchase a 5 pack of Dickies Stickers here for $2.


Harley and the Hound

Harley and the Hound sell swimsuits and dresses that reflect a coastal vibe. They have an adorable logo of a puppy, which you can get in sticker form. If you send a self-addressed stamped envelope to the company, they will send you stickers.

Just send a self-addressed, stamped envelope inside of another envelope addressed to: 

Haley And The Hound 
715 Hwy 24
Newport, NC  28570


Hook & Tackle

Looking for FREE Hook & Tackle stickers for your locker, bedroom, cooler or car? First, complete the form on this page, then to get free stickers by mail simply send a self-addressed, stamped envelope (address a blank envelope to yourself, put a stamp on it, and put it in another envelope which you mail to us) to:

Hook & Tackle
Free Stickers
6501 NE 2nd Ct.
Miami, FL 33138


Jones Soda Company

One of our kids at MoneySmartFamily loves Jones Soda. Guess what? Jones Soda will send you a packet of free stickers if you send them an SASE! Confirm the details at JonesSoda.com.

Free Sticker, Program Jones Soda Co.,
66 S. Hanford St. Suite 150,
Seattle, WA, 98134 




Marker-Volkl is not a well-known American Brand. They are a German-based company, and they sell skis and ski accessories. You can receive a beautifully designed sticker from Marker-Volkl by sending a SASE to:

Marker-Volkl USA
Attn: Stickers
112 Etna Road, Lebanon, NH 03766


Mobile Bay – No Longer Available

Mobile Bay is based in Mobile, Alabama and offers a selection of men’s shirts and accessories. The company logo is a pelican, which looks good on the free stickers you can get. You will need to send a self-addressed stamped envelope to the company and they will return it with stickers. According to the website, they will send you a selection of stickers.

For more information on where to mail your envelope, check out their website for more information.


Nike 6.0

Nike 6.0 is a division of Nike that specializes in extreme sports footwear and apparel. 
They produce footwear and clothing for sports as Bmx, MTB, skiing, snowboarding, surfing, wakeboarding, and motocross.

To receive your free sticker, send a self-addressed stamped envelope to :

Nike 6.0,
1 Bowerman Dr.
Beaverton, OR, 97005

It’s a good idea to include a friendly note, politely requesting a logo sticker. Also, let the company know that you’ll proudly display their logo on your gear.


North Face

North Face is a well know outdoor company specializing in outerwear and camping equipment like tents, and sleeping bags.

To get a free logo sticker North Face send a self-addressed, stamped envelope to:

The North Face
Attn: Stickers
N850 County Highway CB
Appleton, WI 54914


Properly Tied

Properly Tied is a Mississippi based clothing company. They pride themselves in the southern traditions of classic dress and impeccable manners. Their clothing designs incorporate bold colors that compliment the styles of the South.

If you fill out your contact information they’ll take you to a page that tells you where to send your SASE. We’ve saved you the trouble.

Send a Self Addressed Stamped Envelope to the address below and request your free stickers:

Properly Tied
Attn: Stickers
12 Industrial Park Drive
Oxford, MS 38655


Rip Curl

Rip Curl is a really cool Australian company. They sell stylish wetsuits, clothing, and watches. If you want a free logo sticker, send a SASE to:

Rip Curl USA
3030 Airway Drive, Costa Mesa, CA 92626


Southern Lure  

Another fish themed company that will send you a free sticker if you want one. Their logo has a really cute fish. If you are just looking for cute and preppy stickers, then this is a good one.

You will need to send a self-addressed stamped envelope to this company to receive your free sticker. All the information you need to mail your envelope can be found here.

Send your SASE Here:

Southern Lure
Attn: Stickers
PO Box 2047
Belmont, NC 28012


Southern Tide

Southern Tide is a clothing brand with a blue skipjack fish as its logo. You can request free stickers on their website using this form. You’ll need to send a SASE to get your free stickers.



Zumiez is a company that sells fashion apparel as well as sporting goods such as skateboards and snowboards.

If you are interested in getting a free sticker from Zumiez, then there are two routes you can take.

First, you could just stop by any store location and pick up a free sticker.

Second, if you don’t feel like leaving the house you can just send a self-addressed and stamped envelope (SASE) to the company and they will mail you back a free sticker. Yup, we know, this is a little extra work, but the stickers they have a really cool!

According to the website, the stickers in the pack will change every season. It also suggests that you are allowed to send more than one request for free stickers.




Just head over to the contact form on each of these sites. Say something nice about the company and their products and then ask for a sticker. Be sure to include your mailing address.


5 Hour Energy Drink

If you’re into energy drinks you can get a logo sticker for free from 5-Hour Energy.

The key ingredients in 5-hour ENERGY® are also available in everyday foods. It contains zero sugar, four calories, and about as much caffeine as a cup of the leading premium coffee

Use their contact form and use the pull-down menu and select “sticker request”.



Billabong is a clothing company that is focused on all things beachy. It is likely that the stickers you get will have a beachy theme as well. The place to order these stickers is here.



The rugged clothing brand will send you a free sticker if you request it. Use their contact form and send your name and address when asking for your free logo sticker.



Chipotle is one of MoneySmartFamily’s favorite fast food restaurants. We used their contact form to request some free logo stickers.  We selected the “Something Else” option when going through their prompts.

Here’s what we wrote:

We love Chipotle  – we order from work (with others on our team) and my wife and I go there often when we’re out running errands and need a meal. There are several in our area that we frequent (Scottsdale Road, Tatum & Bell, and PV Mall). 

I am collecting logo stickers of our favorite companies to give to my kids to put on their water bottles and laptops – they love stickers too! 

I don’t know if you do this, but could you mail 5 Chipotle logo stickers so I can add them to our collection of stickers I’m giving them as part of their Christmas gifts?


Steve Economides


Freezer Labels

As the name suggests, this company manufactures labels that will withstand extremely cold temperatures.

On their website, you can design stickers, or just order a free sample. There is even an option to print them yourself if you have access to sticker paper.

The place to order free samples is here.



Heely’s is a brand that is known for its shoes with wheels. You can roll around when you want to, but also walk normally when you don’t want to roll. The company will send you a free sticker if you fill out their contact form. Just make sure to mention that you want a free sticker in the comment section.


Jelly Belly

If you love Jelly Belly’s unique and flavorful jelly beans then go ahead and ask them for a free logo sticker.

Use the Jelly Belly contact form and send them your name and address and politely ask them for a logo sticker.


Pioneer Electronics

One of the best-known manufacturers of electronic amplifiers for home and cars will send you a free logo sticker when you request it here.

Pioneer Electronics Contact FormJust send them your contact info and a mailing address.



RVCA is a company that sells sports apparel. According to their company’s mission, they specialize in “transcending the boundaries of traditional action sports apparel.”

You can request free brand stickers on their website through this form.


Sticker Mule

(no longer gives free stickers May 2018)

Sticker Mule is a company that creates and manufactures stickers for companies all over the world. Sometimes they have a special deal on their website in which they offer sticker packages for free. The package could include anything, it is most likely just the extras from their extensive production line, but any kind of free sticker is a good sticker.

If you just want some random free stickers, then this is the perfect place to look. Also, if you have a desire to design your very own stickers, Sticker Mule would be a good company to look into.


Sticker You

Sticker You is a company that creates stickers and other branded products for companies, bands and more. If you request a catalog of their products, the company claims it will also send you free sample products (including stickers!).

Here is the link to request your free stickers.

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39 companies that give you free stickers if you request them.


Sometimes a company will not have a form for you to request free stickers on their website, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have free stickers to give away. You just have to politely email them and ask if they would be willing to give you a sticker.

If you are a huge fan of a specific company, let them know that in the email. Companies always want to please their biggest fans.

Some companies are known for giving away their stickers via email. We have compiled a short list below.

Chicago White Sox

Steve from MoneySmartFamily grew up in Chicago and loves the White Sox and the Cubs. 

If you want some White Sox stickers, send an email fanfeedback@whitesox.mlb.com to get a free pack sent to you.


Gatorade Logo Stickers

Everyone knows about Gatorade. But did you know that you can request a free sticker through the Gatorade contact form?

Just click the “Share a comment or compliment: tab and tell them how much you like Gatorade and would love it if they would send you a few of their stickers.



If you follow MoxomRadio on Instagram and MoxomRadio on Pinterest and then contact them through those social media outlets they’ll send you a free logo sticker. 

Here’s what they told us, “We will send stickers to your USA clients (while supplies last) who follow us on the corresponding social media outlet then send us a private message via that outlet asking for that sticker.  We would, of course, pay the shipping costs.  (requested 3/20/2019)


Oklahoma City Thunder

If you’re a basketball fan then you may want to get a sticker from the Oklahoma City Thunder NBA team. Just send an email to fans@okcthunder.com to request your free basketball stickers.


TheLuckyKnot – Clothing Brand

If you want some free stickers from Lucky Knot, sent an email to
Stickers@TheLuckyKnot.com – Subject: Sticker Request

Be sure to include your name and address. Check out their free sticker page to see what you’ll get.


Muscle Milk

The Muscle Milk® brand is dedicating to helping athletes recover and rebuild muscle, helping them prepare for the next challenge. 

CytoSport is the parent company of Muscle Milk. They are an American manufacturer of sports-oriented nutritional products or “supplements” based in Benicia, California. CytoSport offers a line of protein-enhanced powders, shakes, and bars has broken into the mainstream market.

Request your free MuscleMilk brand sticker from the CytoSport Contact form.



This cool portable camera brand gave away free stickers in the past. They now tell you to contact their customer support team to ask for help.

Other companies that will give you free stickers

Simply Southern
Anchored Style
Peter Millar
Southern Fried Cotton
Yellow Dog Nantucket – enter your email address for a chance to win a free sticker
Southern Point Co
Pelican’s Perch Clothing
Coastal Provisions Clothing
Ribbons and Rows
The Pinky Girl
Summer Ties
Krass and Co
GratziStickers (for Southern Marsh)



Some companies have changed their policies and are now charging for stickers. We’ll try to keep this list as fresh and accurate as possible.

Absolute Snow

The Boarding Company (Absolute Snow) grew out of a passion for all outdoor extreme sports – on mountains, on water, and in the streets. They were founded in 2004 in the U.K.

Gold Holla Skateboard Sticker – order your sticker here. They say that if you purchase something from their site, they will often include a free sticker if they have them in stock.


Baker Skateboard

They sell their holographic stickers for $1 to $2 – that’s about what you pay for sending a SASE to get it for free. Order your Baker Skateboard sticker here.



Beau Outfitters was founded by a couple of guys in 2012 – one year after they graduated college. Beau is not a person, but rather a French word from the deep south. The word “Beau” is used to describe a guy who loves the outdoors but also has a great ability to clean himself up nicely. He has a sense of style that is effortless.

Beau Outfitters doesn’t give their stickers away any longer. You have to purchase them for between $3 and $3.50 each. Shipping is free.

The list could go on forever and we’ll keep adding to it.

Tons of brands want you to have their stickers. If you use their stickers, more people will know about their brand. Never be after to reach out to a company for free stickers. The absolute worst thing they could possibly say is no, which really is not that hard to handle.


Coast Apparel

The name, Coast Apparel, gives this company away. Coast Apparel sells clothes that you would wear on the coast. With its beachy theme, the company’s logo is a crab. Not a crab you are afraid will pinch you, but a cute crab that comes bearing free stickers.

In the past, they had a free sticker request form. In June 2019 they changed their policies and now only provide free stickers with any website order of apparel. Their least expensive items are totes ($7) and some t-shirts ($20).

Get the details about their stickers here.


CSS Skateboards

Originally known as California Cheap Skates. CSS was founded in 1985 and has been the premier destination for skateboarding, skate-inspired shoes and clothes, and snowboarding for more than 30 years. Order your CSS stickers here.



Dickies will send you a free sticker if you mail an SASE to them (details here), but you can also purchase a 5 pack of Dickies Stickers here for $2.


Ernie Ball Guitar Strings

Ernie Ball used to give away their stickers for free. Now they charge between $.99 or $1.99 to get them. Hey, for $.99 that’s like mailing in an SASE. Get your Ernie Ball eagle sticker by giving them your email address. 

Go to the Ernie Ball sticker purchase page.

We asked their Customer Service department about the free stickers they offered in the past.

They replied, “We discovered our sticker page has not been working for a while now so we pulled it. Additionally, while we are happy to hook up customers who show their support with stickers, we do not market free stickers.”


HeyBo Outdoors

HeyBo is a clothing company that specializes in the fishing and activewear space. They will send you a sticker, but it could be anything from a fish to a duck.

The best part might be the surprise.

As of January 2019, HeyBo discontinued their free sticker program. You can now purchase their logo stickers and decals from their HeyBo Outdoors Gear Page.


Southern Bouys

UPDATE: As of June 1, 2018, Southern Bouy no longer gives free stickers. But you can contact them to ask if they will sell you some.

Southern Bouys sells stylish shirts and hats that represent a southern coastal vibe. The logo is appropriately bouys and you can get a free sticker of the logo if you mail a self-addressed and stamped envelope to their headquarters.


Yeti Coolers

We’ve had Yeti on our list for some time, but they are now charging for their stickers. They manufacture all kinds of coolers for outdoor use – hunting, fishing and other. They claim to make the best products available. Check out their decals and sticker page here.



Skateboard Stickers is a big category, so we’ve made it easier for you to find what you want. These are duplicated from the categories above.

Free Skateboard Stickers

Skateboard Stickers You Can Buy



When you’re ready to remove a sticker from your car window, computer, bumper or wooden surface, you may find that there is some adhesive residue left.

In this video, we show you three ways to remove sticker adhesive without damaging the surface of the item it’s on.

You can get more details about removing stickers on our home cleaning products page.

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  1. Bsparnroft


    Please note, Swell or S’well Bottle do not offer free stickers. Please remove us from this list.

    Head of Customer Service @ S’well


    WILD Hat Co. – My newest brand of hats and beanies I’ve launched for the outdoor-inspired individual is now giving away FREE STICKERS w/ newsletter signup, as long as you send a self addressed env. We got bombarded with thousands of emails over the past 2 weeks for our stickers, that we cant mail them ourselves due to time/money constraints. Please browse the website to see what cool hats and beanies we have for men and women!
    We’ll be in retail stores throughout the country here soon.

    WILD Hat Co.

  3. Wil H

    Alpenglowgear.com is now doing a free sticker pack club. Go to their website and at the top of the screen there is a banner for a sticker club. Click on it and it will bring you to a google form for free stickers! They ship them out every week!

  4. Marijan Johnson

    To Whom It May Concern,

    As the sole proprietor of Medico Apparel, I am writing to request that you incorporate Medico’s free sticker giveaway as an addition to your website. All we require is that participants follow Medico Apparel on atleast one of our social media platforms and in return we ship them three free stickers! More information on our sweepstakes can be found on our website at medicoapparel.com/pages/free-stickers. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

    Best regards.

    Marijan Johnson

    Managing Director

    Medico International Apparel L.L.C.

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