Budget Success and How To – Super Page

Can a child run the household budget? And many other budgeting tips!

This Budgeting Success and How To– Super Page contains a growing list of Budget Stories from readers like you!

A Child Running Your Household Budget!????

I know you wrote a great book on kids and money, but here’s our best tip:

We put our 15-year-old in charge of the family finances. We homeschool, so he’ll get 1/2 a credit for … Read the rest

Debt Free Living / Frugal Living – Super Page

Debt-Free/ Frugal Living Success Stories.

This Debt Free Living and Frugal Living Super Page contains a growing list of tips from our readers on how they avoid debt and live life peacefully!

Frugality Helps You Sleep

I want to let you know how much your book and website have helped my family during this past year. I have had ongoing health issues (surgery, pneumonia, hearing … Read the rest

Making Money – Super Page

Paying Attention and Asking for Discounts saved me $1100 on various fees around the home.

This Making Money Super Page contains a growing list of tips from our readers on ways they make money and save money on every day expenses!

Paying Attention Saved Me $1100

We just moved into a new house this week and this is how I saved money.

  1. I called Hertz to complain that my “full-sized pick up” was actually an
Read the rest

Saving Money Tips and Tricks – Super Page

Saving Money Tips & Tricks! What to do with a Windfall of Cash!

This Saving Money Super Page contains a growing list of tips for saving money on every day expenses!

The Windfalls Plan Really Works!

One of the first articles I read was about Windfalls.  I found it interesting and told my husband about it that same night. We both wrote down 5 things we each wished for. Some things … Read the rest