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What would happen if you started landing interviews in local magazines, newspapers or even on TV?

What would you do if one of those interviews led to a segment on a national TV Show?

And what you do if you received dozens of national media requests all at no cost to you?

How would it affect your business, book, or blog? Most importantly, how would it transform your life?

Now, what if we told you that we did exactly this, and we went from Start-Up to Good Morning America in just one year?

How we received $18 Million in Free National Media Exposure

Finally, a course that reveals some of the secrets that TV Producers and Print Editors won’t tell you!

Hi, we’re Steve and Annette of Money Smart Family, and in our course, we will equip you with the tools and strategies to pitch your business, book or blog to local, regional, national and international producers and editors and receive a response like, “Yes, we want to feature your story”! But that begs us to ask:

Have you Ever Had These Thoughts?

After seeing a so-called “expert” in your field interviewed, you ask yourself, “Why did they get the publicity, the website traffic and the sales instead of me?

I have a limited budget for Advertising. But I know I have a great product or message that can really help people. I can’t spend thousands of dollars on TV, Radio or Newspaper advertising. What can I do?

We’ve got to say, we had those thoughts too.

We watched Oprah and saw people talking about living debt free (our area of expertise) and thought, “We have better information – we should be there!”

David Bach on Oprah's Debt Diet

We tried to get there.

We tried really really REALLY hard, but only got crickets when we sent emails and press releases.

We encouraged our followers to write letters to producers on our behalf — and got no response from the networks.

We wondered what we were doing wrong – why weren’t we getting onto the national stage?

It’s Time to Start See Media Success

Here are two reasons why it’s time for YOU to start seeing media success:


Up til now, you’ve been in the dark about what it takes to get free media interviews. That is all going end. You can have the knowledge and the tools necessary to reach out to any media producer or editor and get their attention.

You can get the publicity you want and need. You can promote your business, book or blog and not have to pay for the publicity.


This is the day you’re going to stop second-guessing yourself and do something different. You’re going to take control of your PR life and start working on a proven, step-by-step plan to get free media exposure.

Once you start, you won’t look back because the possibilities are endless.

Here’s the Deal

So many of us are really good at what we do, whether it’s performing a service, manufacturing a product, writing or inspiring people.  Our skills cover the gamut of industries and services, but few of us know anything about reaching out to people in the media.

What Does Work to Get The Attention of the Media?

We learned early on that if we were going to win media attention, we were going to have to find out how to speak their language. We needed to discover how they worked and understand their goals and the pressure they operate under.

We needed to step into their world!

Steve & Annette Economides with Today Show Producer Josh Weiner

Steve & Annette with an NBC producer in the front hall of their home.

Once we started learning about them and their needs, we changed the way we crafted our media pitches. And we started winning . . . and the winning hasn’t stopped.

Every month we are contacted by two or three different media outlets for interviews. And we aren’t even trying.

This isn’t a freakin’ fairy tale, it’s going to become your reality! We know because we’ve been there and that’s why we created this course.

A Chicago Interview That Kept Growing

Steve & Annette Economides with daughter Becky on the Windy City Live set with Valerie Warner and Roe Conn

A few years ago we were invited to speak at a university in Indiana. We knew that we would stop by and visit Steve’s dad in Chicago, so we researched local TV shows there.

We reached out to Windy City Live and pitched an interview. It took a few weeks of back and forth to nail down the details, but we finally landed the interview — a 5-minute segment.

A few days before we arrived the producer told us that because we had so much material to cover that they’d give us two segments.

The morning of the show, the executive producer made a decision to give us 3 segments – 17 minutes of airtime reaching the 3rd largest TV market in the nation.

If we had to buy that air-time it would have cost at least $10,000. But because we knew how to pitch and how to make it easy for the producer, they gave us the airtime and . . . much more than we expected.

You can watch the video here

It was a real bump for our website and book sales.

We got the spot by applying what we teach in the MoneySmart Free Media Course.

Helping Others Get Free Media Exposure

Over the past 15 years we’ve helped scores of friends, from Pastors to Coaches and Bloggers to Author, learn how to pitch and win media appearances. In the past, several of them had paid money to appear on TV.

We showed them how to do it without spending a dime.

This is exactly why we created this course. We want to give you the tools to pitch and win Free Media Exposure.

Imagine what it will feel like to be totally prepared with a powerful pitch for a targeted media outlet. You send the pitch and a few days later you get the interview.

WOW! What a great feeling!

You don’t just have to believe us. Below are some real people that we’ve helped to get on TV without spending a dime. And each one of them has continued to land free media appearances ever since.

Someday soon, you’re name and media story could be included on this page! That would be an awesome thing to see happen!


Arnie Fonseca – Coach and Motivational Speaker – Testimonial

Coach Arnie Fonseca in a warmup suit.

In the past, I paid a marketing company to get me on TV to promote my coaching and physical therapy practice. It definitely wasn’t cheap.

When I met Steve & Annette and they shared their secrets, I couldn’t believe that it could be so simple.

I prepared my website and followed their instructions for pitching to TV producers. Within a few months, I had my first totally free National TV spot on The List Show.

I’m hooked! I’ve been doing interviews on radio, TV and in industry-specific magazines and websites ever since then.

Bob Blayter – Pastor, Seminar Creator, Financial Coach Testimonial

Bob Blayter

While I have not taken this course from Steve & Annette, I know this about them:

“I’ve interviewed Steve & Annette several times on my radio program. And that led to doing seminars together. I’ve watched, amazed as they have pitched and landed multiple weekly media spots to promote our seminars without spending a dime!

They truly know how to pitch like pros and earn free media exposure anytime they want.”

Deacon Hayes – Entrepreneur, Blogger and Author

Deacon and Kim Hayes on FoxNews

“I have a website and a compelling debt success story, but I wasn’t getting much media coverage. I invited Steve to be a guest on my podcast where he shared some of his tips for landing free media. It was fantastic and got me started thinking of the possibilities.”

Can you see it yet?

Your story could be the same as Deacon’s, Arnie’s, Bob’s and ours. Are you ready to check out the MoneySmart Free Media Course? Check out the Course Details below.

Course Overview

The MoneySmart Free Media Course has 5 modules ranging in length from 12 minutes to 24 minutes. The longest one is full of tips to make your interviews super successful, productive and to get you more interviews.

Session 1: Laying the Foundation to Pitching Success 

In this module, we’ll walk you through the basics of what you need to get ready to pitch your first media target. Plus we’ll give you a worksheet to build your target list for media to approach.

And we’ll show you the several secret additions we’ve put on our website to make it easy for producers to want to interview us.

Several producers, editors, and hosts have told us that we make their jobs easy—you’ll be able to do the same thing.

Session 2: Developing Power Pitches that Win Free Media Exposure

Once you’ve have laid the foundation from Module One, you’ll be ready to develop and send out winning pitches.

In this module, we’ll give you secret hacks to help you develop winning pitch headlines from sources that are super reliable for using power pitches.

And we’ll give you tips on where you can find the names of decision-makers and how to approach them for a media appearance.

Session 3: You’ve Landed an Interview: Now What?

In this module, we’ll help you get prepared so that your interview is a smashing success. You’ll get insider information on how the pitching process works in large media organizations and what you can expect to have happened before, during and after the interview.

You’ll also be able to download our Media Confirmation Form – a list or all the questions you will want to ask before you do the interview.

Session 4: You’ve Landed a TV Interview: Are You Ready for Prime Time? 

In this module, We’ll describe what you should and shouldn’t wear during your interview, where you should look during the interview and the various people you’ll talk to in the process leading up to and including the interview.

Module 5: The After Party – 10 Keys to Getting More Interviews 

In this wrap-up module, we’ll reveal more of the secrets tips that we have used to win the hearts of TV producers that have won us multiple repeat interviews. We’ll also give you multiple ways you can leverage your TV appearance and make it last longer.

But, the most important thing we’ll share is how to get producers to ask you to come back again for another interview.

PLUS: You’ll get exclusive access to our private Facebook group!


  1. A FREE 1-on-1 Call With Steve & Annette – Our coaching calls start at $150/hr, but for the first 20 people that sign up for the course, we will include a 1-on-1 call during the course for FREE!
  2. Our Exclusive SEO Video – Not only will this video help you build sustainable traffic, but it will also help you improve your ranking online so you can improve your relevancy and discovery options!
  3. Lifetime Access – You’ll have lifetime access to the course (and any upgrades or additions).

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You’ll See Results – We Guarantee It!

eCourse Satisfaction Guaranteed

Still not ready to take the next step?

Just ask yourself a few questions:

  1. What has my media effectiveness been so far?
  2. What would it cost for me for a 30-second ad on my local TV station?
  3. What would it cost to hire an agency to shoot a 30 second TV spot?
  4. How much of my story could I share in a 3-minute TV interview?
  5. How would I feel knowing I was following a proven path from someone who’s been pitching and landing local, regional, national and international interviews for more than 14 years.
  6. What song would I be singing if I had an interview lined up in NYC with The View, Good Morning America or the Today Show?
  7. What would my website traffic be with a feature story in a magazine?

The MoneySmart Free Media course is built to help you, to teach you, and to empower you.

Are you ready for a change?

We believe in it so much that we’ll guarantee it!

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Why is this course expensive? 

We feel that the price is personal, and it can be defined as what you find valuable. We’ve intentionally kept the cost of this course reasonable so more gritty, hardworking business people, author, and bloggers could get out there and share their stories and products.

We know of other media training courses that cost $1000+. If you calculate the value of a local or national media spot, you know that you’ll earn your money back with just a few of these spots. But, can you afford to spend that amount of money right now? Our course is just as detail-oriented as these other training courses, but half in price. We call that a steal.

Couldn’t I just hire a PR Firm?

Well, truth be told, you could hire a PR Agency to pitch your business, book or blog.

A well-connected PR person will probably land you some local and regional media coverage. But ask yourself these questions

  • Will it be profitable?
  • How long will it take?
  • And more importantly, what is it going to cost?

A low-cost PR Agency will charge you a minimum of $500 per month and probably lock you into a one-year contract. A price like that is typically out of reach for entrepreneurs, small business owners, bloggers, or authors.

The MoneySmart Free Media Course costs way less than all of these options. And with your determination, it can be just as profitable — maybe even more profitable.

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I’m a complete beginner. Is this course for me?

Of course! We created our course with the beginner in mind. We know how hard it is to get started in media, and it’s even harder to do it for free. This course helps you accomplish all of that!

Can you guarantee that I’ll succeed at getting free media exposure if I take this course? 

Nothing in life is guaranteed, but we promise that we are teaching you the exact strategies and steps that we took to earn over $18 million dollars in free media exposure. This will all depend on the time and effort that you put into it. However, if you aren’t satisfied with the course after the first few sessions (or within 14 days of signing up), you don’t feel like this course is right for you, all you need to do is send us an email and you’ll receive a complete refund—no questions asked.

So come on, Let’s Do This!

Let’s get started on the path to Free Media Exposure! 

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