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The Cut Your Grocery Bill in Half video seminar was taped in front of a live audience. NY Times Best Selling authors, Steve & Annette Economides provide the tools to help you slash your spending on groceries without having to resort to extreme couponing.

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Please Share If This Helped You!

In this Cut Your Grocery Bill in Half DVD, there are 90 minutes of money and time-saving strategies we use to cut our grocery bill in half! If you’re average, you could save $4800 this year on your groceries alone! Do you need to be an Extreme Couponer, spending hours clipping and filing coupons, to gain maximum savings at the grocery store? The answer is a resounding “NO.”

Steve and Annette Economides are living the American Dream in a very “un-American” way . . . without debt. One of the main ways they’ve managed to live debt-free is through smart grocery shopping strategies. While the average family spends $200 per person per month for groceries, Steve & Annette have managed to feed their family for about $77 per person each month without using gobs of coupons or buying junk foods.

By applying some of the strategies presented in this grocery video seminar the average family of four could slash their grocery bill by $400 per month / $4800 per year! That’s a huge savings. In this video seminar you’ll learn many of the various strategies Steve & Annette use to feed their family and how you can do the same.

NOTE: This product is available in 2 formats.

  1. A Physical video DVD kit consisting of 1 DVD enclosed in a plastic CD case, along with downloadable .pdf, .doc and .xls forms.
  2. Instant Streaming video file with downloadable .pdf, .doc and .xls forms.

See bottom of this page for more details.

5 major topics covered in this seminar:

  • Planning — 8 things you should do before leaving home.
  • Shopping Strategies — 11 things you should do in the store.
  • Couponing — 6 common sense coupon strategies.
  • Bulk Cooking— 6 time and money-saving cooking strategies.
  • Family Dinners— 5 reasons why eating together is a priority.

The seminar ends with a question and answer period with the audience.

Watch this short sample of the seminar:

Steve & Annette presenting Cut Your Grocery Bill in Half favorite cookbooks.This 90-minute Cut Your Grocery Bill in Half video seminar was recorded in front of a live audience at a Health, Poverty and Nutrition Conference where leaders from 7 states were equipped to help under-resourced families improve their financial situation by shopping smarter and eating healthier.

Just implementing a few of the many strategies presented in this video seminar will have a huge impact on your food budget.

If you’re interested in more ways to save on your groceries check out Steve & Annette’s second book, “Cut Your Grocery Bill in Half.” It contains hundreds of additional savings ideas that couldn’t be covered in the seminar due to time constraints.

Note: Audio Quality: This was recorded by a university tech crew and the audio quality in some parts of the video echoes a little but is totally understandable.

After your purchase, you’ll also receive access to digitally downloadable files including:

  • Shopping List (checklist style) in .pdf and .doc versions
  • Price Tracker Sheet in .pdf and .doc versions
  • Menu Planner Sheet in .pdf version

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