Teaching Kids Financial Independence & Life Skills

Kid's Money Saving Tips for Toys, Life Skills, Allowances, Clothes, & Gifts.

This Kid’s Money Saving Tips page is devoted to teaching kids financial independence and life skills. It discusses Kid’s Toys, Life Skills, Allowances, Gifts and everything else. On this page you’ll find a growing list of our favorite money saving tips for Kids!

This Kid’s Money Saving Tips Page has some awesome ideas for your family. The things we could spend money on for our kids is endless, and so are the opportunities to save money. And along with saving money, we have the opportunity to teach our kids to conserve resources, save time and enjoy things that we buy, even if we don’t … Read more »

Baby Savings Tips & Ideas Page

Baby Savings: Tips to save money and have a Happy & Healthy child!

This Baby Savings Page contains a growing list of our favorite Money Saving Tips for Babies! 

Caring for babies can be incredibly expensive, but these tips and tricks will help you keep your child happy and healthy. From DIY baby food to pictures, to baby personal care items, you’ll find great Baby Savings ideas below.

DIY Baby Food

Making my own baby food saved a lot of money. Regular ice cube trays can be used to freeze pureed fruit, veggies, or even casseroles that the rest of the family ate. I would store the food by type in zippered bags and pull out … Read more »

Activities for Kids & Teens

Activities for Kids don't have to be costly to be fun and enriching!

This Activities for Kids & Teens Page has ideas for activities, clubs, programs, keeping kids busy during the Summer, and managing lessons, plus a whole lot more.

Activities for Kids can cost a chunk of change. We want our kids to grow up having wonderful family experiences and opportunities for enrichment and personal development. But lessons, sports, and parties can be expensive. This page is full of ideas for making life and lessons full of fun without spending a fortune doing it.


Summer Activities for Kids & Teens

We use summer for fun and relaxation. But we also use Summer for … Read more »