Grocery Shopping with Ron Hoon – Fox News AZ Morning Host

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The day our book launched (January 16, 2007) we were guests on the Fox morning show with Ron Hoon.

After our segment was done, he looked at Annette and said, “You know what I’d really like to do? — I’d like to go grocery shopping with you guys! When can we do it?”

Annette looked at Steve and smiled . . . “Oh if Ron only knew how many times the TV cameras have asked to follow us into the store.” We delayed a few months to get past the frenzy that accompanies a new book launch. We finally settled on a date in April.

The photo to the right is of Annette, Ron and Cameraman Tom in front of Basha’s Supermarket. The stack of grocery bags in the second cart are bags we bring from home to reuse. Some are over 7 years old.

We had the most fun we’ve ever had shopping with Ron as a part of the segment. He had his own walkie-talkie (oooooh) and he even used it. But more than that, he played around and made it an informative and entertaining spot.

Here’s the grocery shopping with Ron Hoon video link or watch other videos on our YouTube channel.

Tips for Saving on Groceries and Back-To-School Shopping

Fox10 – KSAZ TV Arizona Morning with Ron Hoon

A fast-paced 5-minute barrage from the Mavin’ of Savin.

First, we covered a few of the strategies we use to keep our food bill at $350 per month for a family of seven. Then Annette displayed a number of back to school items gleaned from the local ads.

For those who hate going store to store her best advice was to do the Walmart Ad Match and pick up the best prices at one store. It’s so easy, that even a husband on assignment (that’s Steve) can do it. Steve got every item on Annette’s list for only $16.

Watch the video here: