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Grocery Poll Summary

Thanks for casting your vote. Here’s a summary of your input on the number of times the average family goes to the grocery store.

  • After 24 votes the average was 2.135 times per week.
  • After 43 votes the average was 1.84 times per week.
  • After 75 votes the average was 1.79 times per week.
  • After 114 votes the average was 1.69 times per week.
  • After 148 votes the average was 1.66 times per week.
  • After 239 votes the average was 1.56 times per week.
  • After 307 votes the average was 1.58 times per week.
  • After 770 votes the average was 1.646 times per week.
  • After 904 votes the average was 1.648 times per week.
  • After 1074 votes the average was 1.641 times per week.
  • After 1470 votes the average was 1.633 times per week.
  • After 1540 votes the average was 1.627 times per week.
  • After 2105 Votes the average was 1.612 times per week.

It looks like visitors to are more careful about shopping than the people that A.C. Nielsen or the Food Marketing Institute interviewed for their surveys.

Way to go frugal shoppers!!

Let’s keep beating the averages and shopping smarter so we have more money to reach the goals that matter most.

In 2000, A. C. Nielsen produced a study showing that consumers were slightly reducing their trips to the grocery store. The trend went from 94 trips per year (1.8 trips per week) in 1997 to 90 trips per year (1.73 per week) in 2000. In 2008 a Food Marketing Institute and Nielsen survey revealed that the decline in grocery store visits has stopped. Now they have found that Americans are going to the store more than previously: 98 trips per year or 1.9 trips per week.

Send the poll page to your friends and ask them to participate.

Check back for updates as the number of votes increases.
Remember, the less often you shop, the less you spend. So make it your goal this week to only go to the store one time . . .

—no matter what! 

With a little planning, you’ll not only save money,

but you’ll get back an hour or two of free time too!