Free Grocery Shopping List Form

If you want to cut your grocery bill in half, using a detailed, check-off style shopping list will really help. 

With this list, you’ll be heading to the grocery store with a plan …
a plan that will beat the grocer’s marketing plan every time.

Use our customizable shopping list to remind you of items that you normally keep in stock.

As you look through your cabinets and freezer all you need to do is put a checkmark next to the items you want to pick up.

It’s so simple AND it will save you a ton of money.

Once you
1. fill in your name
2. email address
3. click the button at the bottom of the page,

we’ll send you a confirmation email with the downloadable files attached (pdf and editable MS Word/Google doc.

Please don’t worry, we won’t share your info with anyone else AND we’ll only send you emails about twice each month.

Free Grocery Shopping List downloadable form

We’re collecting photos of shopping lists we’ve found in carts as we’ve been shopping. We’ve seen shopping lists written on napkins, envelopes and scrap paper. If you start your list from scratch each time you go shopping, you are more likely to forget something and are using too much time and mental energy. If you find an unusual or unusually funny one, please send us a copy so we can share it with the world!

We’ve seen lots of different kinds of shopping lists, but this one has to be one of the . . . well, of all of the shopping lists we’ve seen . . . this is a memorable one (we hope it wasn’t yours!).

Shopping List written on a Paper Towel - a bad example of a shopping list

Here’s another one we found while shopping at Smart & Final

Pink piece of paper with a shopping list scrawled on it - a bad example of a shopping list

And yet another shopping list photo to add to our collection. This one was found in a Fry’s parking lot – yes, it had been run over several times.

White piece of paper with blue writing for a shopping list at Frys Food and Drug in Arizona

Here’s another one that proves you shouldn’t shop with a baby or when you’re hungry.