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If you have lactose intolerance, finding a solution to enjoying dairy is not an easy or inexpensive research project. In this article, we’ll share the different lactose intolerance solutions we’ve tried and the ones that worked. 

We hope you’ll read all of the options we tried, but if you want to get the absolute bottom line, scroll to the bottom of this page. We have a way you can purchase lactose relief for 66% less than conventional methods.

Trying to eliminate bad gas:

Over the years Steve has tried dozens of enzymes, home remedies, and Lactaid knock-offs in a search to allow him to eat yogurt, ice cream, and other dairy products without intestinal “repercussions.”

He tried apple cider vinegar – 1 tablespoon 20 minutes before eating dairy – it worked fairly well. It was inexpensive, but it was very inconvenient to have to have a bottle of vinegar on the table and at work and with him at a restaurant if we ate a meal out. Plus, it burned his throat when he swallowed.

We tried various digestive enzymes. He found that these Digestive Enzymes from Top Secret Nutrition worked  well for him—they have prebiotics and probiotics in them. They helped well with digesting heavy or fatty foods but were only marginally effective with dairy products.

He triedPineapple Bromelain pills from Puritan’s Pride. These worked well if he didn’t eat a large helping of dairy.

Then we tried Lactaid – 3 little pills right before eating dairy and voila – no pain or issues. Except for the cost. Lactaid costs about $12 for 120 capsules. That comes out to 10 cents per pill, but the recommended dosage is 3 pills. So the final cost of lactose intolerance protection is 30 cents per serving.

Lactose Intolerance and Saving Money

In an effort to cut costs, we tried Walmart’s private labeled Equate version of Lactaid that costs around $6 for 60 capsules (also 10 cents per pill / 30 cents per serving) and they worked as well as the real Lactaid. AS you can see this really didn’t save any money, but the cost per package was less.

As Steve dug a little deeper he read that the amount of lactase in each pill was 3000 iu per. And that the recommended serving size was 3 pills or 9000 iu per serving.

Digging Deeper:

Doing a little sleuthing Steve found that Costco sells a Kirkland brand of Lactase pill (but you can’t buy it on Costco’s website. It can only be purchased in the store). And several times when we’ve checked at our local Costco, their lactase pills were “out of stock.” So that was a little frustrating.Their box holds 180 capsules for about $20 / 11.1 cents per pill and appears to be a little more expensive.

The Costco Lactase box holds 180 capsules for about $20 / 11.1 cents per pill. At first glance, the per pill price appears to be a little more expensive than the original Lactaid brand and Walmart’s Equate brand.

But wait, the devil is in the details—
and the details were interesting!

Only One Pill? Huge Savings

Here’s where it gets REALLY INTERESTING. if you read the nutritional information you’ll discover that the serving size of the Costco lactase pills is only ONE pill.

Why only one pill?

Steve was shocked – why only one pill. He started digging deeper.

He discovered that each Costco Lactase pill contained 9000 IU of lactase!

That makes Costco’s Fast Acting Lactase WAY less expensive than Lactaid. Because in one pill they have put as much lactase as Lactaid put in 3 pills! It was an amazing discovery!

What’s the Bottom Line on Lactose Intolerance?

The bottom line is that the cost per serving of the Costco/Kirkland product is 11 cents versus 30 cents for the Lactaid / Walmart brand – a savings of 63 percent!!!

And the bonus is that Costco’s tiny pills come individually wrapped in a foil packet, which means less breakage and waste. They can be carried in a purse or wallet. Steve carries them in a datebook/planner or in his briefcase.

Reading and calculating the details can really make you more tolerant of saving money.

We’d love to hear how you save money on dealing with Lactose Intolerance – please post a comment – so others can have relief!

Oh, we forgot one more thing. The cost of the Costco membership. If you really want to be accurate, you’ll need to add in the $50 annual cost of a membership. Depending on how often you eat dairy and how quickly you go through lactase pills could be minimal or really jack up the price. But, if you don’t want to buy a Costco membership, there is on other option.

No Costco Membership . . . No Problem

You don’t need a Costco Membership to find relief from Gas or Spending Too Much. 

If you don’t have a Costco Membership, you can purchase their Kirkland brand of Lactase through Amazon for a penny more per serving.

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#LactoseIntolerant? Save 63% on relief over #Lactaid

#LactoseIntolerant? Get Relief for 63% less!

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