6 Inspirational Stories of Mom-turned-Entrepreneurs

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Balancing motherhood and a career can be challenging, especially for those just starting out as a career-woman or those who are new to being a mother.

With all the responsibilities involved, it’s no wonder a lot of women choose to forego a career in favor of being a full-time mom or vice versa. However, there are plenty of moms who are able to bank on a creative idea and establish their own businesses, often from the comforts of their own homes. Sometimes referred to as “mompreneurs”, these women work hard to not only manage their family lives but also practice their entrepreneurial endeavors.

Here are 6 examples of these mom turned entrepreneurs so you can get the inspired to start your very own business:

Susan Petersen (Freshly Picked)


Born out of the frustration she felt from not finding enough well-designed shoes for babies, Freshly Picked was created by Susan Petersen in 2009. There wasn’t a lot of budget to start off with in the beginning, but with a little recycling ingenuity, she managed to get $200 by selling aluminum window frames to the scrap yard. With this shoestring budget and a bag of scrap leather, she began experimenting with different shoe designs until she created a pair of moccasins that not only looked great, but more importantly, stayed on her second son’s feet. Multiple upgrades later, Freshly Picked now makes well-made moccasins crafted with care and love for all the little tots whose feet they will be covering.

Lisa Druxman (FIT4Mom)Fit for Mom images in 3 circles

The year 2001 was an unforgettable year for this inspirational mom: It was the year she became both a mother and an entrepreneur. Her business, FIT4Mom, came to be when she started creating workout routines for new mothers such as herself. Now, FIT4Mom not only provides exercise routines that are flexible for new moms, it also offers support and classes for moms going through each stage of motherhood.

Jakki Liberman (Bumkins Finer Baby Products)

Bumkins Finer Baby Products is a company founded by Jakki Liberman that sells various types of baby items that include bags and bibs. A single mother of 4 kids, Jakki started the business with the goal of offering fun items that any kid would love, and would also promote a healthier lifestyle.

Wendy Shand (Tots To Travel)Tots to Travel website

Child safety is an important consideration for every parent in every situation. It took seeing her young son put in danger (but not harmed, thankfully) during a family vacation for Wendy Shand to bring out her inner mompreneur and start a business that’s dedicated to child safety during holiday getaways. The mother of 3 is the mastermind behind Tots to Travel, a family vacation planning website that promotes safety for children, as well as suggests destinations that are baby-appropriate.

Michelle Tunno Buelow (Bella Tunno)

This mom-turned-entrepreneur found her paycheck cut in half just as she was about to become a new mom, so she decided to cut costs where she could. This included creating her own baby things like birthing cloths and changing pads, which promptly caught the attention of several mothers who started asking where her baby items came from. Thus, the idea of starting a business centering on such items was born. Now, Bella Tunno is certainly considered to be a success, raking it around $1 million per year in profits.

Michal Chesal (Baby K’Tan)

Specialized baby carriers were what Michal Chesal experimented with when her son was born with Down Syndrome. Quickly finding out that most baby carriers in the market then just weren’t good enough for her son’s special needs, she developed her own prototypes of specialized baby carriers, launched the business in 2007, went through a slump in 2009, and is now the owner of Baby K’Tan which sells approximately 80,000 carriers per year.

Become a Mompreneur

Motherhood and all the responsibilities that come with it should never be a reason to shun your dreams of becoming an entrepreneur. Especially nowadays, when creating your own business from scratch has become relatively easier thanks to ecommerce platforms like Shopify and safer online paying methods like PayPal.

As these inspiration moms have proven, sometimes, motherhood is even the trigger that propels new and old moms to start their business endeavors.

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